Richard Carmona’s “Shiny” Bio – Just Like Obama

Richard “Rubberstamp” Carmona was handpicked by President Barack Obama to run for U.S. Senate in Arizona so that he would help pass the liberal agenda put forth by the White House and congressional Democrats.

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    Flake: 50
    Carmona 44

    Stick a fork in the woman hater…

  2. Margin of error = dead heat. I wouldn’t cut the ribbon on Amnesty & Associates Employment Agency just yet.

  3. I’m cutting the ribbon. This is AZ not CA

    • This is not CA – yet – Eph. Would you at least acknowledge that Russell Pearce is the reason we are not CA? I’ll even settle for MAYBE.

  4. Great find CA! I’m saving this one because I fear the subject is going to surface big time with a Romney win. I’ve seen some Mormons on the defense in the past few months on blogs, responding to anyone bringing up Romney’s religion and the illegal immigration issue in the same sentence.

    Here’s a swell companion (gee-what a coincidence) link from May touting Mormonism as the “fastest growing religion in HALF the states.”

    If Romney wins, I am going to reserve judgement to see what comes down. If it goes south, I’ll be penning his impeachment theme “Bad Morm Rising.”

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