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ICYMI: Jon Kyl Discusses President Obama’s Push to Raise Taxes on Americans Business Owners

John Fillmore on Sign Thefts: Dirty Shameful Campaign Tactics

EAST VALLEY – Current State Rep and candidate for the State Senate in LD 16, John Fillmore, announced the filing of criminal charges against two unknown ladies caught red-handed and red-faced taking down his sign and replacing it with one of his opponents.

“I received a call around 11:00 AM, Wednesday from some supporters who stated they had came across the two people taking down the sign on the Apache Trail in East Mesa. They watched and filmed with their cell phones for about 5 minutes before confronting the ladies who at first claimed they owned the poles, then stammered that they were fixing it, and then finally tried to put the Fillmore sign back up and fled.”

They were supposedly putting up signs belonging to State Senator Rich Crandall. “Rich Crandall had tried to garnish pity and claimed his reason for fleeing his old district and carpet-bagging into LD16 was that he wanted to get himself and his family away from dirty politics, after he had undermined Senator Russell Pearce then found himself having to fairly compete against him because of the new district lines being drawn he has stated in previous newspaper stories. I guess the dirt was always his to begin with, and the fact that the ladies resemble and may actually be his family makes a mockery of truth and hypocrisy as there seems to be a very close resemblance to my opponents grown daughters as posted in pictures on his web site and the culprits in the picture,” Fillmore stated.

“It is unfortunate that if it is them, this is what my opponent must be teaching his children as he always speaks of himself as a moral and education focused kind of guy. I do not want to even begin to think of all of the hours I as a frail 62 year old have spent in this burning heat pounding those signs into the ground just to have someone with no scruples steal the signs, destroy them and use my poles. The culprits driving a red pick-up filled with his opponents signs are shown in many pictures taking Fillmore’s signs down, trampling it on the ground and putting up his opponents.

“While I do not know the identities of these people as of yet I am sure it will be easy for the police to locate them because of the many clear pictures of not only the thieves but the vehicle and license plates as well. Stealing or defacing of political signs is a class2 misdemeanor under Arizona law. The taking or defacing of signs is seen by many as a dirty shameful way of trying to undermine an opponent’s message. Rep Fillmore stated that he will just have to get more signs as many have been stolen along with the stakes.


Photos of alleged perpetrators

JP Candidate Bill Ponath Helping People with Foreclosures

Bill Ponath, the only conservative running for Justice of the Peace in the Desert Ridge precinct, helps people rescue their homes from foreclosure as a bankruptcy attorney. When someone files bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into place. Bill has helped countless people on the verge of foreclosure file bankruptcy sometimes within minutes of their house going up for sale at a foreclosure auction. Last week, Bill helped someone who had filed Chapter 13 save their home within minutes of the sale. He found out about the foreclosure at 9:30 am, just half an hour before the home was to go up for sale. Bill was able to work within bankruptcy rules to stop the sale by 10:00 am, giving the homeowner a month’s reprieve to try and work on getting a loan modification to save his home.

Bill said, “This is the best part of being an attorney, helping people save their homes and property. I like being on the side of the law that helps people. A lot of Arizonons have been hit really hard in this economy and don’t deserve to lose their homes.”
Bill has 28 years of experience practicing law; primarily in bankruptcy and family practices. He has been a pro tem judge for eight of the ten years since 2001 for the Maricopa County Justice Courts. He is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Verdict for America,” which contains solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems that are crucial in the presidential election. Bill was profiled in the Sonoran News in April: andagain in June:
Bill is running on a platform of reform for the judicial administration to avoid unnecessary, drawn out delays during criminal trials; simplification of eviction actions to ensure that both landlords’ and renters’ rights are protected; and uniformity of pleadings and procedures to enable the average citizen to understand what his/her rights and responsibilities are to each other and to the court. To get involved in the campaign and see what is happening, check out Bill’s website at
Paid for by William Ponath for Desert Ridge JP

A Question of Medical Ethics

Here’s a hypothetical situation I’d like our readers to discuss.

Let’s say a doctor is out with associates in a public place. His associates are all staff members of his practice.  One of the doctor’s staffers notices an individual who has a large growth on their arm. Although the individual is slightly bothered by the growth, they are not in any medical distress or emergency.

One of the staff members points out the individual’s arm to the doctor who then proceeds to approach the individual without any solicitation or request for advice from the individual.

The doctor examines the individual’s arm, assesses the condition and renders a medical diagnosis/opinion. The doctor announces the condition to members of his staff who then take a photo of the doctor examining the individual.

The staffer – who appears to be the marketing director for the practice – then takes the photo posts it on the internet, announces the diagnosis and identifies the individual’s association. The individual’s photo along with their diagnosis goes viral on the internet.

Is this a violation of any medical ethics or HIPAA regulations?

I will let the comments roll before I provide an update.


Now the update.

The situation above actually happened recently.

A photographer was taking video of Democrat and U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona along a parade route in Flagstaff. One of Carmona’s campaign staffers recognized the bump on the photographer’s leg and pointed it out to Dr. Carmona. The doctor approached the photographer and began to diagnose the bump as a hematoma. As he was making the diagnosis, one of the Carmona campaign staffers took a photo of the incident and posted it on the internet including the diagnosis and the photographer’s association. That photo and story went viral with the Carmona campaign further turning it into a publicity stunt. The photographer did not ask for medical advice. The photographer did not give permission to post his photo along with the medical diagnosis on the internet. The campaign staffer for Carmona who posted the photo was none other than the campaign spokesman, Andy Barr, the former communications director for the Arizona Democrat Party.

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