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Congressional Leadership Fund Releases Leeches Against Kyrsten Sinema in AZ-09

Congressional Leadership Fund Launches $600k-Plus Ad Campaign in AZ-09 

Over $600,000 Television and Digital Advertising Campaign Against Kyrsten Sinema for Final Week

WASHINGTON – The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) released today the first and only ad of an over $600,000 television and digital ad campaign in Arizona’s 9th congressional district in the final week. The ad, “Leech,” highlights Kyrsten Sinema’s troubling views of stay-at-home moms. “Leech” will air on broadcast television in the Phoenix media market and will be accompanied by a digital advertising campaign.

“Kyrsten Sinema’s comments are not only offensive to millions of hard working women but also illustrate how out of touch she is with Arizona families,” said CLF spokeswoman Brook Hougesen. “Sinema is an embarrassment.”

Martha McSally Discusses Education at Recent Debate

Statement from City of Mesa Mayor Scott Smith on Arizona Proposition 204

Scott Smith

Mesa Mayor Scott Smith

Education has always been a major part of my life. My father, Dr. George N. Smith, was a highly respected teacher and school superintendent here in Arizona for over 35 years. As the superintendent of one of the largest school districts, my father lived education – at the dinner table, at church, even at the grocery store. During his tenure, Mesa’s schools were considered to be among the finest in the nation.

I grew up knowing that quality education was the key to success. That’s why, even as a struggling family, my wife and I made sacrifices so that I could go to law school. That’s also why education has been a key part of my HEAT (Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Tourism/Technology) initiative in Mesa.

So far, we have had a great deal of success with this initiative. We’ve increased opportunities in higher education by bringing five new colleges to our downtown. We’ve built stronger relationships with ASU Polytechnic, MCC, AT Still and others. We’ve teamed up with Mesa Public Schools to develop a plan to turn underused space into youth sports facilities with the passage of Mesa’s Question 1. I am also pleased to be part of the Mayor’s Roundtable on Education.

I wholeheartedly believe that educating our children is the most important investment we can make in Arizona, and we should expect nothing short of excellence in our educational system. I have seen firsthand how critical quality education is to creating economic opportunities. I have long supported efforts to provide adequate funding for our schools and colleges, expand parental choice, encourage innovation, improve teacher training, and demand accountability.

During this recession, many Arizonans have expressed their displeasure with the manner in which State leaders have handled educational funding priorities. Prop 204 is a product built from this frustration. Unfortunately, it is a flawed product; and, is bad public policy.

Prop 204 imposes a permanent fix for what is most likely a short-term problem. All too often, these inflexible changes become outdated as the world changes. Rather than curing the actual ailment, these solutions end up merely easing the pain for a short time. They then often prohibit substantive reforms that would have a more lasting impact. Prop 204 may even reward the status quo, which will also inhibit real changes in school financing or performance. This will not inspire the kind of transformational reforms that our children need and deserve.

In its attempt to solve one problem, Prop 204 will also simply shift financial challenges from one area of government to another. And, the changes in Prop 204 will make it more difficult, if not impossible to achieve much needed overall state tax reform.

Arizonans should demand real solutions from our leaders to the challenges we face. Prop 204 not only fails to solve these challenges, it will keep us from making the changes we need to improve our educational system. Please join me in voting No on Prop 204. Let’s then work together to make Arizona’s schools the best in America!

VOTER GUIDE: Democrat Kyrsten Sinema on Taxes, in Her Own Words [ @KyrstenSinema ]

Democrat congressional candidate and criminal defense lawyer Kyrsten Sinema served for six years in the State House under Republican control, and one year in the State Senate under Republican control. She complained throughout those years that Arizona families were undertaxed. She even called Arizona “our tax-starved state.” Fortunately, Republicans would not let tax increase bills be voted on during her years in office, denying her a chance to raise your taxes. (Now, like a guy who kills his parents then pleads for mercy as an orphan, Sinema boasts she did not vote for tax increases, after complaining for years that the GOP would not act on her tax increase demands!) She must think Arizona voters are stupid … or perhaps leeches. Let’s look at her own words.

Here is Sinema’s state tax increase plan as provided to the Arizona Republic. Note that each one of her ideas would devastate entire sectors of the state’s economy:

[R]aising taxes is more economically sound than cutting vital social services …. In Arizona, there are a number of techniques that we could use …. Broadening the sales tax to include services, closing exemptions on sales tax items, reinstating the state property tax, and eliminating tax credits are just some of the strategies to create a more broad revenue stream to fund Arizona’s important programs. I do not support irresponsible pledges to “not raise taxes” … our tax-starved state relies on.

We are a starved budget in a recession…. As mentioned above, I advocate broadening the sales tax to include taxing personal and business services, such as telemarketing, auto repair, and hair and manicure services. This alone would generate roughly $565 million to the state budget per year. I support restoring the sales tax to items currently exempted, such as health club memberships. By restoring the sales tax by closing these exemptions, the state’s revenue would increase about $1.4 billion per year. I support expanding the sales tax to include Internet sales…. I advocate eliminating tax credits such as the education tax credit … and the enterprise zone tax credit.

Wow: by her own calculations, in a failing economy, she is demanding $2 BILLION annually in new state taxes, and that’s not even counting her plan to reinstate the state property tax. She is virtually alone in America in calling for tax increases during a recession.

Separately, she promised to “greatly increase” capital gains taxes on families and “greatly increase” corporate taxes. [“Kyrsten Sinema – Political Positions,” Project Vote Smart 2006.] America already has the highest corporate taxes in the world, which helps drive jobs overseas. Even Barack Obama said he is open to reducing the corporate tax rate. What’s more, guess what happens when corporate taxes are increased? Companies raise their prices. So this is a hidden way for liberal Democrats to stick it to the middle class to fund their pet projects: raise taxes on businesses, and the higher retail prices that result are seldom linked back to the politicians who caused it.

But there’s more! Sinema wrote a bill to create a new, 25-CENT TAX on EVERY plastic bag you use at a supermarket, convenience store, fast food restaurant and other retail establishment – even including dry cleaner bags. She’d also nail you with a 15 cent tax for every paper bag. That’ll teach those work at home moms she calls leeches!

She also opposed a 2008 Arizona ballot initiative to ban all real property sales or transfer taxes, and another one to make it harder to raise taxes or increase government spending by requiring initiatives to pass by a majority of all registered voters. She called them “stinkers” and organized a group to oppose them. [“Unite and Conquer: How to build coalitions that win—and last,” by Kyrsten Sinema (2009), p. 67.]

What about federal taxes?

In June of this year, Sinema said we should let all the Bush-Obama tax relief expire this coming January, which would be a $5.4 TRILLION tax increase over 10 years. Even her Democratic primary opponents were flabbergasted by this job-killing promise. Fellow Democrat Andrei Cherny wrote:

“this is not the time to be raising taxes on the middle class. Just recently, one of my opponents, Kyrsten Sinema, vowed to repeal the Bush tax cuts in total …. This speaks to her values and approach and I think it is the wrong way to deal with a middle class that is getting battered.”

The Sinema tax increase would nail every middle class taxpayer in America and drive our teetering economy off a cliff. US economic growth in 2012 under President Obama is less than 2% (by contrast, growth in China is around 8%). Her tax increase would send us back into recession.

Finally, consider all her massive promises of more and bigger government programs: where will she get the funding for all of them? As a member of Obama’s health care taskforce, she already helped craft his healthcare takeover bill, Obamacare, which includes a $716 BILLION cut to Medicare over the next 10 years. She can’t pay for all her promises by raiding Medicare — she’ll need to jack up taxes, including on working families and job-creators. That’s bad news for all of us.

Kyrsten Sinema has been quite candid about her plans to raise your taxes. Will you let her? The clear choice for Arizona is Vernon Parker.


The writer can be reached via Twitter. Be sure to share this with Arizona taxpayers you know.

Liberal supervisor candidate Lilia Alvarez: Vote for me or I’ll sue you

Most of the public has had enough of all the lawsuits filed involving Maricopa County government.  That’s why it’s so hard to believe that one person at the heart of the expensive, lawsuit free-for-all is actually asking the taxpayers she previously targeted in a lawsuit to put her into office.

Lilia Alvarez is running for Maricopa County Supervisor in a Republican-leaning district despite her litigious history against the taxpayers of Maricopa County.  Alvarez is the wife of Randy Parraz, the radical, left-wing, rabble rousing, Arpaio-hating failed political hopeful.  Despite the fact that Parraz was even rejected by the Democratic party for being too extreme (Parraz got a woeful 15% of the vote in the Democrat U.S. Senate primary and finished a humiliating fourth place in a four candidate race), his anti-Arpaio shenanigans ensure that he remains a media darling.

All this may explain why we have heard so little in the media about supervisorial candidate Lilia Alvarez’s connection to the county fueding that was so costly for taxpayers.  What’s worse is that Alvarez touts herself as a “fiscal conservative” and is actually trashing her opponent Andy Kunasek for all the taxpayer money that was wasted on lawsuits.  That’s like torching your own house and then criticizing the fire department for showing up and putting out the fire!

No doubt Alvarez already has her union lawyer hubby ginning up another lawsuit against the voters for when she loses.  If she were honest she wouldn’t tout herself as a fiscal conservative, instead her campaign slogan would be: “Vote for me or I’ll sue your pants off!”


A m e r i c a n P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona
Monday, October 29, 2012



Every man has his price. State Senator Rich Crandall’s price is about $25,000. That’s what State Senate President Steve Pierce spent out of the Republican Victory Fund (RVF) to assure Crandall beat conservative candidate, and sitting State Representative, John Fillmore in the LD 16 Republican Primary.

 This is slimy at several levels. The RVF was created and presented as a campaign fund to elect Republicans against Democrats-that happens in the General Election. But instead, Pierce wants to make sure he gets re-elected as Senate President by supporting moderates (like Crandall) in the Primary-against conservatives. And the latest reports are that Pierce is not supporting candidates in hotly contested-and winnable-races in the General except for those candidates who will vote for him. Slimy isn’t descriptive enough. First, it’s not his money; he shouldn’t have control over where it’s spent. Second, he’s using it as his own personal piggy bank against other Republicans to feather his own nest, instead of what it’s meant for-defeating Democrats. Third, he’s not spending it on Republicans who need the support in the General-he’s choosing only “buddies.” Double slimy.

Steve Pierce has got to go. We have enough problems in the state and in the Legislature without having to put up with this guy’s selfish, lowlife activity.

And just what’s with Rich Crandall? He owns homes in Mesa and in Provo, Utah (where his wife and family live). He rents an apartment in Apache Junction where only his mail lives; yet we hear no complaints about it from the press or anyone? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the investigation? Where’s Laurie Roberts? (Oh, yeah; Crandall is one of her “keepers.” Move on, nothing to see here.)      

This state needs some folks to step up and remove Steve Pierce from the Senate presidency. Where are you Adam Driggs, Nancy Barto, and Bob Worsley? You need to keep your integrity intact and vote against this slimily character. Moderates may not always agree with Senator Andy Biggs but they can’t question his integrity. Do the right thing and vote him in as Senate President. 

“Republican” Leadership in Arizona Hangs Senator Frank Antenori Out to Dry

Gilbert Watch recently reported on how Arizona Republican leaders in the Legislature are betraying Conservatives.  At the end of that article was a Press Release from Stephen Kohut, Chairman of the Pinal County Republican Committee, taking the unprecedented action of recommending a change in leadership:  Steve Smith for Speaker of the House, and Andy Biggs for Senate President.

Now, here’s an article that provides just one example of the intentional misuse of the Republican Victory Fund.

Senator Frank Antenori in LD10, a strong Conservative, is fighting against Democrat David Bradley.  As of the last count, nearly $150,000 in outside money has come to the aid Bradley.

This is a perfect opportunity for the Republican Victory Fund to come to Antenori’s rescue to fend off a liberal Democrat.  What have they given to Antenori?

NOTHING.  They are standing by doing nothing, letting the Democrats do their dirty work for them.

This story continues to unfold with more investigation on where the Victory Fund scam money is being spent by S.H.I.E.L.D.  Stay tuned.


Outside groups have poured $147,388 into the state Senate race in Tucson’s Legislative District 10, trying to oust incumbent Sen. Frank Antenori, a Republican.

A m e r i c a n P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E , in Arizona
Sunday, October 28, 2012

 My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

October 27, 2012  


Press Release: Pinal County Republican Committee endorses Steve Smith for Speaker of the Arizona House and Andy Biggs for President of the Arizona Senate

Today the Pinal County Republican Committee unanimously drafted Senator Steve Smith to be a candidate for Speaker of the Arizona House and endorsed Andy Biggs by acclimation for President of the Arizona Senate. This endorsement of legislative leadership is unprecedented in Party history and was taken due to the deep concerns about the failures of the current legislative leadership. The PCRC thanks Sen. Al Melvin for his floor motion to make the endorsements as well as his well-reasoned recitation outlining the substantive case necessitating this action.
November 6, 2012 marks one of the most important election dates in the history of our nation. The American public will determine the election of the world’s leader as well as the makeup of our Congress and state legislature. While that date will be remembered by millions for decades to come, another critical election will occur on November 7 that will certainly determine the course here in Arizona and that election will be unnoticed by all but a very few – the election of the Arizona Legislature leadership teams.
Arizona now more than ever needs strong and principled leaders who will correct the course of our economy, secure our border, reduce government intrusion into our lives, halt the rise of public employee union influence and restore our primary and secondary education options for parents, students and teachers.
It is clear that Republican Precinct Committeemen and the elected county and legislative district chairmen have earned the right and the responsibility to give counsel to those officials we will elect on the issue of who will lead our legislative efforts for the next two years. Over the last two years, the current leaders of our legislature have been steering an erratic course. It is a stark reality that the policies and principles endorsed by the electorate have been thwarted at the sole discretion of the current Senate President and Speaker of the House.
During the last session of our legislature, some of the most egregious leadership actions include:
 Killed critically important immigration legislation
 Killed pension reform legislation
 Killed public employee union reforms
 Killed State Guard legislation
Outside of the legislative session, the Senate President and Speaker raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with the promise that the Republican Victory Fund would be used to help elect Republicans during the General election. However, a large portion of these funds were used in a Republican Primary to defeat a conservative Republican Representative. This irresponsible decision is now being compounded by further incredulous actions in the General Election.
Legislative Districts 8, 9, and 10 are the most competitive districts in the state and we have highly qualified candidates, including many incumbents, who are being pummeled by the Democrat Party while NO support is provided from the so-called “Republican Victory Fund.” It is increasingly apparent that the funds are being spent to help only those candidates that would be a friendly vote for the reelection of the current leaders.
Gratefully, Senator Andy Biggs has stepped up to the plate as a candidate for Arizona Senate President. Senator Biggs has a strong history of principled conservative leadership and will lead our state senate on a course consistent with our Constitution and our Party Platform, and we heartily endorse his candidacy for this position. However, as we have seen in Washington, the efforts of one house of the legislature can be totally destroyed without the concurrence of the other.
Before today, no one had stepped up to contest Representative Tobin for the position of Speaker of the House. It is with that in mind that the Pinal County Republican Committee called upon its favorite son, Senator Steve Smith, to be a candidate for this important position. Steve Smith’s conservative credentials are unsurpassed, having achieved the highest rankings from the PAChyderm Coalition, the Goldwater Institute and Americans for Prosperity.
President Biggs and Speaker Smith would labor side-by-side to pass legislation to protect Arizonans during these challenging times and their first priority will be the citizens of Arizona, not their own personal political careers.
The necessary actions by this body should demonstrate the magnitude of the problem and encourage others across the state to join us in making sure that the people’s voice will be loudly and clearly heard.

Stephen Kohut
Chairman, Pinal County Republican Committee

LD10 senate candidate David Bradley insults Military & Defense Workers


On the Arizona Illustrated Debate, on October 18th David Bradley, who is running for the LD10 Senate, shows blatant hostility to the veteran and business community in Southern Arizona.

The very first question posed to Frank Antenori and David Bradley was “Has the state done enough to stimulate the economy and grow jobs?”

Senator Antenori articulated the successes of the 2010 legislative sessions, “The government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector creates jobs. We create the conditions for success and I think we have done it.”

David Bradley reveals his hostility towards veterans and job creators by responding, “The notion that government doesn’t create jobs is interesting when you have somebody who gets three paychecks, all government related in some fashion, in terms of retirement from his military service, as a state employee and the entity that he works for has government contracts that fund much of their work.”

Frank did not let this insult to his veteran constituents, personal friends and soldiers that he fought beside, and the largest employer in Southern Arizona go unopposed and unanswered,

“The narrative is being created by my opponent and his allies is that somehow being a member of the armed services, I spent 20 years in the military, and if you want to equate a “government check” as you would get from sort of a welfare handout of some kind to a check that you get sitting on the side of a mountain in Afghanistan chasing al-Qaeda and the Taliban I dare you to make that association.”

“To say that I am living off the government is an insult to the members of this community that served in the military and that work in the Aerospace Defense Industry that are huge contributors to our national defense and economy and it is insulting that they continue to make that association.”

Frank was personally targeted by the “Independent” Redistricting Committee and the democrats. They do not want him to return to the Capitol. LD10 has a Democrat registration advantage but Frank Antenori has proven he cares about the people of Southern Arizona and is willing to take the political hits that sometimes come with doing the right thing.



Don’t make us like California! Vote NO on 204!