Identify and “track the tracker” in AZ-09

Someone continues to harass Republican candidate Vernon Parker everywhere he goes. They’ve even set up a YouTube channel where they post their videos.

This is a call to identify the individual who is conducting the harassment, who is paying this individual and reveal how much he is being paid.

We would also encourage our conservative activists to get out and “track the tracker” by putting a camera in his face.


  1. I don’t think we have to look any further than ASU. Sinema has this leftest cesspool in her back pocket and it is a sure bet that the pimple poppers, in their large inept numbers, can tilt election results in the newly configured district. It is IMPERATIVE that conservative voters in CD9 show up on election day, or wind up with this wild-eyed leftist bisexual dirty leg as their representative in Congress.

  2. The tracker provides a lot of information about himself on video while speaking to the Wendy Rogers campaign in the following video he uploaded:

    He says his name is Will and that he is originally from Houston. He also says that he is a recent graduate of Vanderbilt in Poli Sci and Economics. And he states that he is working for the state Democrat party.

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