60 Plus Association Releases New Ad Exposing Kirkpatrick and Sinema as Extremists CD-1 and CD-9 Races

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What do Ann Kirkpatrick and Kyrsten Sinema have in common? Both support higher taxes and spending. Kirkpatrick voted to gut Medicare by $700billion while Sinema thought the law didn’t go far enough. They are both wrong on health care and too extreme for Arizona.


  1. Kyrsten Sinema is in a category by herself. Anyone who has watched this liberal-media spokesmouth over the past several years knows exactly what a genuine screwball she is.

    I once questioned KPNX, KSAZ, KPHO, etc. as to why they were going to Sinema on a daily basis for her “reaction” to events. The media told me that the Arizona Democratic Party had designated her as the “go-to” maniac for media purposes. Sinema has the political mentality of a 12 year-old with autism.

    It shouldn’t take a penny of advertising to defeat this cheerleader of insanity, but then I am reminded that the masses are ignorant and Braille-ing their way through their mail-in ballots.

  2. Sonoransam says:

    Just another GOP rich-dude super-PAC, using out-of-state corporate money to tell us rubes how to vote.

  3. Conservative American says:

    “Kyrsten Sinema is widely known as leftist and a “progressive”. However there has been virtually no media scrutiny of Sinema’s documented ties to the Arizona Communist Party – the local affiliate of the pro China/pro Cuba Communist Party USA.”

    “Before becoming an Arizona State Representative, Kyrsten Sinema was a signatory to an advertisement “May Day and Cinco de Mayo greetings” placed in the Communist Party paper People’s Weekly World May 4, 2002. Such ads were traditionally placed in the Communist Party paper every May Day, sponsored by local party clubs, members or supporters.”

    “This support for the communist cause was not not a “one off” or an aberration. In 2003 Sinema again put her name to the Arizona Communist Party’s May Day greetings page.”

    “How does a conservative state like Arizona keep on electing Communist aligned public officials?”

    “The answer is a very strong local Communist Party, built originally on the mining industry, and sustained in recent years through work on the illegal immigration issue – a very major part of Communist party USA long term strategy.”


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