Martha McSally: On to CD-2!

To all my friends and supporters,

We have a lot of work to do. That’s the first thing to take away from Tuesday night. We saw just how good Ron Barber’s campaign team is at getting-out-the-vote.

I know many of you put a lot of time and effort into helping Jesse Kelly get elected, and we’re all disappointed in the result. But now we have to refocus our efforts once again and start preparing for November. The Republican voter-registration advantage that we had in CD8 disappears in the new CD2. We’re going to have an uphill battle, and I need your help.

I will be running for the new CD2, and it’s time to roll our team out on to the runway.

Saturday, June 16th @ 2:00PM will be our first campaign and volunteer organizational meeting. We’ll be meeting at our campaign HQ, 8060 E. 22nd St #140 (22nd & Pantano next to Jack Furrier’s Western Tire).

We need people who are willing to step up in a variety of key roles. We’ll also be assigning GOTV Captains in each individual precinct.

So, please, join me on Saturday, and let’s get back to work!

In Service,


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  1. Mike Weaver says:

    We all look forward to helping McSally just as much as she helped Jesse. I sometimes wonder if I had the ability to go back in time to 1982 knowning then, what I know about John McCain, what it would have been like to defeat him when he first ran for Congress. How much different would AZ and National politics be without McCain. How much would you give to be able to go back to 1982 to take John McCain out of the picture so he never would have gotten the chance to get to where he is now?

    Well here you go, now’s your chance. The next John McCain is running in CD2, a self absorbed careerist that will do what it takes, including undermining members of her own party to get ahead.

    I won’t vote for Barber, but I have no problem leaving that bubble blank.

    • nidangoju says:

      I’m with you Mike! We don’t need another snake in congress. There are plenty of them there as it is.

  2. Martha is a good GOP contender for this race where the registration dynamics change to Dem favored district. Run a female who was in a leadership role in Tucson (COL/Unit Commander of a Davis-Monthan AFB attack fighter squadron), who is educated. She is running opposite a white-haired, seemingly nice gentleman who will now hold the seat going into the race. As someone who lived in Tucson growing up in my school years, I think this is a good match up in what is really a big small town. Lest we forget, Tucson saw Ernie Garfield win in the 1960s for the Legislature, then win for State Treasurer. Kolbe came out of Southern Arizona. McSally needs to have the money to take on Barber – that will be the tough quest and if the NRCC is up for another seat fight.

    • Kolbe……
      Is that supposed to be a positive? His support alone would cost McSally votes.

    • Martha has shown what she is a snake. I will make sure in everything I do everybody will know what she and her aids did to jessie to hold a place for her for the November race. Jessie needs to get back in and defeat her. Shame on Martha, blame somone on her campaign, oh gee have we seen that before. Nasty John ran such a positive campaign agaisnt BO never even using his middle name but with JD he spent millions to defeat him tossing just enough money to Deakin to keep him in the race. Martha are you going to build the “Dang Fence”.

  3. Nordine Crub says:

    And I’m guessing Jesse Kelly will be enthudiasticly be supporting McSally!

  4. The statement that “all politics is local” has never been more true. Get back to basics. Energize the base. Register voters – Try this link- it’s fun! FInd out if you, your neighbors, your relatives are actually registered to vote! You will be amazed and who is not. We have got to win this round or the Republic of the United States of America will be toast!!!

  5. Last time I checked Martha, you need to get past the August primary. By then all the vetting will be completed and you will be swimming up stream w/o the help of liberal Congresswomen pulling the strings for you. Last time I check, your negatives are higher than the positives.

    Have fun!

    • AZ Voter says:

      @JW I’m not sure where you were looking but the stats I found for Martha were excellent. She is able to pull independent voters, veterans, women, conservatives, moderates, and even some Democrats over. Ms McSally has as much positive demographics as former Congresswoman Giffords. She far surpasses Jesse Kelly in a wider demographics. Without party funding and without name recognition she finished a strong second behind Jesse in the primary. This lady is going far and I hope you can join for the ride. I haven’t been thrilled in a candidate in years now.

  6. Mike Trotter says:

    Well it looks like the McSally camp was trying to undermine Kelly, very sad. Her quest for power at the expense of her own party and the country. Sad, truly sad. She had better fire this Sam Stone guy ASAP if she has any chance of repairing the damage.

    • I’m a Martha McSally supporter. I did vote for Jesse Kelly and would have supported Jesse if he had won this election. The incident with Sam Stone is sad. Fortunately that late in the election nothing he did hurt Jesse Kelly’s chances of winning. I would hope like I supported Jesse that you would support Martha when she runs against Ron Barber. Martha isn’t the enemy it’s Democrats. We need to work together to make sure this new AZ CD2 seat goes to a Republican.

  7. LEO IN TSN says:

    The ambitious and scheming Mrs. McMcSally betrayed the GOP in this recent election. The voters had spoken in the primary, but she couldn’t support US and the party. So she decided to throw the District to the dims so she could have another try at her personal, selfish ambition. She never gave a word nor a minute of support to Jesse Kelly, and now we know her forces worked for our defeat. If she didn’t support US, who does she support?

    PS: she is not a Tea Party candidate.

    Hopefully the voters of Baja AZ will not forget over the next several months.

    God bless America.

    • Sounds like John, does it not? Nasty to the core he is, nad talked Ben Quayle into running agaisnt David Schweikert a real conservative to get a yes man in the Congress. Support David all you CD 6 voters defeat McCain in the process.

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