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Response to Bob Worsley’s inaccurate comments about ALRA

Whether he did so intentionally or simply spoke out of ignorance of the prevalence of politically conservative Latinos, Bob Worsley made a serious miscalculation. He has mischaracterized the Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) as having been formed for the sole purpose of endorsing Russell Pearce. He likened the decade old conservative grass roots efforts of ALRA together with another unrelated organization. He insulted all of Arizona’s conservative Latinos by suggesting that no Latinos would legitimately endorse Russell Pearce. ALRA will not be drawn into interpreting the motivations behind Worsley’s messaging regarding any other organizations. However, the offensive comments he made this morning on KFYI merit a response that will set the record straight about ALRA.

Here are some facts that accurately describe the history, purpose and success that is the Arizona Latino Republican Association:

  • ALRA has been in existence for over 10 years as the only voice of Arizona’s conservative Latinos
  • We are the only statewide Latino organization capable of articulately communicating with voters and media in both in English and Spanish
  • Our membership includes Republican Precinct Committeemen, Tea Party Patriots and a number of elected Republican officials
  • 14% (4 out of 29) of the Arizona delegates that will be seated at the 2012 Republican National Convention are current ALRA members
  • ALRA has achieved unprecedented growth and established a chapter of conservative Latinos in the City of Tucson. We are also currently in the process of expanding to other cities and states alike
  • Most importantly, ALRA endorsed Russell Pearce for Senate in LD 25 because he is the only candidate who consistently advocates the rule of law and who also enjoys a proven record of conservative leadership

It is unfortunate that Mr. Worsley either failed to investigate these facts for himself or purposely ignored them before he maligned our efforts as well as the significance of Arizona’s conservative Latinos. It is also unfortunate that Barry Markson/KFYI did not challenge or even question any of those offensive suppositions. Any inquiries regarding the nature, mission and significance of ALRA can easily be answered by going to our website- We invite both Mr. Worsley and KFYI to do their homework and review our website before making any more inaccurate or offensive statements regarding ALRA or the conservative Latinos we represent.

Reymundo Jiménez Torres
President, Arizona Latino Republican Association

Which Republican do you support for U.S. Senate?

Andrew Thomas on The Problem: The Rise of a Ruling Class

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Judges in Arizona are out of control; shutting down criminal investigations and blocking prosecutions of themselves and fellow judges

Judges have chilled Arizona prosecutors from enforcing corruption and immigration laws

by Andrew Thomas
We must be honest about the nature and scope of the problem we face in our court system.  The recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings in the SB 1070 and Obamacare cases were a stunning reminder of how badly things have gone.  I helped write SB 1070.  We lost this case, period.  As proof, consider the fact that since this decision was handed down, nothing has changed in Arizona.  Nothing has changed, that is, except for new lawsuits being filed to block the one provision the Supreme Court did uphold (the “papers” provision) and which is not being enforced.
Decades of trying to reform the courts by picking good judges is now a clearly failed strategy.  Simply appointing “strict constructionist” judges to the federal courts will not work.  At a critical time, the other side always finds a way to pick off a Republican-appointed justice or judge to win the day.  Whether it’s John Roberts or some other justice, the other side always manages to pull this off and prevail on the decisions that matter most.  There is simply too much institutional, professional and cultural pressure pulling judges to the left.  That will not change.
For that matter, the modest notion that judges should follow the original intent of the Framers in interpreting the Constitution has become a quaint aspiration from a by-gone era.
It’s now clear that the system itself must be reformed.  Otherwise, we must be honest enough to admit we really don’t care if we win or lose on the key issues.  The other side will just file lawsuits or otherwise misuse the legal system to overturn our victories at the critical juncture.
The essential problem is the power which judges have gained over time.  Unelected judges have amassed absolute power over our government and society.  They decide every government policy.  They throw out our laws and invalidate our elections and initiatives if they don’t like them.  Consider, for example, the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision not to overturn the lower court ruling that tossed our voter ID requirements, approved by Arizonans in 2004.
They can invalidate all of your hard work with a single court decision gutting a new law or initiative.  That’s why the other side files a lawsuit right after we win something.
In Arizona, the situation is even worse.  We’ve seen unelected judges create special rights for themselves.  These are rights that no other American citizens enjoy.  This is in keeping with the line from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “Some are more equal than others.”
Judges in Arizona have acted to shut down criminal investigations and block prosecutions of themselves or fellow judges, retaliate against whistleblowers who expose judicial wrongdoing, target critics of the judiciary and confiscate their property, and set up large payouts of taxpayer money to judges and friends of the judiciary.
To accomplish these ends, they have been willing to destroy our system of justice.  For example, they have chilled Arizona prosecutors from enforcing our corruption and immigration laws.  The lack of corruption and immigration cases shows that prosecutors simply are not willing to risk show trials and disbarment by trying to enforce these laws.
Unelected judges are no longer just deciding every government policy regardless of the will of the people.  They have emerged as a ruling class.  They are acting as a bloc to assert and protect their own interests and rights above those of everyone else.
We fought the American Revolution to prevent such abuses of power.  There are no kings or queens in this country.  There are no special classes of people with greater rights than others-or so our Constitution says.  Thomas Jefferson warned us to be vigilant against judges trying to accumulate such absolute power.  He feared unelected judges would become “oligarchs” ruling over us.  This now has happened.
Because of these trends, it is not an overstatement, but a basic political fact, that our right to self-government is in great jeopardy.
The Solution:  Make Them Accountable
I’ve urged voters in the past to support Proposition 115.  This measure is on the November ballot.  I still recommend this as a small step in the right direction.
However, to remedy fully this situation, the following are the steps I’ve been urging-steps which, I’m gratified to say, citizens and audiences have been embracing:
1.     Elect all state judges.
2.     Impeach the bad ones.  The legislature needs to do its job here.
3.     Disband the state bar.  Replace it with a neutral regulatory agency similar to those that regulate doctors, cosmetologists, and other professions.
4.     Impose term limits for federal judges.
5.     Urge Congress to use its authority under Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution to withdraw jurisdiction from the federal courts over select matters.  This should be done in those areas where judges have repeatedly abused their powers and ignored the Constitution and will of the people.
This Year’s Elections and the Future
What can be done immediately?  We have, of course, the looming 2012 elections, with their obvious enormous consequences.  This year’s races are particularly historic given all that’s at stake.  I believe the presidential contest will be close.
Many good local candidates are on the ballot as well.  I would ask you to reward, with your votes, those candidates who have shown the courage to advocate and push through tough reforms of the sort I’ve mentioned.  Just voicing the same old conservative clichés is no longer good enough.  The crisis is too great, the threat to our liberty too severe.  True courage is extremely rare in politics.  We should reward those candidates who demonstrate it.
I will continue to stay in touch and spread the word about the need for reform in speeches, media appearances, etc.  Thanks for all the other suggestions about what must be done; I am considering what else requires action and will get back on this.  We must stand up for the rights that so many fought and died to preserve.  The Republican district chairman who urged me to try to organize this “resistance” to judicial tyranny was wise and his suggestion is well taken.  Thank you for it-you know who you are.
I want to thank you for your interest in what I’ve come to believe is the central fight of our time.  If we cannot rein in unelected judges, we will cease to be a free nation.  In many ways, we already have.  We cannot let this stand.

Jerry Weiers — Friend of Special Interests, Enemy of Glendale Taxpayers

Note to Readers:  This post is a repost and being reposted without any knowledge or approval by Shane.  This post was originally posted a few days ago but removed after Jerry’s campaign complained to their friends on 24th Street.  Seems certain Party leadership doesn’t believe in free speech anymore. They seem to believe it is ok to attack Republicans on this or another blog run by a certain county party chair as long as the posts don’t attack their sacred cows.

Jerry Weiers, a candidate for Glendale’s mayor, tries to hold himself out as a conservative.  But after reviewing his positions and legislative history, he is misleading the voters.  In reality, Jerry is a friend of special interests and an enemy of Glendale’s taxpayers.

Jerry claims to support lower taxes but vehemently opposes Glendale’s initiative to reverse the recently passed sales tax increase.  With this 0.7% tax increase, Glendale has the highest sales tax (10.2% on retail purchases; 11.2% on restaurants and bars) of any large city in the County.  Glendale currently has the third highest sales tax rate of the 107 largest cities in the country and became #1 with this increase.  Wouldn’t someone claiming to oppose tax increases be aghast and oppose this increase?

NOT Special Interest Jerry.  This $23 million sales tax increase will go towards paying Glendale’s $30+ million dollar a year subsidy to a special interest, the Phoenix Coyotes.  So Jerry thinks it’s OK for Glendale’s citizens to pay the highest sale tax in the county to subsidize professional hockey.  True fiscally conservatives oppose the sales tax increase that is being used to subsidize a pro hockey team.

While supporting a tax increase affecting Glendale’s citizenry and small businesses, Jerry does support an exception of the sales tax increase applying to two millionaire new car dealers in Glendale, one of whom doesn’t even want the special tax break.  Jerry thinks it is fine to give tax breaks to two millionaire new car dealers while raising taxes on groceries bought by Glendale taxpayers.   That’s Special Interest Jerry for you!!

But these positions by Jerry should not come as a surprise to anyone who followed his legislative career.  Overall, Jerry’s legislative career is unsurprisingly unaccomplished.  Jerry’s biggest accomplishment in his eight years at the Capital is his constant and persistent shakedowns of lobbyists and others at the Capital for money for the special interests he supports.  His constant shakedown of lobbyists became so blatant and offensive that another Republican state legislator introduced a bill last session to stop Jerry’s shakedowns.

Jerry claims to be a fiscal conservative – also a lie.  Jerry was recently graded as “Needs Improvement” by Americans for Prosperity, a leading fiscally conservative taxpayer’s group.

The proclivity of this current city council to give millions of taxpayer money to special interests has taken Glendaleto the brink of bankruptcy.  Does Glendale really want a new Mayor who will continue those policies that have made Glendalethe worst run city in Arizona?  Does Glendale really need another mayor who cares more about special interests than Glendale’s taxpayers and citizens?   Glendale needs a truly fiscally conservative mayor – and that’s not Jerry Weiers.



Fake Republican Jeff Schapira was registered as Democrat until 2010; signs stolen

Jeff Schapira, fake Republican

Jeff Schapira, fake Republican

by Rachel Alexander

There are three candidates running for Desert Ridge Justice of the Peace; Bill Ponath, Clancy Jayne, and Jeff Scapira. All three are running as Republicans. Only one is a conservative Republican, Bill Ponath. Incumbent Clancy Jayne voted for former Governor Napolitano’s big-spending budgets when he was in the legislature and had one of the worst records as a Republican, scoring 49% from Americans Prosperity. He signed Americans for Tax Reform’s pledge not to raise taxes then turned around and immediately voted for a new tax on satellite dish owners. He has received three judicial reprimands as judge.

Jeffrey Schapira is even more liberal. Up until 2010 he was a registered Democrat. He obviously switched his voter registration to Republican in order to run in the heavily Republican-leaning Desert Ridge precinct. The only candidates he has ever contributed to are liberal Democrats. He is the uncle of David Schapira, the liberal Democrat state legislator. He contributed $1000 to liberal Democrat Jack Jackson, Jr., who David Schapira was campaign chair for.

Worst of all, it appears that Schapira and/or his campaign team are stealing signs from Bill Ponath, a criminal misdemeanor. I put up 20 signs for Bill Ponath last week. Within a couple of days they were all torn down and/or defaced. Coincidentally, not a single Schapira sign had been removed. What does that tell you about the character of someone like Schapira, a man who wants to become a judge?

It would be appalling if this fake Republican were to sneak into elected office by dishonest and illegal behavior. Please spread the word. Vote for the true conservative in the race, Bill Ponath. Unlike the others, Bill has written a book, Verdict for America, which lays out his conservative views. Unlike Jayne, Bill has a law degree and has practiced law for over 30 years. Unlike Schapira, Bill is still practicing law and has also practiced as a judge pro tem in the Justice Courts. Find out more about Bill at

Rachel Alexander is the editor of and a weekly contributor to