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Friday September 14, 2012

Read the full list of lavish expenditures Stapley spent $86,012 of campaign money on    

Less powerful politicians would have been removed from office for just a couple of wrongful expenditures

Supervisor Don Stapley's mug shot
Supervisor Don Stapley’s mug shot

Now that the US Attorney’s office has exonerated Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio from any wrongdoing in their attempts to prosecute powerful corrupt politicians, we’ve had a few people ask us to remind them what they tried to prosecute them for. Stapley was prosecuted for financial misreporting, leading to a risky loan that the FDIC is now investigating. He also engaged in a land swap with his business partner, convicted felon Conley Wolfswinkel, where Wolfswinkel would funnel him $15,000/month. Finally, he spent $86,012 in campaign funds raised for a campaign where he had NO OPPONENT on hundreds of luxury items for himself and his family!

Officials like former Representative David Burnell Smith were removed from office for far less violations. Clean Elections claimed that Smith violated election laws by spending a few thousand dollars more than authorized by Clean Elections, and removed him from office. It was a technical accounting mistake, it wasn’t like he had spent the money on lavish vacations for himself and his family like Stapley had, and it was only a few thousand dollars. Yet Smith was thrown out of office, and Stapley got the prosecutor disbarred and is now suing the County for thousands if not a million dollars over “stress” from being prosecuted.

You decide, who should have been prosecuted – Thomas or Stapley? Does it sound like Thomas and Arpaio had a “vendetta” against Stapley, or were they simply trying to prosecute someone who was VERY corrupt? Read the Arizona Republic article here, which contains even more unethical behavior by Stapley –

Read the full shocking list of items Stapley spent campaign money on

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  1. If justice was the goal, Thomas should have brought it to AG office. Oh wait, the AG Goddard was a Democrat and he would not prosecuted Republicans (ha ha).
    Like the Fiesta Bowl group legislators, the expenditures were unwise but not illegal

    Unlike Representative D. B. Smith who again is a State Representative (though defeated in the recent primary), Stapley was not in the Legislature or with clean elections.
    The Diamondbacks and Suns did not win the Superbowl either-wait that is for football. Whoops on the facts.

    And come on now, the arrests of Stapley with the media present are pure Joe–facts are secondary to hype and publicity.

  2. azcowpoke, I don’t understand, how is spending all that campaign money on that long list of lavish items NOT illegal? Remember those libertarians who ran for state legislature a few years ago and spent their campaign money on parties and booze and lavish restaurant meals? They got in trouble with Clean Elections and had to pay it all back. If you run for office and tell people you need their donations for your campaign, then spend the money instead on an exotic trip to Hawaii, that’s swindling.

    • Because the cases you cite were with Clean Elections which is for State candidates such as State Senate, State House, Governor, Attorney General, Corporation Commission, etc.

      It does not cover County races such as a county supervisor, county recorder, county attorney, etc.

  3. How did Andrew Thomas get away with his abuse of power? He abused his power, but it did not rise to a level of criminal behavior.

    There is wrong, and then there is criminally wrong.

    Apparently Stapley and Thomas are wrong, but not criminally wrong. Lucky for them. Neither of them is in jail right now.

    The people that want to keep forcing this issue need to reconsider what they are up against. Thomas has avoided prison by the skin of his teeth. Shut up already, unless you want him facing charges.

    I don’t necessarily support Stapley, but Thomas went rogue and well beyond the scope of his office… with no evidence. If you people want to keep beating a dead horse, you will find you buddy Candy Andy in jail. I’m sure he wishes you would just STOP. He was given the gift of the DOJ stating they were closing the Abuse of Power investigation…. take that and run with it, Andy Lovers… he got off easy.

    • Conservative American says:

      ROFL! Ah yes, the old liberal line, LOL! You couldn’t get a conviction so do a smear job instead, LOL! Sorry, no cigar! ;-)

      wherewasi wrote: “Lucky for them. Neither of them is in jail right now.” Lucky? Really? How is it “luck”?

      wherewasi wrote: “Thomas has avoided prison by the skin of his teeth.” Now THAT is pure bull, LOL! There is no “skin of your teeth” in the law. There is guilty and there is innocent.

      Yet once again, wherewasi, I am going to remind you that here in The Untied States of America the law is that people are PRESUMED INNOCENT unless and until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, in a court of law. Thomas has NOT been proven guilty in a court of law and hence is innocent. The fact that you want to lynch him is irrelevant.

      wherewasi wrote: “Shut up already, unless you want him facing charges.” Excuse me! Why don’t YOU shut up. The Holder DOJ investigated and dropped the investigation without filing charges or going to court to seek a conviction. You don’t want to accept that outcome but that is what you are stuck with. Sorry!

      Hey, we aren’t taking anything and running with it. You run! You have good reason to run!

      Holder is the first U. S. Attorney General in the history of the nation to be found in Contempt of Congress. There is a lawsuit against him by the U. S. House of Representatives. The previous U. S Attorney to Arizona, Burke, resigned after admitting that he knowingly provided false information to be given to Congress regarding the “Fast and Furious” gun walking scandal which resulted in the death of former U. S. Marine and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry as well as 300 Mexican citizens. Burke had served as Napolitano’s Chief of Staff when she was governor.

      You run! You can run but you can’t hide! Darryl Issa is after Holder and the Obama DOJ and THEY are running, LOL!

  4. “…I don’t necessarily support Stapley…”

    “…Thomas went rogue and well beyond the scope of his office…”

    ………..these messages brought to you by the New Times – where crackheads, illegal aliens, dirty socks, and child prostitution rule. Gutterology – catch it!

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