Dr. Cristina Beato: “Richard Carmona Should Never, Ever Be in the U.S. Senate”

New ad addresses Carmona’s temperament issues

PHOENIX – Jeff Flake for Senate unveiled a new ad today that features Richard Carmona’s former supervisor while he was the U.S. Surgeon General.

The ad features the personal testimony of Dr. Cristina Beato, who served as Acting Assistant Secretary of Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from 2003 to 2005. Dr. Beato recounts the night that Dr. Carmona angrily slammed on her door in the middle of the night in a rage to continue an argument that he started earlier that day.  The incident, which was investigated by the House Oversight Committee, was reported on in May by Politico and more recently by the Arizona Republic.

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The ad begins airing statewide on broadcast and cable television today. A Spanish-language version of the ad will also air on Telemundo and Univision.Click this link to view the Spanish version:

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JEFF FLAKE:  I’m Jeff Flake, and I approved this message.

DR. CRISTINA BEATO:  “There was an angry pounding on the door, in the middle of the night. I’m a single mom. I feared for my kids and for myself. It was Richard Carmona and I was his boss. Carmona is not who he seems. He has issues with anger, with ethics and with women. I have testified to this under oath to Congress. Richard Carmona should never, ever be in the U.S. Senate.”  

“It’s clear that Richard Carmona does not have the proper temperament for the United States Senate,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for Jeff Flake for Senate.  “Far from being an isolated incident, Dr. Beato’s experience appears to be part of a pattern.”



“A number of Carmona’s former co-workers and employees, however, describe a man whose instinct is to escalate hostilities rather than resolve them.” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“Charles W. Putnam, a University of Arizona surgery professor who has worked with Carmona, told Kennedy in the letter that he did not want as his surgeon general someone ‘who was removed from his two previous administrative appointments … because he could not work in an effective or even a civil manner with health professionals and other constituencies of those positions.’” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“Carmona has acknowledged in interviews that not everyone likes him. Some former supervisors and colleagues, however, say the conflicts have been more than simple personality clashes.” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“Several people who clashed with Carmona, contacted for this report, refused to speak on the record, citing Carmona’s reputation for suing or threatening to sue people he believed had wronged him.” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“Two years later, Carmona was hired as chief executive officer and medical director of Kino Community Hospital in Tucson. There he clashed repeatedly with the hospital’s longtime chief of surgery, Eric Ramsay. They fought over staffing and the residency program.” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“’Never in my entire medical career have I seen such gross interference by a hospital administrator without the slightest attempt to reach a cooperative understanding,’ Ramsay said in a letter to Carmona dated March 7, 1996, the day he quit. ‘Clearly you need a lot of help and instruction in how to manage your current position for which you have had no training or previous experience.’” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“Carmona also battled with home health-care workers over a proposal to cut their hourly wages from $10 to as little as $6 an hour. After the workers complained publicly–noting that Carmona recently had raised the pay of top aides–he issued a warning.  In a memo, Carmona threatened to transfer their work to the private sector if the aides continued ‘to maliciously and falsely spread rumors … in hopes of discrediting us and/or destabilizing our organization.’ The Tucson Weekly printed excerpts from the memo after he threatened to suethem for saying he retaliated against dissidents.” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“Beato’s most eye-opening accusation involves two incidents in which she says Carmona banged on her door at her house in the middle of the night, screaming at her over issues the two disagreed on. Beato, a single mother with two children, said she refused to open the door because she was frightened of his behavior. The two lived in the same neighborhood on the National Institutes of Health campus at the time.” (“Richard Carmona Draws Fire From Former Boss,” Politico, 05/21/12)

“While many colleagues say they never had any problems with Carmona, reports surfaced ahead of his2002 confirmation hearing about repeated clashes with co-workers during histenures at the Tucson Medical Center, Kino Community Hospital and the Pima County health system, including a legal dispute over his contract with the medical center that was later resolved out of court.” (“Richard Carmona Draws Fire From Former Boss,” Politico, 05/21/12)

“’No, I do not make this stuff up,’ Beato told The Republic. ‘And I did fear for my life, and I am not a little withering flower, either. It was personally very frightening.’” (“Carmona’s Focus: Jobs, Immigration,” Arizona Republic, 10/04/12)

“And then there has been Carmona’s uncooperative, even truculent, relationship with the Pima County Health Care System Commission of citizens with which the Board of Supervisors two years ago required him to work in formulating policy.” (“Dismiss Carmona,” Arizona Daily Star, 7/13/99).


“Regarding the travel expenses allegation, Carmona was forced to pay back the department for improperly reimbursed personal expenses, according to her testimony, emails between senior health officials and several people familiar with the matter. Beato told House investigators she was “extremely concerned” that Carmona was making a disproportionate number of visits to the San Diego and Tucson areas, where he owns homes, and was sending drivers to run his personal errands.” (“Richard Carmona Draws Fire From Former Boss,” Politico, 05/21/12)

“Carmona’s campaign acknowledged Friday that he repaid the government $3,580 for his travel expenses in 2003. But his aides said the reimbursements were for a mix of innocuous reasons: a staff error, Carmona extending a trip because of appendicitis and his delivering of a commencement address at the University of Arizona.” (“Richard Carmona Draws Fire From Former Boss,” Politico, 05/21/12)

“In the interview with POLITICO, Beato stood by her 2007 testimony. Beato said one of the issues that led to a midnight visit by Carmona involved his wish to visit the University of California, San Francisco, his alma mater, to receive an honorary degree. Beato alleged that Carmona wanted to pay for the trip using government funds, which she refused to allow.” (“Richard Carmona Draws Fire From Former Boss,” Politico, 05/21/12)


“In one case, hospital administrators cited his ‘bullying’ of a nurse who said he failed to diagnose a young boy’s skull fracture in 1991. Carmona demanded Angie Calvino’s resignation after she complained to colleagues about his medical judgment, rather than reporting her concerns to the hospital’s confidential peer review committee, court records show. In a mediated agreement, Calvino agreed to a demotion if Carmona did not report her to the State Nursing Board for not following protocol, according to those familiarwith the case. However, court records show that a few months later Carmona did report her, and Calvino remained demoted.” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“His final battle there came in a dispute in May 1999 with county health commissioner Sylvia Campoy, who had reported to the county attorney allegations that a Kino doctor with a drug abuse problem had written false prescriptions to access drugs. Carmona had already dealt with the doctor on the issue two years before, and after an internal investigation, encouraged the doctor to report himself to the Board of Medical Examiners. After Campoy reported the allegations, Carmona became irate, saying she had violated the accused doctor’s confidentiality, an opinion shared by the Kino Community Hospital board and the Pima County Medical Society.” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“’What I got from Dr. Carmona [after reporting the case] was antagonism and … threats,’ Campoy later told an investigator from the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s prescription fraud unit, according to a state Board of Medical Examiners document obtained through Arizona’s public records law. ‘I was screamed at, I was yelled at. I was told it was none of my business. I was told that I had breached peer review.’” (“Squaring Off Over Nominee,” Los Angeles Times, 07/08/02)

“Beato gave her testimony in secret in 2007, saying Carmona was an ‘extremely angry’ person, a ‘living nightmare’ to work with, had trouble working for a female supervisor and abused travel privileges by improperly billing taxpayers for some personal expenses, according to the testimony. When POLITICO contacted Beato recently, she confirmed her testimony and reiterated her accusations on the record, five years after she originally gave them to the House committee.” (“Richard Carmona Draws Fire From Former Boss,” Politico, 05/21/12)

“’I think any normal woman, when somebody comes in at midnight demanding and raising their voice, would feel threatened,’ Beato said in the interview.” (“Richard Carmona Draws Fire From Former Boss,” Politico, 05/21/12)

Stay up to date on Richard Carmona’s campaign to be a rubber stamp for Democrats’ liberal agenda in Washington by visiting www.RubberstampRich.com.

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at www.JeffFlake.com.



  1. Dr. Carmona sounds pretty normal to me. He gets angry when people do stupid sh*t. Then the people who did the stupid sh*t get butt hurt for him being angry with them. This is pretty minor stuff and let me remind everyone this was all looked at long ago and Sen Kyl and Sen McCain both have high respect for Dr. Carmona. Sounds like Mr. Flake is ugly and desparate.

    • Conservative American says:

      And here we see the Liberal underbelly of the Flake campaigan fully revealed! Do you remember when the Liberals trotted out a woman with accusations to try to torpedo the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the U. S. Supreme Court? Well, you’re seeing it again, this time from the Flake campaign! These are classic Liberal smear tactics and attempted character assassination. In other words, pure desperation on the part of a losing and failing Flake campaign! Let’s go down Flake’s list, shall we?


      When Jeff Flake first ran for the U. S. House he pledged to voters that he would serve only three, two year terms. When confronted about breaking his word to voters, upon seeking a fourth House term, Flake flatly admitted, “I lied!” It is not illegal to lie to your constituents, it’s just unethical! What else is Jeff Flake willing to lie to Arizona voters about? What is he lying to us about now?


      Jeff Flake was removed from the powerful House Judiciary Committee by his own fellow Republicans for “bad behavior”. Should a man who behaves so badly that his own House leadership removes him from a plumb committee assignment be rewarded by being elected to the U. S. Senate? No, I don’t think so! He’s the same Jeff Flake and he’ll behave just as badly in the Senate as he did in the House!


      Jeff Flake doesn’t have a problem with women. He used his wife as a vehicle to garner more personal wealth for himself!

      “Flake Pays Wife for Campaign Work”

      “In October 2006, the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington-based non-profit organization which advocates better transparency in government, reported that Flake’s campaign committee paid his wife $15,750 for fundraising and administrative work during 2005-2006.”

      Maybe that should have gone under “ETHICS” again instead of under “WOMEN”. ‘Ya think?

      But we don’t have to limit ourselves to Jeff’s list of topics. We can add some of our own!


      Jeff Flake has never served in the military. I don’t know what kept him from enlisting but his lack of military service didn’t keep him from voting to send our troops to war in Iraq. The very same year and month that our troops were rolling into harm’s way in Iraq, Jeff Flake voted against the New GI Bill which would have extended GI Bill benefits to those troops!


      Jeff Flake supported the efforts of Democratic Senate Whip Dick Durbin and of fellow Mormon Harry Reid to get B. Hussein Obama’s DREAM Act illegal alien amnesty legislation passed by Congress. How did Jeff do that?

      Jeff Flake co-authored, along with “progressive” Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Chicago, the STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation which had hidden within it, word for word, the DREAM Act! It was such a “Conservative” piece of legislation that then U. S. Congressman Rahm Emanuel co-sponsored it! You know, the same Rahm Emanuel who became B. Hussein Obama’s White House Chief of Staff and who is now the Democrat Mayor of Chicago! Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and Rahm Emanuel think highly of Jeff Flake for his efforts to get the DREAM Act through Congress!


      Jeff Flake is running on his record in the House and his record in the House provides us will all of the potent reasons why we should keep him from moving to the Senate. Don’t worry about Jeff. He can simply go back to being a lobbyist again! There’s good money in that!

    • There is a HUGE difference between angrily yelling and screaming at someone in the workplace and going to their house at the middle of the night and yelling and screaming while pounding at their door. Getting mad and yelling in the workplace may be somewhat unprofessional but is not out of the ordinary, but coming to someone’s house in the middle of the night and pounding on their door and yelling is complely unacceptable. If you have a workplace issue with someone you resolve it in the workplace. You don’t go disturb their family in the middle of the night. That is maniacal behavior not just bad behavior. It is indicative of someone who can’t control themselves, has emotional issues, and acts on impulse.

      Sen. McCain and Sen. Kyl have endorsed Jeff Flake not Richard Carmona. Their glowing comments about Carmona were when he was being confirmed as surgeon general. They have increasingly lost respect for Richard Carmona since then due to his behavior. Most recently, Sen. McCain condemned Carmona’s false and negative ads against Jeff Flake on veterans issues.

      • They have increasingly lost respect for Richard Carmona since………

        Carmona put his hat in the ring to take away a Senate seat from their love child, McJeffrey McLane McFlake. But to be fair, both McCain and Kyl have called the Viagra Hotline several times since they voted to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomeyer, and Elena Kagan.

      • Conservative American says:

        You concerned about “anger”, VSB? Then you’ve got a real problem on your hands because Jeff Flake’s political Godfather, sitting U. S. Senator John McCain, is known to have a major anger problem. He even admits that himself!

        “John McCain: I Have Anger Issues”

        “Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2005 11:33 a.m. EST”

        “Sen. John McCain admitted Tuesday morning that he has anger management issues, confessing that it’s a problem he’s had to work on for many years.”

        “I constantly, throughout my career, have had to work on getting angry and frustrated and losing my temper,” McCain told Fox News Channel’s Brian Kilmeade, who was filling in on Tony Snow’s radio show.”


        So if Richard Carmona shouldn’t be in the U. S. Senate due to an “anger problem”, then Jeff Flake’s poltiical Godfather, John McCain, shouldn’t be in the U. S. Senate either!

        Have a nice day, VSB! :-)

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbvVJ6wliJc&feature=youtu.be

          Jeff Flake finds his roots – followers sound like Kyrsten Sinema freaks.

          Carmona stands on principals to the right of McCain’s handpicked smiley boy Jeffery Lane Flake.

          VOTE for fortitude based on sound and reasonable principals that is more a constitutional conservative than Flake the Fake!

          • Conservative American says:

            Dr. Cristina V. Beato is a “single mom” with two children. What does that mean?

            Did she simply never bother to get married before having children? Was she married but divorced? If divorced, what was the reason? Does Dr. Cristina V. Beato have a problem with men? What kinds of problems does she have with men?

            Try researching Dr. Beato’s history on the internet and see what you come up with, LOL! :-)

            • Pascoe Vale says:

              Researching ‘Conservative American’ shows that you are a fraud and a Democrat plant.

              • Researching? If you did this, where is the “proof?” You’ve made the accusation fifty times this week, where is the “proof?” Either put up or shut up.

              • Conservative American says:

                LOL! Pascoe Vale in an illegal alien who hangs out in the nude with Horst Kraus over at Shangri La Ranch!

                Birds of a feather, LOL! :-)

              • Conservative American says:

                Then, of course, we have DEMOCRATS backing Jeff Flake!

                The following Democratic leaders have endorsed Jeff Flake for Senate:

                Drew John, Graham County Supervisor
                Donna McGaughey, Graham County Superintendent
                Wendy John, Graham County Recorder
                Richard Lunt, Chairman, Greenlee County Board of Supervisors
                Hector Ruedas, Greenlee County Supervisor (Former)
                Sandy Pierce, La Paz County Supervisor
                Ralph Ogden, Yuma County Sheriff
                John Insalaco, Mayor, City of Apache Junction
                Bill Diak, Mayor, City of Page
                Mike Vogel, Economic Development Director, Town of Payson
                Michael Black, Council Member, Town of Miami
                David Brown, Apache County Supervisor (Former)
                Stanley Gibson, Mayor (Former), City of Globe
                Roberta Hoffman, Mayor (Former), Town of Parker

                Ain’t it wonderful knowing that Jeff Flake has the support of all of those DEMOCRATS!

    • I have known and worked with Cristina Beat oover many years she is a woman of integrity, truth and character I stand by her statements

  2. Conservative American says:

    ROFL! You’re repeating yourself again, Pascoe Vale! Is that a national trait of Australians? Maybe it will go away if you become an American citizen. ‘Ya think?

    Have a nice day, Aussie Pinko! :-)

    • Conservative American says:

      And here is everything we need to know about Dr. Cristina V. Beato!

      “Cristina V. Beato was named last July as assistant secretary of health, one of the top policy officials at the Department of Health and Human Services, but has yet to explain several discrepancies regarding her credentials. These include claims that she served as medical attache at the U.S. Embassy in Turkey, received a master’s degree in public health from the University of Wisconsin, “established” an occupational health clinic at the University of New Mexico and published a scientific paper on inert gases.”

      “At several institutions listed on Beato’s résumé, officials said they could find no evidence of her service, while former colleagues at the University of New Mexico and an affiliated hospital in Albuquerque disputed assertions she made, saying at a minimum she had puffed up her role in several projects.”

      “Former colleagues in Albuquerque were most surprised by Beato’s assertions that she was “one of the principal leaders who revolutionized medical education in American universities by implementing the Problem Based Learning curriculum.” The curriculum was developed while Beato was in medical school.”

      “That’s an exaggeration,” said Gary Rosenberg, chairman of the neurology department at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, the university’s hospital system.”

      “In several instances, Beato’s résumé is vague. Under professional experience, she lists “medical consultant” at the Technical-Vocational Institute and Presbyterian Senior Health Spectrum in Albuquerque and a 12-year relationship with the Sheet Metal Workers in Washington. None of the organizations has any record on Beato, nor do officials at the State Department, who said they have never heard term “medical attache.”

      “Under educational experience, Beato lists: “successful candidate, occupational medicine, MPH (master’s of public health), University of Wisconsin, 1995.” A university spokeswoman said the school does not offer such a degree.”

      “Yet even Beato’s friends said it appears that she gave herself extra credit on her résumé.”

      “At the All Faiths Receiving Home in Albuquerque, Executive Director Steve Johnson praised Beato as a dedicated volunteer physician who provided basic care to the abused and neglected. But she was not the medical director, as her résumé states, he added.”

      “William Wiese, director of the Institute for Public Health at the University of New Mexico, said it was inaccurate for Beato to say she had “established” the school’s occupational health clinic. “The clinic existed before she was hired. There was another medical director before her,” he said.”

      “Similarly, he said, Beato’s description of the clinic as a “one-stop comprehensive care for 13,000 employees” is an exaggeration. But Wiese said Beato was a good administrator and teacher.”


      “Exaggerations”, degrees that don’t exist, postions that don’t exist, references to employers who never heard of her, claims of estabishing a clinic which existed BEFORE she was hired, her claim of being a medical director refuted by her employer!

      Is THIS what the Flake campaign thinks is going to hurt Dr. Richard Carmona?

      Guess what, Flake campaign, you just self-destructed, LOL! ;-)

  3. After reviewing this blog post and links it’s obvious to this dummy(me) that Flake’s campaign(Andrew Wilder) did a major disservice to themselves as it supports Carmona’s character and actions. Hands down my vote goes to Dr. Richard Carmona, he is the exact ball/bra busting representative I want in Washington DC as I’m tired of political whores with loose pucker strings putting hickeys all over each others butts.

    Carmona is clearly a man, excuse me gender tender freaks….. “”an administrator”” among administrator, a leader we need to emulate.

    Dr. Beato as a high level administrator, invoking the after the fact emotional “I’m a single mom” card, doesn’t work in the least for me.

    Dr. Beato you want to play the “””I’m a single mom””” card: you had an obligation as a mom to summon the police and make complaint when as you allege, Carmona came banging on your door in a fit of rage……. and this happened on two separate occasions??????? Just how scared were you? Was it a case of getting scared sometime after once you realized Carmona was on point. What a minute, somewhere in one of the links it says that Carmona never went to your door.

    Dr. Beato as an administrator you had an obligation to duly document Carmon’s behavior: but you failed to exercise your duty and right to manage a subordinate. Also suspect is personnel policies/procedures you failed to follow by remaining silent. Perhaps we(you) should take a lesson from Carmona who acted prudently concerning several occurrences in his various tenures as this blog and links within establish.

    Dr. Beato your failures lead me to believe that there is something more to your(the) story, key word ‘story’ as the links indicate.

    Who wrote this blog post? Who agreed – approved it? Buddy, it’s a political hit piece. Putting up links(over and over) that support your target, that undermine your objective is hilarious, actually stupid as ignorant is reserved for those who have an opportunity(time) to apply a correction.


    “A number of Carmona’s former co-workers and employees, however, describe a man whose instinct is to escalate hostilities rather than resolve them.” So sorry…… not the touchy feely type, tighten your pucker string(s).

    Eric Ramsay….. think that Carmona was hired to move him along? Anyone have information other than a snivel absence of hard facts or were they buried under the piles in Ramsey’s office?

    Home health-care pay cuts: just what level of work were they performing if they were only getting 10 bucks and hour to begin with? Where are the links…… What’s the problem with Carmona exercising his right and duty to manage? Does Jeff Flake have the experience to confront with conviction?


    This section is all about Dr. Beato that folds into the next section……


    Calvino the nurse: appears to me to be a simple case of “perception” where administration called following policies “bullying” – Carmona’s MESSAGE follow policies – remember Carmona comes with a military background where protocol is everything – just who we need in DC..

    And this: “After Campoy reported the allegations, Carmona became irate, saying she had violated the accused doctor’s confidentiality, an opinion shared by the Kino Community Hospital board and the Pima County Medical Society.”” And then (Campoy) this “ “’What I got from Dr. Carmona [after reporting the case] was antagonism and … threats,’ Campoy later told an investigator from the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s prescription fraud unit, according to a state Board of Medical Examiners document obtained through Arizona’s public records law. ‘I was screamed at, I was yelled at. I was told it was none of my business. I was told that I had breached peer review.’” “

    Come on, Campoy was out for revenge and was clearly an amateur as is the writer of this political blog aka hit piece that is backfiring(on Flake) as well. Campoy twisted an obvious reprimand that was justified as it wasn’t touchy feely enough – SHUT UP AND DO YOUR JOB, telling you that you have violated policy is not screaming and yelling at you.


    What do you think, do you think that any normal women who feels threatened as depicted below would call the police?
    “’I think any normal woman, when somebody comes in at midnight demanding and raising their voice, would feel threatened,’ Beato said in the interview.” (“Richard Carmona Draws Fire From Former Boss,” Politico, 05/21/12)

    Hilarious……. a vote for Flake is a vote for….. “I’m Jeff Flake, and I approved this message.”

    Flake, thanks for making the case for Carmona.

    • Conservative American says:

      Tell it like it is, JPD! :-)

    • Conservative American says:

      …and about Dr. Cristina Beato…

      “ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A doctor who lost her bid for a high-level federal job amid allegations she padded her resume and denied medical care to immigrants, which she refutes, wants to return to work at the University of New Mexico.”

      “Dr. Cristina Beato, a former UNM School of Medicine administrator, has been on unpaid leave since 2001, when she started a stint at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”


      Beato Has A History Of Ethical Problems, Including Falsifying Her Resume.

      Beato also has a history of ethical problems, proven and substantiated by independent reporting, including extensive inaccuracies in her resume that derailed her nomination as permanent Assistant Secretary for Health. The Washington Post reported that at “several institutions listed on Beato’s résumé, officials said they could find no evidence of her service,” and former colleagues “disputed assertions she made, saying at a minimum she had puffed up her role in several projects.” After her nomination died, Beato continued to live in government-subsidized housing for senior officials, even taking advantage of this perk for five months after leaving government service. She only left her subsidized housing once her presence was uncovered by the Washington Post.

    • Conservative American says:

      Dr. Cristina V. Beato is a “single mom”. What does that mean? Did she just never bother to get married? Was she married but got divorced? Try searching the internet to find out and see what happens, LOL! :-)

    • Conservative American says:

      So, what has Dr. Cristina Beato been up to?

      “Beato currently serves as the chief medical officer for the firm, Ernst & Young.”


      Ernst and Young? Good people!

      “Ernst & Young Partners Convicted of Tax Fraud”

      “New York (May 11, 2009)”

      “By WebCPA Staff”

      “Two current and two former Ernst & Young partners were found guilty of tax fraud and conspiracy charges related to tax shelters.”


      Looks like Dr. Beato found a good outfit to work for!

      “Bally Total Fitness”

      “In December 2009, Ernst & Young agreed to pay an $8.5 million fine – one of the highest settlements ever paid by an accounting firm – to the Securities and Exchange Commission for its work auditing the books of Bally Total Fitness. The firm agreed to an order that it cease and desist from violating securities laws. Six partners were also sanctioned by the commission and barred from auditing public companies.”

      Nice going, Dr. Beato! Great outfit you’re associated with! Now what was that you were saying about Richard Carmona?

  4. Sonoransam says:

    Wooden boards and political attacks always have two sides – at least.

    Here’s the other side: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jwbve7xcvF8#!

  5. Haberdasher. That was my first thought when I say this:


    • Conservative American says:

      Hey, here’s a typical “Horst Krause” comment from the link you provided, zoo!

      “Comment by Horst Kraus on March 18, 2011 at 9:44pm”

      “Hey Boozeville,”

      “No I am not taking my ass back to anywhere, it is because I can afford to keep my ass where I want to have it. Sorry to disappoint you.”

      “You, on the other hand, are a hopeless, hapless xenophobe. Keep on blaming anchor babies for your and my countries inability to compete effectively on the world’s economic growth. Are you sucking “Hind Tit” on a federal, state or municipal trough yet? If not, better sharpen your wits, those wells will be dry soon. Not necessarily because of “Illegals”, but more so because we can’t compete, we are to lazy, fat, and obese, and we have the erroneous feeling that Gawd and Government owes us a living.”

      Ooooh! “Xenophobe”! Blaming “anchor babies”! “Gawd and Government”! The classic Liberal line! Typical Jeff “Amnesty” Flake illegal alien supporter who bashes God, America and American citizens!

      • He calls the guy a “xenophobe”, then seems to hint he acknowledges “illegals” are a problem:

        “…If not, better sharpen your wits, those wells will be dry soon. Not necessarily because of “Illegals”…

        Anchor babies may be the single biggest cost of illegal immigration. At $15-20,000 a pop, then post-natal care the price tag is staggering. Here’s a piece that said anchor baby costs were $54 million for L.A. taxpayers – in JUNE!


        Horst Kraus is a mis-guided moron. How many voters are this screwed up? Certainly the entire McMachine that has cemented McCain and Kyl to their Senate seats and now wants to install McCain III – Jeffey Laney Flakey.

        • Conservative American says:

          Here’s the “best” part, zoo!

          Jeff Flake voted for the war in Iraq. Then he voted AGAINST extending the GI Bill to veterans of that war. At the same time, hidden in his STRIVE Act illegal alien amnesty legislation, was fellow Mormon Harry Reid’s DREAM Act giving all sorts of benefits to illegal aliens!

          Can you believe this Flake guy! Nothing for veterans but all kinds of stuff to reward those who came to this country illegally! That’s American? Sounds more like some idea from the United Nations, LOL!

  6. Conservative American says:

    The Flake campaign is putting Dr. Beato up as a character witness but what do we know about Dr. Beato? We know the various positions she has held but what do we know about her personal history and her character?

    Dr. Beato is a “single mom” with two children. What is the history of that?

    Did Dr. Beato not feel the need to marry before giving birth to children? Was she married and then divorced? If she is divorced, what is the story behind that? Does she have probelms with men? Is that why she is not married? We don’t know!

    We DO know this:

    “After her nomination died, Beato continued to live in government-subsidized housing for senior officials, even taking advantage of this perk for five months after leaving government service. She only left her subsidized housing once her presence was uncovered by the Washington Post.”

    So after failing to be confirmed to a permanent position in the federal government, Dr. Beato continued to live in susidized housing, a perk for senior government officials, until she was busted by the Washington Post! Hey, that’s ethical, LOL! Live in housing subsidized by taxpayers even when you are no longer entitled to it! Now THAT’s character alright! ;-)

  7. Pascoe Vale says:

    You are a fraud acting in the service of the Democrats. You are and always have been. You are a fake, a phony, and a plant. Your sole purpose is to sow dissention. That is your only function.

  8. Pascoe Vale says:

    This was directed to a post that has been deleted not the author of this press release.

  9. Conservative American says:

    And now, just for you, Pascoe Vale, here is a published, public list of Arizona Republicans for Carmona!

    Republicans for Carmona

    Bernie Abeytia
    Phoenix, AZ

    Laura Almquist
    Tucson, AZ

    John Almquist
    Tucson, AZ

    Jon Altmann
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Anne Barber
    Tucson, AZ

    Marilyn Barker
    Tucson, AZ

    David Barrett
    Surprise, AZ

    Richard Bauer
    Mesa, AZ

    Adi Benning
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Ellen Blair
    Prescott, AZ

    Joseph Bodnar
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Duke Bonney
    Tucson, AZ

    Anthony Breaux
    Tucson, AZ

    Joy Brotherton
    Kingman, AZ

    Roger Brown
    Chandler, AZ

    Walter Brown
    Tucson, AZ

    George Calloni
    Sun City West, AZ

    Sam Kathryn Campana
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Matt Carlyon
    Show Low, AZ

    Maria Chacon
    Phoenix, AZ

    Mindy Clark
    Phoenix, AZ

    Jayson Coil
    Flagstaff, AZ

    Christina Collins
    Phoenix, AZ

    Ralph Colwell
    Tucson, AZ

    Janine Connors
    Benson, AZ

    Drew Cook
    Phoenix, AZ

    Larry Cutler
    Tempe, AZ

    Elaine Degon
    Tucson, AZ

    Michelle Dyer
    Payson, AZ

    Marie Ekren
    Queen Creek, AZ

    Anne Elsberry
    Tucson, AZ

    Beth Espinoza
    Phoenix, AZ

    Ron Fazio
    Tucson, AZ

    Frank Fliszar
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Christopher Forsyth
    Phoenix, AZ

    William Fritz
    Tucson, AZ

    Orlando Garcia
    Phoenix, AZ

    Jay Glaser
    Phoenix, AZ

    Joe Goldblatt
    Tempe, AZ

    Zane Greene
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Claire Gross
    Mesa, AZ

    Devin Haralson
    Safford, AZ

    Gabriel J. Harvey
    Tucson, AZ

    Carol Heimann
    Phoenix, AZ

    Nedra Hendrickson
    Oracle, AZ

    Nathan Hendrickson
    Oracle, AZ

    Karen Hendrickson
    Oracle, AZ

    Joshua Hendrickson
    Oracle, AZ

    Pete Hershberger
    Tucson, AZ

    Alvie Hughes
    Yuma, AZ

    Carrie Hulburd
    Phoenix, AZ

    Marilyn Hunter
    Phoenix, AZ

    Mary Lou Hunter
    Phoenix, AZ

    Neil Huson
    Tucson, AZ

    Patricia Hyland
    Phoenix, AZ

    William Swahlen, III
    Prescott, AZ

    Nance Johnson
    Prescott Valley, AZ

    Julius Parker, Jr.
    Tucson, AZ

    William Thomas, Jr.
    Tucson, AZ

    Sheri Karobonik
    Tucson, AZ

    Charles Keller
    Tucson, AZ

    Tescue Kenna
    Winslow, AZ

    Daniel Klemmedson
    Tucson, AZ

    Steve Kozachik
    Tucson, AZ

    Jim Law
    Phoenix, AZ

    Ruth Lebsack
    Tucson, AZ

    Bridget Lewison
    Fort Mohave, AZ

    Linda Link
    Tucson, AZ

    Adal Lopez
    Flagstaff, AZ

    Steve Lowen
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Jack Lunsford
    Phoenix, AZ

    Marshall Magruder
    Tucson, AZ

    Fred Mannke
    Phoenix, AZ

    Alan Marble
    Tucson, AZ

    Kris Mayes
    Phoenix, AZ

    Quina McCalley
    Tucson, AZ

    Richard McGuckin
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Jan McLaughlin
    Phoenix, AZ

    Greg McLean
    Flagstaff, AZ

    Sue Sisley, MD
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Hanna Sisley, MD
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Katherine Meyer
    Surprise, AZ

    Richard Meyer
    Surprise, AZ

    Patricia Molina
    Rio Rico, AZ

    Art Mollen
    Paradise Valley, AZ

    Emily K. Morrison
    Tucson, AZ

    Paul Mueller
    Cave Creek, AZ

    Jim Myers
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Patricia Noland
    Tucson, AZ

    Lynne O’Brien
    Tucson, AZ

    Roselyn O’Connell
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Pete Page
    Parker, AZ

    Frederick Peckinpaugh
    Mesa, AZ

    Sue Preciado
    Peoria, AZ

    Alaxanderia Rallis
    Tucson, AZ

    Richard Riegler
    SaddleBrooke, AZ

    Devin Russel
    Oro Valley, AZ

    Greg Ryan
    Phoenix, AZ

    Peter Salomon
    Tucson, AZ

    Esmeralda Sanchez
    Nogales, AZ

    Michel Shaffer
    Prescott, AZ

    Carl Shulak
    Mesa, AZ

    Terry Silk
    Lake Havasu City, AZ

    Eleanor Smith
    Houck, AZ

    Dan Smith
    Mesa, AZ

    Tom Smith
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Aimee Snyder
    Tucson, AZ

    Dominick Spatafora
    Scottsdale, AZ

    Linda Stacy
    Benson, AZ

    Rick Sutton
    Phoenix, AZ

    Joseph Thompson
    Tucson, AZ

    Alice Treiber
    Tucson, AZ

    Ernesto Trujillo
    Tucson, AZ

    William Tucker
    Tucson, AZ

    Sara Vannucci
    Cave Creek, AZ

    Stephen Vital
    Mesa, AZ

    Dick Walden
    Amado, AZ

    Bob Walkup
    Tucson, AZ

    Beth Walkup
    Tucson, AZ

    Rick Weber
    Chandler, AZ

    Kyle Weir
    Cottonwood, AZ

    Ed Westerfield
    Paradise Valley, AZ

    Sonya Will
    Tempe, AZ

    Robert Winkler
    Mesa, AZ

    David Workman
    Coolidge, AZ

    Barry Zemel
    Paradise Valley, AZ

    What are you going to do about that, Aussie Pinko, LOL! :-)

  10. Conservative American says:

    You seem confused, Pascoe Vale! Forget to take your Alzheimer’s medication today, LOL! Besides that, you’re repeating yourself!

    Have a nice day, Aussie Pinko! :-)

  11. No posts have been deleted.

  12. Conservative American says:

    Now don’t lie like Jeff Flake, Pascoe. We know your comment is directed at the author of this press release, LOL!

  13. Conservative American says:

    Now don’t lie like Jeff Flake, Pascoe. We know that your comment was intended for the author of this press release!

  14. Pascoe Vale says:

    You are not a Republican. You are a fraud. You are a plant by the Democrats.

  15. Pascoe Vale says:

    Your name isnt on the list because you are a Democrat. You are a Democrat plant and always have been.

  16. Is that list of yours a joke?

    Kris Mayes is on that list of so-called Republicans for Carmona. I don’t think people are going to take you seriously with a list that has Kris Mayes on it. She is about the biggest RINO in Arizona. She owes her political career to Democrats. She was Janet Napolitano’s press secretary.

    You might as well title that list Arizona Quislings for Carmona.

    “Pascoe Vale” is right. You must be a Democrat if you are touting a list like that.

  17. Conservative American says:

    ROFL! You’re worried about a RINO when Jeff Flake is running for U. S. Senate? If you dont’ like RINO’s than you won’t vote for Flake!

    Have a nice day, Rino Lover! :-)

  18. C.A is a “Nut Job” that is as polite as I can express it. He-She-It by whatever gender is responsible for the U.S. of A. being saddled with Barack Obama for the past and the next 4 years.
    They were looking for a Bibliban for President in 2008 and when they had only McCain versus Obama on the ticket they stayed silent and at home and now they are dis-appointed with themselves.
    They label anyone that is not as crazy as they are “Rinos” and that is about as far as their capability to reason will let them go..
    The road to recovery for Republicans begins by ignoring all the nut jobs who use the word “Rino” for those who are sane and not as nutty as they are.
    For those that are called “Rino” keep your wallet closed, and that will let the nut jobs know how nutty they are,
    They will run out of funds. They already did.


  19. Conservative American says:

    ROFL! Consider the source!

    Horst Krause is a known Liberal who supports homosexual marriage and is an avowed atheist. It loves me because I support the preservation of traditional marriage and I am Christian.

    Hey, Horst, found God yet? Are you looking?

    Have a nice day, Pinko! :-)

  20. From Horst Kraus’ Tea Party Page: “..If you knew me you would also know I am a McCainiac, although this does not earns me any Brownie Points in this neighborhood..”

    Have you ever thought of coming out of retirement and reopening your men’s haberdashery?

  21. Conservative American says:

    Hey, Horst, is this the link to your Facebook page?


    Shangri La Ranch, where “clothing is optional”? Is that you, Horst?


    “American Association for Nude Recreation”? Are you affiliated with that, Horst?

  22. Pascoe Vale says:

    The person posting as ‘Conservative American’ is a Democrat mole. He is not nor has ever been genuine. He is a fraud. He isn’t who or what he says he is. He is a fiction created for the purpose of disruption.

  23. Conservative American says:

    No! Really? A “men’s haberdashery”? Who would have thunk it! ;-)

  24. Conservative American says:

    NOTICE: The above poster, Pascoe Vale, is an illegal alien who can’t vote. Jeff Flake is going to give it amnesty. That’s why it supports Flake!

    Jeff Flake, Pascoe Vale’s amnesty guy! :-)

  25. What’s the difference between the R & D’s? Perhaps Vale didn’t get the message – one party two choices. If you think we have a two party system at the present time, say Old World Money aka centralized banking.

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