Governor Jan Brewer: Vote NO on Proposition 204

Dear Voter,

I urge you to vote No on Proposition 204. We don’t need this type of California, union-style budgeting in Arizona.

Two years ago – during some of our state’s toughest times – Arizona voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 100, a three-year tax increase needed to stave off drastic cuts to education. I was proud to lead that effort, and I have continued to fight for measures that provide additional funding for critical education reforms that increase student achievement.

Unfortunately, Proposition 204 is not one of those.

Proposition 204 only pretends to fund the reforms we desperately need. Proponents of this measure, mostly unions and their supporters, want you to commit to permanently pay 18% more in state sales taxes – without requiring any reforms or guaranteeing any results. And all of this before the current sales tax has even expired!

They want to treat failing schools the same as successful schools. They want to claim that funds will be used to increase teacher pay and implement higher academic standards while, in fact, neither of those things is actually required.

Proposition 204 is overly-complicated and confusing. Even experts cannot agree what happens to the tax dollars collected. A school funding proposal shouldn’t require a degree in high finance in order to follow the money.

We can do better than Proposition 204. Let’s fund the results we want, starting with the resources we have. Let’s couple any new revenues with meaningful reforms that will actually improve student achievement and graduation rates. Let’s reward our star teachers and principals with pay that recognizes their outstanding performance.

Otherwise, we will look back and see billions more of our tax dollars spent without any clear improvements for our children.

Be wise with your money and vote No on Proposition 204!

Jan Brewer, Governor, Phoenix


  1. The opposition against Prop 204 is encouraging, to say the least. But the ignorant masses with voter cards only listen and follow what they are told by the boob tube.

    The opposition’s TV spot was posted here early last week, but I have yet to see it broadcasted even one time since its introduction. An opposing TV spot is the only hope to sway the ignorant masses and failure to do so will mean victory for the union goons. That is a sad commentary about the electorite, but it is reality. Road signs on freeway overpasses won’t feed the bulldog.

  2. I say “No” to proposition 204.

    The supporters of proposition 204 claim dire consequences if it fails. But more money is not the answer to poor education. We must assure that the money that already supports education is not wasted. And waste has reached huge, unprecedented levels. Corruption is rampant. And so is cronyism. All three stifle progress and make our education system wasteful and inefficient.

    I propose the following. Forget any new taxes. Look at how the money is spent. Cut waste. Take on corruption. Eliminate cronyism. Eliminate bureaucracy. You may find that there is enough money for education.

    I say “No” to proposition 204.

    • I am a school teacher and am saddened that the people in AZ continue to bury their heads in the sand about education. Our state has been recklessly inadequate in funding education for numerous years, confirmed by the fact that AZ ranks 50th in the nation for per student funding. The state continues to issue “reform mandates” for teachers and school districts while giving ZERO dollars to fund these programs thus imposing even heavier burdens on districts, teachers, and students. At least the creators of Prop 204 are attempting to stand up for and provide much needed monetary assistance to the education in Arizona. If you think educating the children of our state must be a priority, prove it by putting your money where your mouth is!

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