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Bossie: “Quayle Campaign Statement Desperate Attempt By A Desperate Campaign To Change The Narrative”

David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United, and Fritz Wenzel, President of Wenzel Strategies, made the following statements in response to the Ben Quayle campaign’s desperate vitriolic statement against a poll commissioned by Citizens United Political Victory Fund that showed Quayle down 13 points to David Schweikert:

“The Quayle statement released last night was a desperate attempt by a desperate campaign to change the narrative. The fact is Quayle is losing big. It is always a telltale sign that an establishment campaign is floundering when they attack polls and use over-the-top language like ‘liar’ in a statement. You would expect these kinds of desperate tactics from the Obama campaign – but not from a Republican in a GOP primary. Ben Quayle is on his last legs in a losing campaign.”

— David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United

“It’s not surprising when candidates who perform poorly in public opinion surveys attack those surveys, so while we at Wenzel Strategies are disappointed with the harsh language of the Quayle congressional campaign, we are not surprised. The Quayle campaign joins a growing list of candidates who have disparaged our work and who have gone down in flames, including out-going U.S. Senator Richard Lugar from Indiana. We don’t predict election outcomes. We simply measure public opinion at a given period of time, but this latest survey in Arizona shows Quayle is clearly losing the race to hold onto a seat in Congress.”

— Fritz Wenzel, President of Wenzel Strategies

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Jeff Flake Endorsed for U.S. Senate by the Casa Grande Dispatch

Jeff Flake

Flake is “best-suited candidate to help steer the national economy out of troubled waters” 

PHOENIX – Jeff Flake has received the endorsement of Pinal County’s largest newspaper, the Casa Grande Dispatch, in the Republican primary election for United States Senate.

In an editorial announcing its endorsement, the Dispatch said: “Flake has been tough on border security and vehemently has opposed earmarks, standing firmly against wasteful spending in an era when that must be addressed. He is the best-suited candidate to help steer the national economy out of troubled waters. The Dispatch endorses Jeff Flake in the Republican primary.”

The Dispatch’s endorsement adds to the growing list of Arizona endorsements for Jeff Flake, including Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Coolidge Mayor Tom Shope, the Chandler and Lake Havasu Area Chambers of Commerce, and hundreds of local elected and community leaders throughout Arizona. The entire list can be found here:

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at



Will Congressman Jeff Flake Continue Relying on Special Interest Dollars?

Phoenix, Arizona – 106 days ago, Wil Cardon asked Congressman Jeff Flake to join him in pledging to put Arizona first.  He’s asking that both candidates work to keep this Senate race fair, balanced and without interference from Super PAC’s or third party groups. 

So far… NOTHING.

On June 4th, we learned that the DC special interest group, The Club for Growth, has spent and bundled more than $1 million dollars to help the Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate Campaign.

Enough is enough. 

Wil Cardon is calling again on Congressman Flake to stop relying on special interest dollars and sign the Arizona First Pledge.

Arizonans are asking why   

Congressman Flake hasn’t signed the Arizona First Pledge.

(Click Here to Read the Arizona First Pledge)


Congressman Gosar Joins Colorado in Condemning Senseless Violence and Standing with Aurora

Washington, D.C.—Today, U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) released the following statement after joining the entire Colorado delegation in supporting and adopting Rep. Ed Perlmutter’s (D-CO) concurrent resolution, H. Con. Res. 134, to condemn the atrocious shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado.

“The sadness touching the Aurora community stretches across the nation, yet we stand together in condemning this senseless act of violence,” said Congressman Gosar. “The victims and families impacted by the theater tragedy remain in my thoughts and prayers. The first responders, nurses and doctors who saved lives deserve our greatest thanks. To the community of Aurora, the nation stands behind you in coping and recovering. May justice be served, and may those who lost their lives always be remembered.”

The concurrent resolution condemns the heinous movie theater atrocity, thanks the first responders and other officials who offered their support to save lives, and honors the victims and the resilient community impacted by the tragedy.


Schweikert In Solid Lead Over Quayle In Arizona’s 6th Congressional District Primary According To CUPVF Poll

Citizens United Political Victory Fund (CUPVF), the affiliated PAC of Citizens United, released a poll today conducted by Wenzel Strategies showing Congressman David Schweikert ahead of Congressman Ben Quayle in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District primary. The poll was conducted via telephone survey of likely Republican primary voters from July 24-25, included 794 respondents, and has a 3.45% margin of error. Toplines of poll click here. Polling memo click here.

Poll Results by Wenzel Strategies:

Ballot Test

  • Schweikert – 47.1%
  • Quayle – 33.9%
  • Not sure – 19.0%

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Arizona Tea Party Patriot Affiliates Gearing Up for State and National Elections

July 25, 2012- (Arizona)– Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association, the state’s largest Tea Party network, comprised of approximately 80 National Tea Party Patriots, Inc., affiliated chapters, and over 6,000 activists state-wide, are actively engaged and preparing for both the 2012 Arizona state-wide elections and upcoming Presidential elections. Activists are currently engaged in volunteering for various State Legislative campaigns, Congressional campaigns, U.S. Senatorial campaigns and the current City of Glendale, AZ elections, a crucial city election plagued with over $ 1 billion and growing city debt, and controversy over the 3 year, owner-less Phoenix Coyote hockey team which continues to add $ multi-millions each year to the cities’ growing debt problems.

Pam Stevenson, founder of the state’s very first and largest Tea Party, the East Valley Tea Party, and organizer of the first state-wide, Arizona Tea Parties rallies in April and July of 2009, stated, “ These were the first two large-scale rallies which gained state and national attention and brought in over 2,000 + participants at each event. We then founded the state’s very first large-scale Tea Party (East Valley Tea Party) in which we held regular weekly meetings to discuss state and national political events, issues, studying the U.S. Constitution, inviting state and national political leaders, political experts and book authors as guest speakers. We were in the infancy stages of the Arizona Tea Party Movement, with no rule books, organizational guidelines to follow other that promoting and focusing on the non-partisan foundational principles of the National Tea Party Movement: 1. Protection of Free Market societies, 2. Constitutionally limited governments, and 3. Government fiscal responsibility. The East Valley Tea Party grew so quickly and large, we were maintaining a membership roster of over 1,500 activists.”

One year later, in April 2010, Mrs. Stevenson was recruited by the National Tea Party Patriots, Inc. organization to be their National organization’s first State Coordinator for Arizona, and the East Valley Tea Party, then branched off into 7 individual Tea Parties in various cities in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan areas in the East Valley. These Tea Parties became the first Arizona Tea Parties to officially become affiliate members of the National Tea Party Patriots, Inc., founded by National coordinators Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin, one of Time Magazines’ most influential people of 2010. During Mrs. Stevenson’s tenure, 40 Arizona Tea Party organizations became affiliates of Tea Party Patriots, Inc. ( ).

Flying under the state radar, Annette McHugh, founder of the Glendale Tea Party Patriots in May of 2010, and Arizona then-member of the National Tea Party Federation, led member activists in the Glendale Tea Party, which engaged in tackling controversial Glendale city government issues, in addition to volunteering for many high-profile state political campaigns and worked with other West Valley Tea Party leaders in founding one of the first of 4 state Tea Party coalitions, the West Valley Tea Party Coalition. It was during this time; Mrs. Stevenson invited the Glendale Tea Party to become a member affiliate of the state-wide, Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association ( ) and National Tea Party Patriots, Inc. Less than one year of becoming active in the Arizona Tea Party Movement, Mrs. McHugh accepted the appointment to be the 2nd Arizona State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc., in April, 2011. During her tenure, 40 more Tea Party and 912 Project groups were added as affiliate members of Tea Party Patriots, Inc., bringing the total now to 80 + Tea Party Patriot, Inc. affiliated groups.

Mrs. McHugh stated, “Like many concerned citizens nation-wide, I began to pay attention to what was happening in our local, state and National governments. I was never involved, nor cared to be involved in politics. What I found inspirational in the Tea Party Movement was that everyone had the same concerns about our nation’s future, and were all very concerned about the growing national debt which our children and future generations would be burdened with. Our political leaders had failed us, we blindly trusted them. I felt betrayed and outraged by all of them. I saw ‘hope’ in what the Tea Party Movement was doing and wanted to be a part of it and help. No political background, and quite frankly had an aversion to politics, I simply jumped in, taking as many training and leadership classes, attending leadership conferences with Tea Party Patriots, Inc., as fast as they offered them. I learned quickly, pounding on many doors in the summer of 2010 for many candidates in over 100 degree Arizona temperatures. The 2010 elections were coming in November, and we all worked hard, not thinking or anticipating what the outcome of our efforts would be. To my own astonishment, and our entire nation, the Arizona Tea Party Movement and National Tea Party Movement saw the fruits of our labor in electing the largest Congressional freshman delegation to Washington, D.C. in our nation’s history. Grassroots citizens, working together made history! We never stopped working, and were even more inspired, now more politically educated, seasoned, and well-organized in communications; we’ve doubled the number of activists and Tea Party groups since 2010. We continue to focus on studying the U.S. Constitution, engaging weekly in meetings to discuss and debate political issues, we keep in constant communication with our elected leaders both on the local, state, and national level. Many of our activists now are running for and won local and state elections. We’re no longer as visible on the outside with continual rallies; we’re now working on the inside, infiltrating, volunteering for, and running for elections from district school boards, city councils, state legislators, Congressmen and U.S. Senatorial seats. 2010 election results were a ‘test drive’, now we’re now well-trained, organized, seasoned and determined to take over the conservative majority in the U.S. Senate and Presidential elections and sending more reinforcements to Congress in November of this year. Arizona Tea Party Patriot groups have doubled and memberships have grown tremendously since 2010. It became increasingly necessary to bring in reinforcements at the state level. Joanne Daley, activist and founder of the Cochise County 912 Project Tea Party Patriots and Southern Arizona Tea Party Coalition, was appointed Arizona Southern Region State Co-Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc. in March, 2012. Joy Stavely, from the Flagstaff Tea Party Patriots and member activist of the Northern Arizona Tea Party Coalition, was appointed as Arizona Northern Region Co-Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc. My personal goals were accomplished. In the Tea Party Movement, it’s so crucial that newer, passionate activists with fresher ideas and even higher goals always be given the opportunity to keep Arizona Tea Party Patriot affiliated activists and leaders encouraged, ensure they are provided tools, resources, training, and information to remain in constant communications, and working together.”

Arizona activist, Mr. Courtney Snell, founder of the Mesa Mountain View Tea Party Patriots has officially accepted the position of Chairman, Arizona Tea Party Patriots Association, and has stepped up to take the helm as lead Arizona State Coordinator for Tea Party Patriots, Inc., effective July 30th, 2012. Mr. Snell and his amazing team will be working diligently with Arizona Tea Party Patriot activists and leaders to ensure state and national successes in the November 2012 elections.

Mrs. McHugh concludes: “I’m humbled to have worked with so many inspiring, passionate, highly educated, and phenomenal Arizona Tea Party Patriot activists, now which are #1 in the nation with the most active engaged, Tea Party Patriot, Inc. affiliated groups. WE LEFT OUT THE ‘I’ IN TEAM!!

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Mesa Chamber of Commerce Endorses Salmon

Becomes 3rd East Valley Business Group to back former Congressman

EAST VALLEY – Matt Salmon, former Congressman and candidate for Arizona’s 5th congressional district, today received the endorsement from the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, one of the premier business advocacy groups in Arizona. The Chamber’s Business Advocacy Council recommended Salmon over his opponent based on a detailed questionnaire, candidate interview, and the support of at least two-thirds of the council members. The Mesa Chamber of Commerce joins other East Valley business organizations such as the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Alliance in endorsing Salmon’s candidacy for Congress.

Otto Shill, Chairman of the Mesa Chamber Board of Directors and shareholder at the Jackson White law firm located in Mesa, stated, “We are excited to support a proven leader like Matt Salmon for Congress. Matt’s public service record has consistently demonstrated that he understands what businesses need to succeed and thrive, and we feel confident he will fight for those needs in Congress once again. We are looking forward to working with Matt to continue improving the business climate in Mesa and throughout the East Valley.”

“I am honored to receive the support of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce,” stated former Congressman Salmon. “As Arizona’s third largest city, Mesa serves as a major hub for economic activity and many of our state’s largest employers reside in Mesa. I am humbled that so many business organizations have backed my campaign to return to Congress, and I look forward to working with all of them to advance pro-business policies that will bring growth and prosperity to every East Valley business.”

About the Mesa Chamber of Commerce
For one hundred years, the Mesa Chamber has been the leading voice and strong advocate of the over 15,000 businesses in the city of Mesa, Arizona. Its mission is to maintain and strengthen a prosperous business climate in Mesa and to enhance the quality of life in the community. A member-supported civic organization, the Mesa Chamber is an influential leader in the development of Mesa — currently the 38th largest city in the United States.

About Matt Salmon
Matt Salmon was first elected to the United States Congress in 1994 and served until 2000, honoring his term limit pledge. A proud conservative, Salmon was rated in the top five among all 535 members of the House and Senate by Citizen’s Against Government Waste for all six years he was in office. He is a lifetime member of the NRA with an A+ rating and also earned a 100% rating by the National Right to Life. He was also the proud recipient of the American Cancer Society’s “Top National Elected Official” award.

Matt Salmon has received endorsements from Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona Congressmen Trent Franks and David Schweikert, former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mayors Scott Smith (Mesa), Jay Tibshraeny (Chandler), Hugh Hallman (Tempe), John Insalaco (Apache Junction) and Gail Barney (Queen Creek), fourteen (14) Arizona state senators and fifteen (15) Arizona state representatives. Salmon has also been endorsed by South Dakota Senator John Thune, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, Utah Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-49), and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.


#AZ09 Travis Grantham: Stop the Democrat’s Tax Addiction

Tempe – Travis Grantham, candidate for Congress in Arizona’s 9th Congressional District released the following statement today regarding the passage of the Democrat’s tax bill in the United States Senate.

“Yesterday the Senate passed the Democrat’s bill to extend the Bush Tax cuts. I am glad they did. However, they refused to extend the tax cuts for those making over $200,000 dollars per year. They should no longer be called the “Bush Tax Cuts” but rather the “Obama Tax Increases.” Due to the fact that the Obama administration has defined wealthy as being anyone who makes over $200,000 dollars annually, millions of Americans will actually see their taxes increase next year including small business owners. Increasing taxes, especially during the economic situation America is in, is not the answer to getting our economy running again. Whether it’s for the poor, middle class or rich, Americans need to be able to keep the money they earn and businesses that make over the $200,000 dollars per year should not be economically hindered from hiring employees due to tax increases.”

“It’s an election year and the Democrats continue to play politics when it comes to taxes. The fire that will ignite economic growth in America is not by separating taxes by class but rather ensuring all Americans can keep more of what they earn and that businesses can create jobs. It’s time for Washington D.C. to put politics aside and stop the class division. As a United States Congressman, I will do what is in the best interest of all Americans and not use tax policy as a political tool.”


Travis Grantham is a Conservative Republican candidate for Arizona’s Ninth Congressional District. He serves as the Chief Operations Officer at International Air Response based at the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport. He is also a Captain and Pilot in the Arizona Air National Guard’s 161st Air Refueling Wing based out of Sky Harbor International Airport. Travis and his wife Patricia have two daughters.

Steve Chucri Releases Campaign TV Commercial

MARICOPA COUNTY – Today, the Steve Chucri campaign has released its first TV commercial, which is entitled “People Before Politics.”

In the clip, Steve gives background information on himself and pledges to “always put people, before politics.” This promise is an important one as the county has been mired with infighting and has often times not put the citizens of Maricopa County ahead of political squabbles.

Steve Chucri is endorsed by: Governor Jan Brewer, County Attorney Bill Montgomery, U. S. Senator Jon Kyl, Congressman Jeff Flake, Congressman Ben Quayle, Congressman David Schweikert, Congressman Paul Gosar, Congressman Trent Franks, State Senate President Steve Pierce, Speaker of the House Andy Tobin, State Treasurer Doug Ducey, Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek, Gilbert Mayor John Lewis, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny, and Paradise Valley Mayor Scott LeMarr.

Chucri has served as the President & CEO of the Arizona Restaurant Association (ARA) since 2002. Under his leadership and tireless work ethic, the ARA and restaurant industry has enjoyed a substantial growth in sales in what will amount to a ten billion dollar industry in Arizona this year alone.

As President and CEO of the ARA, Chucri represents business owners and sees firsthand how the actions of local, state, and federal governments can positively or negatively impact restaurants and other small businesses in Arizona. Chucri’s experiences as a businessman, husband, and father have given him invaluable insight into the needs of his community and ensure that, as County Supervisor, he will always put people before politics.


Poll: David Schweikert Leads Ben Quayle by Double-Digits in AZ06

First indication of how the race for Arizona’s 6th congressional district is forming.

The Hill has the story…

Rep. David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) has a 13-point lead over Rep. Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.) in their member-vs.-member primary, according to a poll commissioned by Citizens United, a group backing Schweikert in the race.

Schweikert leads Quayle with 47 to 34 percent, according to the poll. The two will face off on Aug. 28.

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And, Roll Call also provides the following report:

Rep. David Schweikert led fellow Republican Rep. Ben Quayle by 16 percentage points in a recent Schweikert campaign internal poll. 

The two Congressmen are engaged in a blockbuster Member-vs.-Member race for Arizona’s 6th district that has caught the attention of Arizona Republicans. According to the survey from this past Sunday, 49 percent of respondents supported Schweikert, while 33 percent said they intended to vote for Quayle.

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