Kyrsten Sinema Says No Death Penalty: Her Bill Would Spare the “Baseline Killer”

Arizona Republican Party

PHOENIX – Kyrsten Sinema continues to resist calls for the release of her client list from her time as a criminal defense attorney as evidence continues to mount that her positions on crime and punishment are far outside the mainstream.

Sinema in 2007 introduced legislation to repeal the death penalty in Arizona. (48th Legislature, HB 2278, death penalty; repeal; natural life.)

Had Sinema’s bill become law cop-killers and violent sexual predators would no longer be subject to capital punishment. Under Sinema’s legislation, notorious Arizona criminals such as “Serial Shooter” Dale Hausner and “Baseline Killer” Mark Goudeau would have their lives spared, while their victims and their families would be left without justice.

“Once again, Kyrsten Sinema’s legislative record demonstrates just how extreme her positions on crime and punishment are,” said Tom Morrissey, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. “Arizona families deserve someone who will fight to keep us safe, not carry water for violent killers.” 

While Gallup polling indicates that over 60 percent of Americans support the death penalty for a person convicted of murder, Sinema in her legislative bios touted her membership on the advisory board for the Arizona Death Penalty Forum, an organization that advocates for an end to capital punishment.

“Sinema is so far out of the mainstream on issues of justice that even a committed anti-death penalty Massachusetts liberal like John Kerry doesn’t agree with her,” concluded Morrissey.

Former Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry said in 2002 that he would support the death penalty for terrorists after previously supporting exempting terrorists from capital punishment.



  1. Conservative American says:

    Having worked in a prison I can tell you that there are people there who are so sick and so dangerous that to permit them to continue to walk this earth constitutes a genuine danger! Anyone who is alive has the possibility of escaping and there are really people who, if they were to escape prison, would immediately go on a rampage of rape and heinous murder… because that is what they most love! The funny part is that those in prison who are NOT that way know this to be true too!

    If Sinema wants to hang out on death row and enjoy the company, she’s more than welcome to do so, from my point of view. The only condition would be that any calls for help by her would be ignored. Have at it, Krysten!

  2. Mitchell Wachtel says:

    Has she even been in a court of law? I checked the Maricopa County Court website. Her name drew up zero documents. Also, the Arizona bar says she went “inactive”, but still retains malpractice insurance. Look into this. It makes no sense.

  3. The death of any innocent person is an abomination. Many people oppose the death penalty for this very reason. In Arizona Ray Krone was convicted TWICE and sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. There are all variety of evil people out there and everybody wants them to be prevented from harming innocent p eople. I however think that I would just as well 100 guilty people be sentenced to life in prison rather than 1 innocent person like Ray Krone be put to death. (page 16)

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