CAP Survey: Ben Quayle not very socially conservative

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Center for Arizona Policy has released its candidate questionnaires, and BenQuayle stands out for not being very socially conservative. Unlike Quayle, other well-known conservative Congressional electeds and candidates all answered 100% on the questionnaire (with the exception of Indian gambling where some are divided)  – David Schweikert, Trent Franks, Matt Salmon, Kirk Adams, Vernon Parker, Travis Grantham, Wendy Rogers, Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, Ron Gould, Leah Campos Schandlbauer, even Martin Sepulveda (and you thought he wasn’t conservative). Quayle left the question blank that asked whether he opposed embryonic stem cell research, and added caveats to the question about whether he would ban abortion except to save the life of the mother. Quayle was also known not too long ago for refusing to take a stand on the issue of gay marriage.David Schweikert, on the other hand, has always solidly been pro-life, even though his district which includes Tempe is not very pro-life. He has never “qualified” himself on the issues or ducked questions about social issues.

This is not the first indication that Quayle is not the conservative he claims to be. Last month he reversed himself on the issue of amnesty. First he said he supported a Dream Act kind of amnesty on Channel 12, watch the interview here. A day later he reversed himself, saying he doesn’t support Obama’s plan.

If you are conservative, would you trust him?

The Center for Arizona’s Voter Guide can be found here.

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  1. AnObservation says:

    The man has no history has a conservative prior to 2010 as a conservative so this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  2. Ben Quayle said he wouldn’t go negative in this race, but he just launched massive campaign mailers attacking David Schweikert. You can’t trust his word on anything!

  3. LD 9 PC says:

    There is no way I could vote for Quayle, he is supported by McSlime. Anybody McJoke endorses you know is not Conservative, McLouse is trying hard to get David out of office, David is too conservative for McTraitor.

    In the next two years he will be trying to get Trent Franks out, beware all, lets hope he retires soon and stops interfering in our lives and stop trying to protect Muslims like the Wacky Weiners Wife.

    • And what wacky religion do you belong to? Trent Franks has gone off the deep end. He is finding Muslim Brotherhood members under every rock and behind every tree. Attacking people whose faith is different from your own is not a conservative principle. I am expecting Trent to go after the Mormons next…

      • The world of Conservatives unlike McJerk and his sycophants.

        • Fine. Let’s get rid of the mormons first. before replying , please read the book of Mormon, an Pearls of great Price, first. then you will understand why I will support amoslem over a Mormon, for public office, Then, look at Barack Hussein Obama, and realize that he is a Christian, according to the very narrow definition of a Christian according to the southern baptist convention, which also declares that Mormons are not Christians. Are you going to vote for the Christian, or to the devil worshipping Mormon! I am not saying that Mormons worship the devil, they just believe that christs brother is lucifer, and that god the father was a man on a star named Kolob.

          I am not going to vote for an idiot tht believes in that krap. The republicans ave yet again failed to field a reasonable candidate.

          I am taking donations to send MIT to kolb.. Send them to Sonoran Alliance / co MIT to Kolob project.

          • Poor Bill would rather be beheaded for his Christian faith then vote for a Christian. Everybody should take your post and repost it. Make us more determined to get the Muslim out the white House. Yes Yes I am calling BO a Muslim, he is no Christian. And you need to get your head on straight, I can not fault Mitt for his religion, I do not believe in Mormonism but then I do not have to, unlike Muslims who make both me and you subject to their beliefs.

  4. Trent Franks has been very disappointing this time around. I believed he was one of best only 4 years ago; but he dwells on conspiracy a little too often when he speaks before Republican Groups. He also endorses candidates whom he barely knows, including a few who have turned out to be bad guys thereby cheapening his backing of other candidates.

  5. Asterisk* says:

    LOL “prevent the life of the Mother?”

  6. So, Quayle isn’t a complete nutcase so-con?


  7. Conservative American says:

    Both Quayle and Schweikert stake out pro-life positions on their campaign websites. Neither Quayle nor Schweikert even address marriage as an issue on their campaign websites.

    Given the fact that President Obama has come out in support of homosexual “marriage” and that Democrats are, for the most part, supportive of Obama’s position, how are voters to read the fact that neither Schweikert nor Quayle even address marriage as an issue on their campaign websites?

  8. wherewasi says:

    Well, Geez. WWBLD?

  9. I don’t know about CAP. I do know that Ben Quayle graduated a Jesuit High School, even though he is not a Catholic, and is man of faith with a good foundational faith based education that values life.

    I know that Ben Quayle came and took up the offer from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix’s schools to visit the Catholic school in his area – I am a member of the schoool advisory board and was there for the visit. Sadly, that other Congressional member he is running against, never took up the offer to come see what Catholic schools are doing in his area – and that other Congressional member is reportedly a member of a Catholic parish.

    Ben Quayle was at the National Cemetery on Memorial Day honoring Arizona’s veterans, then a few hours later, spoke at an American Legion Post in his district, along with other officials, coming out to pledge his support for veterans. Some weeks before he was out in Fountain Hills at an American Legion dinner, honoring Legion leaders and pledging his support for them. The other Congressman just wasn’t around.

    Is that conservative?

    As a person of faith, I think Ben Quayle passes the litmus test.

    • Conservative American says:

      I hope, then, that you would encourage Congressman Quayle to add “Marriage” to the list of “Issues” addressed at his campaign website, that he might offer a clear and succinct statement of his most current positon on the issue.

    • Person of Faith says:

      Schweikert has been the key speaker at the Arizona Right to Life Fundraising dinner as well has attended the Right to Life Rally and spoken at them as well. Schweikert has taken a tour of St. Mary’s Foodbank to be able to help address their needs. He was his nephew’s Confirmation sponsor this year at his Catholic School/Church. He has been spotted with his wife praying at the adoration chapel at his Church on election nights. The other Congressman just wasn’t around.

      Is that conservative?

      As a person of faith, I think David Schweikert passes the litmus test.

  10. I am Catholic, I support David, I do not care if he goes to the Catholic schools to see what is happeneing. the Catholic Chruch has become the liberal haven for illeglas, and until they rid themselves of vatican 11 I will no longer attend myself.

  11. CD 5 to CD 6 says:

    John C. Altman,
    David was raised in a devout Catholic home and maintains a strong Catholic faith. He attends our Catholic Church as does his extended family and are all very involved. David was confirmed at this Parish as a teenager. He is a practicing Catholic who shares the Catholic Church’s pro-life and traditional marriage views. David’s nieces and nephew attend Catholic pre-school, elementary and High schools in the district. His sister is the President of the school board of the elementary school they attend and he is very plugged in to what the Catholic Schools are doing in the district.

    All you have to do is ask. David gives out his home phone number (he did so at the last debate). Unfortunately, people will sit and assume rather than call and ask.

    • Conservative American says:

      Like Congressman Quayle, Congressman Schweikert does not list “Marriage” as one of the “Issues” he speaks to on his campaign website.

  12. Oh I do know David and his wife Joyce, both have given me their cel n home numbers, but I will not use them. I do not believe in asking favors of these wonderful Conservatives.

  13. So far this debate seems to dwell on who is more Catholic. That would not sway my vote on any candidate running for office this year. I question whether or not stem cell research is the big issue on voter’s minds or even in the top 5. These issues have less impact when the economy is sinking into another recession, and there are not enough jobs for college graduates and returning soldiers. What does the Center of AZ Policy have to say about that?

  14. Fundamentally (pun intended), CAP is not a conservative organization. It is an organization that tries to get government to implement Evangelical Christianity as the law of the land. While that is considered social conservatism, it is not political conservatism. My impression is that CAP leadership would consider a Christian theocracy (perhaps elected by Christians) to be the ideal form of government so they could impose their religious views on everyone since they believe their theology is right and that everyone should live by it. CAP had demonstrated that it is happy to use the power of government to force people to bend to its views rather than to change behavior by persuasion and just setting a good moral example. I am not referring to regulating abortions since there are legitimate concerns about the life of the unborn child which makes aborting a baby more than a simple, private decision.

    CAP does a great job promoting family values and school choice. It promotes Christianity in government, but does not promote religious freedom in general. This has sometimes caused it to overreach as in the first One Man, One Woman Marriage amendment that was the only such vote to lose in the entire country. The next version was narrower and more focused; that one passed. Another example is when CAP tried to close down strip bars in Scottsdale and failed. It wasn’t because most people like strip clubs; it’s because most people don’t want the government getting involved in private matters where there is mutual consent (regardless of how morally improper the activity is). Would CAP promote alcohol prohibition and blue laws (laws restricting the operation of commercial establishments on Sunday) if it had the opportunity? I think it would. While I don’t approve of being drunk or shopping on the Sabbath, as a political conservative, I would let people make their own decisions regarding this although I would try to encourage alternative activities. A social conservative, if given the authority, would use government force instead of just moral persuasion.

    I think CAP performs a valuable service in identifying issues that are important and candidates who have positions that are generally good for our state and country. Candidates who don’t respond to their survey mark themselves as politicians I would likely not vote for. However, I consider that CAP is “socially conservative” rather than politically conservative when I review their information about candidates and office holders.

    Given their overall views and actions in public office, I think both CD-6 Republican nominees are conservative. I think David Schweikert is a more conservative than Quayle. David also has more experience in politics and a longer track record of being a solid conservative. In my opinion, this makes David Schweikert the better person to represent us in Congress.

    Also, David Schweikert didn’t move to be in another district like Quayle did. Quayle created two expensive, unnecessary primary fights for Republicans: CD-6 and CD-9. If he had run in CD-9 which he was redistricted into, he would have had almost all the money he is causing to be wasted in these primary contests available to help him win the general election in CD-9. As an incumbent, he would have had an advantage in CD-9 that the Republican candidates currently running do not have. Quayle likely threw away a Republican seat in the US House of Representatives because he thought his chances of beating Schweikert in a primary in CD-6 were better than beating Synema in CD-9. For this reason alone, conservatives should support Schweikert.

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