Judge O’Neil in Andrew Thomas disbarment LIED about prior involvement

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More evidence coming out that Judge O’Neil was on a mission to disbar Andrew Thomas  

The ethical violations Judge O’Neil violated continue to mount

We’ve been following this case for awhile, and the apparent ethical violations committed by the judge who disbarred Andrew Thomas have become too many to list. By the time this has all played out, we’re going to make the bold prediction that Judge O’Neil is disbarred, and Thomas has his license restored. O’Neil was appointed as disciplinary judge at the exact same time the State Bar began prosecuting Thomas and his deputies, in 2010. He was put there for a reason, in order to ensure that Thomas was disbarred. He resisted every effort to recuse himself when clear conflicts of the judicial canons were found. He had ruled against Thomas previously on the EXACT ISSUES he disbarred him for!

Now we’re finding out yet another issue he had ruled against Thomas and Thomas’s other deputy he disbarred, Lisa Aubuchon. O’Neil disbarred Aubuchon in part for allegedly bringing charges against corrupt County Supervisor Don Stapley after the Statute of Limitations had ended. The truth is, Aubuchon brought felony charges against Stapley WITHIN the state of limitations, and the Bar tried to claim that a couple of the misdemeanor charges she brought against Stapley were brought after the Statute of Limitations because a non-prosecutor in the office discovered Stapley’s actions before Aubuchon did. Only by twisting the definition of the Statute of Limitations, to say that it starts running when someone who is not a prosecutor who does not understand criminal law discovers the actions, could you make the argument that the charges were brought after the Statute of Limitations had run. The results of the Grand Jury investigation into Aubuchon were turned over to the US Attorney’s Office. They threw out everything, exonerating Aubuchon a few weeks ago. This undermined O’Neil’s disbarment of Aubuchon.

In 2010, O’Neil was assigned to preside over a Grand Jury investigation by the Attorney General’s Office to determine whether the Statute of Limitations had run on the charges against Stapley. Aubuchon filed a motion to disqualify the Attorney General. At the same time, Aubuchon filed a motion to disqualify O’Neil from hearing her disciplinary case, for an obvious conflict of interest. O’Neil issued an order, which has only been unsealed recently, declining to recuse himself from Aubuchon’s disciplinary case. In it, he LIED and said he was not involved with the Grand Jury proceeding against Aubuchon! He wrote,

“This judge was and remains unaware of ever being assigned to rule on any “emergency motions to disqualify the AG’s Office” filed by or on behalf of Respondent nor does this judge recall any such motion filed by Respondent.” “Even if a grand jury was specifically investigating Respondent (and this judge is unaware of that) it would not warrant recusal.” He goes on to state among other things that “this judge has no recollection of ever being told by anyone that Respondent was or might be under investigation.”
Perhaps a competency hearing is in order? This liar and monster is on a power trip and must be removed as disciplinary judge. He is a willing tool of the biased liberal State Bar. Questions must be answered. Why was O’Neil’s order refusing to recuse himself sealed until now? The Judicial Ethics Commission needs to add this growing list of ethical violations to the investigation it is already doing of O’Neil. He is being investigated for things like ghostwriting legal pleadings for people, which is prohibited by the judicial canons. Read the affidavit here. We have also been told that a complaint has been filed with the Real Estate Commission for an unethical short sale O’Neil arranged for his mother, and it is being investigated.
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  1. Sounds like a good column for Laurie Roberts or Robert Robb!

  2. Former prosecutor says:

    Talk to people in Pinal County about Judge O’Neil. His scandals are everywhere. That is why he had to leave and come to Phoenix for the disciplinary judicial position, had to get out of town.

  3. Perry Mason says:

    WHEN will Stapley and Wilcox be held accountable for their crimes? Is there no one in Arizona who dares bring them to justice? VOTE RON HARDERS AND BOOT WILCOX OUT OF OFFICE!!!

  4. Andrew Thomas has been working on judicial reform since he was disbarred. He may no longer have his bar license, but maybe that’s a good thing so they can no longer threaten him. He will clean up the crooked judiciary outside of the system. Anyone within the system who is conservative will have their bar license threatened if they try and take on judicial corruption. I hope Thomas can help get O’Neil removed.

  5. American Post Gazette rocks! says:

    Kudos to the American Post Gazette for getting the word out about this. They report what the regular news won’t. I rarely read anything this publication puts out in the Arizona Republic or see it on local news TV. American Post Gazette is fast becoming the leading news source for conservatives along with Sonoran Alliance.

  6. Harders, you got 11 votes from my clan.

  7. Sounds like the paranoid witch hunts will continue until morale improves and order is restored.

  8. fix pinal county says:

    Take a look at the entire judicial complaint filed against Judge William J. O’Neil, possible mortgage shortsale fraud, manipulation of courts for personal family gain, creatig false public records, the list goes on and on. The main stream media has been indimidated and will not report on any part of this judicial corruption.

    Read the complaint and documentation on Scrubd, make up your own mind.


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