Bill Montgomery charging Tom Horne; also Horne under investigation involving hit and run

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Monday, September 1, 2012

Self-promotional video Horne made of himself pretending to be Mission Impossible
The FBI has finally released the results of its investigation into Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, and turned the results over to County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Montgomery announced this morning that he will be filing civil charges against Horne, no doubt too terrified to file criminal charges after what happened to Andrew Thomas when he tried to criminally prosecute powerful public officials.
According to AZ Family:
Montgomery is initiating a civil enforcement action against Horne and Kathleen Winn, general director of community outreach for the Attorney General’s Office, for alleged campaign finance violations committed during the 2010 election cycle.
The allegations stem from an 11-month-long FBI investigation into Business Leaders for Arizona (BLA), an independent expenditure committee chaired by Winn and operated in close coordination with Horne in violation of ARS 16-917.

According to the results of the FBI’s investigation, Horne actively directed BLA’s fundraising and communications strategy with Winn in the final weeks of his 2010 campaign for attorney general. During this time period, BLA raised more than $500,000 from the Republican State Leadership Committee and individual donors which paid for television advertisements advocating against Felicia Rotellini, Horne’s Democrat opponent.

After reviewing the investigation, Secretary of State Ken Bennett determined there was reasonable cause to believe Horne and Winn’s actions violated civil statutes governing independent expenditures and directed the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to initiate an enforcement action pursuant to its statutory authority.

The Arizona Republic reported this:

Two of Horne’s employees — one a longtime state investigator — have accused him of communicating with an independent expenditure committee during the 2010 election as it raised money to run negative ads against Horne’s Democratic opponent. State law prohibits coordination between candidates and independent expenditure committees. Those who violate laws governing independent expenditure committees can face stiff financial penalties.

Horne’s employees alleged he communicated regularly with Winn, chairwoman of the Business Leaders for Arizona, as she solicited money from Horne’s brother-in-law in California and GOP supporters across the Valley.

In June, state criminal investigator Margaret “Meg” Hinchey said she had obtained information that Horne collaborated with the independent expenditure committee. Hinchey turned witness statements and other evidence over to the FBI, which began an investigation in January.

A separate complaint filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office by another Horne employee and former political ally alleged Horne helped funnel $115,000 from his brother-in-law to the committee and promised a job to Winn as a reward for her work on the committee. Horne has vehemently denied the allegation, and points out he first offered Winn’s position to someone else.
Previously, Horne has said that Winn, in December 2009, filed paperwork to create Business Leaders for Arizona to oppose Thomas, who ran against Horne in the primary election. Horne said that although Winn filed the paperwork, there was no independent expenditure during the primary.

“The conduct in question is expressly prohibited by Arizona’s election laws and we will work to hold those responsible accountable,” Montgomery said in a media release.

Click here for the AZ Family article.

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  1. Reality Check says:

    “no doubt too terrified to file criminal charges after what happened to Andrew Thomas when he tried to criminally prosecute powerful public officials”

    Bill Montgomery is a graduate of West Point and a Gulf War Veteran. I don’t think he is “terrified” of anyone.

    • Conservative American says:

      Oh, I get it! When Richard Carmona is a combat decorated veteran of the Army’s Special Forces, and Jeff Flake never served in the military, that was a non-issue for you. Now, however, it has suddenly become important that Montgomery is a West Point graduate and a Gulf War veteran!

      Classic Liberal ever-changing double standard! It’s the old Pinko “the end justifies the means” approach, LOL! ;-)

      • Just some more half-baked bull from Rotisserie Check.

      • Reality Check says:

        Did I ever say Richard Carmona was “terrified” of anyone or agree with anyone who said he did? No.

        • Conservative American says:

          It wasn’t important to you that Flake was touted as “standing up” for veterans, while he never served in the military, whereas Carmona IS a veteran, LOL!

          So, Reality Check, since the military service of both Montgomery and Carmona mean that they are not “terrified”, what does that mean for Jeff Flake who never served in the military, let alone in combat? Does that mean that Flake is “terrified” of voters discovering that he is an amnesty supporter who tried to get Obama’s DREAM Act passed by hiding it within his STRIVE Act? ‘Ya think? Well, do ‘ya, Liberal Check?

  2. Bill Montgomery is a McCain-Flake-Lewis-Worsley Republican whose ass needs to be tossed out of office at the next opportunity.

    • Reality Check says:

      How quickly you eat your own. Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that Bill Montgomery was the RINO hunting slayer of McCain’s buddy Rick Romley? Now you attack him because he dares to step one foot out of lockstep on immigration. LOL.

      • You act like Montgomery is the first Republican bastard to present conservative views before election, and then switch afterwards. Funny, the Democrats don’t seem to have this problem. Just what do you think the impact is with Montgomery’s “step one foot out of lockstep on immigration?”

        1. Embolden filth like McCain, Flake, Lewis, Worsley, Danny Ortega, Mary Rose Lardcox, Salavador Reza, the ACLU, La Raza, Meecha, Maldef, Chicanos Por La Causa, Southern Poverty Law Center, the Obama administration etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

        2. Influence other Repubican office holders and candidates to go limp and turn into immigration pussies.

        3. Send a message to the enemy [Mexico] that their exported poverty will be handled the same considerations as American citizens. Thousands of illegals are pouring over the border RIGHT NOW in a surge triggered by Obama’s “Delayed Action.” The pro-illegal media will not report it.

        Montgomery’s ass is in office now because of Joe Arpaio and everybody knows it. What the hell do you think Montgomery’s remarks in this article are having on Arpaio’s re-election? What about his remarks being “out of lockstep” with the RNC’s 2012 party platform?

        Either the state and national Republican party purges itself of these treasonous porch climbers or they go down in flames. Not because I said so, but because Mexico is right on the doorstep of taking political control of America. And because George W. Filth and the Republican-controlled Congress started every f****** bit of it, I penning a new tune for a celebritory remake of Dr. Dolittle: “If I Could Vote With The Mexicans.”

        • Hey, zoo, do you hate everybody? Name calling, profanity; guess there are no longer any standards enforced on this site. Whatever happened to “respectful” discussion?

          • Respectful to whom? I am sick of the revolving door of RINOs and the selling of America one block at a time. As I recall, you are the one who objects to the term “anchor babies”, so what is “respectful” to you is to be a leg crosser and watch your country sink into the Sonoran sewer.

            • ZOO and JDP: I am also frustrated with elected officials who make promises they don’t keep. I am sad that my Republican Party is just as guilty as the other. But come on,
              does it do any good to call names and spew hatred? I think you should show more respect to the readers and responders on this blog.

              And you’ve mistaken me for someone else; I have never used the term “anchor babies.”

              • I never said you used it. I said you OBJECTED to it. When I used the term on a thread (2011), you responded and claimed it was racist and “disgusting”. My response to you was to post the definition of “anchor baby” directly from the American Heritage Dictionary. The term “anchor baby” is even used by the liberal MSM, so I submit that you are the last one that should be judging others on what is “respectful”. If you can’t stand the heat……….

              • ZOO, you don’t have your facts straight. I have never ever commented on what you refer to as “anchor babies”. I have never entered into a conversation about immigration in my life. Must be someone using my name, if you can produce the conversation.

  3. CanSeeRightThroughHim says:

    Isn’t it obvious? What’s the next political step for Bill Montgomery. Let’s see… County attorney leads to Attorney General. Make sense?????

    Any wizards here who can figure this one out?

  4. AZEastSide says:

    @ Zoo – your comments belong in a zoo – at the bottom of the elephant cage with the rest of the excrement.

  5. I think the bigger issue here is Horne’s hit and run accident…. He apparently backed into a car while leaving Carmen Chenal’s apartment. The question of what was he doing at Carmen Chenal’s apartment comes to mind, as well as the hit and run itself. You know when you have backed into a car, you hear a loud bang, and your vehicle comes to an immediate stop. He claims that he did not notice that he had backed into someone’s car.

    Are all Republicans liars and cheaters? I believe so. I will be voting for the Democrats.

    • Bill, you are probably right. Have you ever hit a Range Rover and not know you hit something? But there was also a prominent Democrat who was involved in an auto “accident”. Remember Teddy Kennedy? So no, not all Republicans are liars and cheaters, just as some Dems ARE.

  6. Phoenix48 says:

    If not for Montgomery’s ham fisted announcment this is rather pathetic Washington meddling. It was quite dissappointing to watch Bill Montgomery editorialize what in reality is a thinly disguised ‘excuse me’ civil suit made all the more embarassing by claiming ‘hit & run’ when tailing our Attorney General for so-called campaign violations.

    Maybe this keystone cop crew of FBI investigators should get a new assignment; How about looking into a real crime like the murders in Benghzi?

    This is what it has always been from day one – a disgruntled ex-employee with an axe to grind hooking up with an equally slimy FBI for a political nuisance suit. More of the same old same old during the Obama era.

    Montgomery’s boy scout routine and finger-wagging grandstanding is a hick manuver he will pay for politically. That kind of squishy #$%-covering publicly doesn’t endear an elected offical TO ANYONE IN ARIZONA.

    If the Feds have a case let them make and the chips fall. There isn’t any need to go all Telemundo soapy on TV if there is a case.

    The county attorney needs a va-ca to get his head straight. A couple of Mi-Tys on the beach in San Paulo and a swim is in order.

  7. JPD, here is a little revelation I was unaware of:

    “…He [Carmona] calls it disingenuous for Republicans to tear him down, considering GOP party leaders in Arizona recruited him while he was surgeon general to run for governor against Democrat Janet Napolitano and for Congress against Gabrielle Giffords…”

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