Neither Laurie Roberts or Kathy Petsas Called the Arizona Republican Party

To say that I’m a little disappointed in Laurie Roberts or Kathy Petsas is an understatement.

Neither woman bothered to pick up the phone and call me or the Chairman.

As the spokesman for the Arizona Republican Party, I would have at least expected Ms. Roberts to call and ask a few simple questions about Kathy Petsas’ assertions before going to print, but she didn’t.

And Kathy Petsas never made any attempt to provide any constructive criticism to the State Party. Not surprisingly, I’ve never seen her come to the office to volunteer. Instead, Ms. Petsas ran off to Laurie Roberts and engaged her in a “bitch session.”

Frankly, I’m getting a little tired of people like Kathy Petsas and even some of the political consultants who don’t do a damn thing for their Republican Party. They prefer to stand off in the corner and whine, complain, backstab and do absolutely nothing constructive.

These are the people who cost the Republican Party elections – because they would rather criticize then construct, tear down instead of build up or stroke their egos at the expense of good people trying to make a difference.

I don’t give a damn who Kathy Petsas’ uncle was. At least he stepped up and tried to make a difference. That’s more than what Kathy Petsas is doing.

Many people will vouch for the fact that I make an effort to get along with everyone in this party. I don’t use the word “RINO.” I give my fellow Republicans the benefit of the doubt and I go out of my way to work with everyone. But my toleration of the backbiters is running out.

Fellow Republicans, we have elections to win this fall. We have an election to win tomorrow and if you don’t put your egos aside and get in the trenches, we’re going to lose. It’s as simple as that.

And I’ll be one of the first to put the blame on you because if you’re not going to be part of the solution, then you are the problem.


  1. Asterisk says:

    Hilarious! I heard the same thing from Tom Morrisey a few nights ago. Instead of admitting AZGOP dishonesty and incompetence, AZGOP staff dares stand and point fingers at grassroots Arizona Republicans. The same folks who drove from all corners of the state to participate in what turned out to be a fraudulent election.

    Voting At Large for National Delegates without knowing the results of CD caucus voting? That is the incompetence that will cost elections in November. Campaigning on actual ballots after suckering much of the state into attending a fund raiser dinner the night before? That is the dishonesty that will cost Primary elections in August. Which conservatives will AZ GOP consider second rate Republicans in the August Primaries?

    Shane, you are too close to the forest to see the trees. Put some honest and competent people at the helm of the AZ GOP…pronto!

    • CD 9 PC says:

      Asterisk, you sound like the loser of the vote to go to the convention. Yes Yes, the state has many problems, many becuase of the sneaky backstabbing five and you know who you are starting with Diane, Lisa and Linda. But there are so many out there who want their own little fifedon instead of putting forth any effort to help, go suck egs.

      • Veritas Vincit says:

        CD9 PC … most if not all of the “backstabbing five” have left the game and are no longer interested in the state party. Otherwise you are correct in your comments to “Asterisk” whom I doubt has been a Republican for much over a year or two now and has no institutional knowledge.

        Shane is correct: its time to stop the excuses and stop the infighting and suck it up, unify and work as one in turning back the Blue Tide that threatens Arizona.

  2. Pestas and Roberts got it wrong but, not for the reasons you think they did. People who built our ranks of constitutional conservative and Platform honoring PCs stood up at the state convention and urged the election of big government Republicans to National Delegate. Exactly the kind of representation Pestas and Roberts want. Hey Pestas and Roberts conservative leadership already sold out to have it your way. Why bother recruiting moderate PCs? Conservative leadership will hand you what you want whether you work for it or not.

    Formerly dependable conservatives campaigned against the very people they had been recruiting for four years.

    Pestas and Roberts – The State spoke on May 12. We already handed you what you are looking for.

    • Veritas Vincit says:

      We have it on the best of word that the State Chairman trusts totally the man who lost his bid for 3rd Vice Chairman and now is responsible for the AZGOTV.

  3. Mark,

    If a crime was committed, you need to support your allegation. In this country, the accused also gets to meet their accuser. I suggest you use your real name. The only friend you have had is in party leadership.

  4. @Shane question since when Laurie Roberts is required to call you to write a column? Or Kathy to give an opinion?

  5. @Barbara, I see you’ve also joined in the chorus against people trying to make a difference. I’m surprised Kathy Petsas and Laurie Roberts haven’t gone after you for incidents like this.

    • Wow. That is *incredibly* racist. The Marine who was calling in, he rightly seemed aghast and tried to steer the conversation away from race, but that was not the direction Barbara was going… And she sounded this -> <- close to calling Obama "the first monkey president".

      Just wow.

    • @shane we still have free speech and the right to disagree and if Laurie or Kathy would like to comment on anything I say that’s their right. I will not try to silence them or expect them to contact me before the voice their opinion.

    • “When it comes to talk radio both the left and right can, unfortunately, employ a little too much free speech. It is a medium for inspiration and robust debate, not gratuitous insult. I apologize to anyone that was offended by my comments. It was a poor joke off the cuff that deserves apology not example. I am a proud supporter of numerous african-american republicans that have run for office and will continue to do so.”

      Barbara Espinosa
      American Freedom by Barbara
      Hair on FIre Radio Show

      • Really? “I voted for the white guy”? Was that part of the joke? You not only said it, you made a point of coming back to it, apparently because you thought it was so funny. This is exactly the kind of ignorance that takes the focus off the issues and makes it about something completely irrelevant, in this case race. You did the president a lot more good than harm with your infantile attempt at humor and by your pitiful attempt at a non-apology. Not sure why you are on the air, hope you aren’t there much longer.

      • Scott Amundsen says:

        Apology NOT ACCEPTED. If “Free Speech” allows you to refer to the President of the United States as a “monkey,” then it also allows me to tell you that you are a disgusting racist old bag and setting your hair on fire might just be a good idea.”

        Stupid old bitch.

  6. @Klute Whatever I do I’m not ashamed to use my own name.

    • And I think we’ve hit on your problem Barbara… You’re apparently not ashamed of your racist beliefs, in fact, you wear them proudly, and you think that voicing them under your name is worthy of respect.

      You’re nothing more than JT Ready in a dress.

      As for my name (and boy, are you Caanafu-ma, and Veritas Vincit just obsessed with it)… The Klute = Bernard Schober, Bernard Schober = The Klute. Don’t confuse a stage name, used to help me stand out on a playbill, as anything more than that.

    • Veritas Vincit says:

      Barbara his real name is Bernie and, if you visit the Urban Dictionary and look up “Klute” you’ll learn of his fetish.

    • Lampoon says:

      Barbara, I heard your “I call him a monkey, I voted for the white guy” remarks.

      Have you no shame?

      People like you and Shane are why I left the AZ republican party.

      Disgusting behavior from someone that should know better Barbara.

  7. The comment was prompted by the google image cartoon that was sent to me.…0.0.YdCME7wRnYY
    With a last name of Espinosa I’m anything but racist. You are not on a playbill you are posting comments about a political article. Use a stage name for the stage and your given name every place else. I don’t agree Veritas on much but I agree on “The Klute”

    • OK, my first thought is that this is somehow a joke. And yet, I feel that you are actually being serious.

      “The comment was prompted by the google image cartoon that was sent to me.”

      So, because someone sent you a racist cartoon, it is therefore acceptable for you to continue to propagate the racist meme contained within said meme. Is that really your argument in defense of calling Obama the “first monkey president”?

      That is, to quote Xander Harris, insane troll logic.

      “With a last name of Espinosa I’m anything but racist.”

      So, you’re suggesting that because you have an ethnic last name, it somehow is some antibody against racism? I grew up in South Florida, and saw many ethnically European Cubans treat their ethnically African Cuban counterparts with same racist attitude that you’d find in Bull Conner’s police department. And to our south, the Memin comic books have addressed with the racist attitudes that some Mexicans have toward their brothers and sister of African descent (the “black angels” controversy being the most well known).

      So, sorry Barbara, no free pass.

      “You are not on a playbill you are posting comments about a political article.”

      “All the world’s a stage” – Bill Shakespeare

      “I don’t agree Veritas on much but I agree on ‘The Klute'”

      So, let me get this straight. You agree with ***”VERITAS VINCIT”*** that I, ***”THE KLUTE”***, shouldn’t use a psuedonym when posting here.

      Barbara, let me ask you a question: Are you chugging the Robitussin directly from the bottle, or do you pour it into a glass and let it breathe first?

    • Joseph P. says:

      Your link is just the results of a Google search for “Obama as a monkey.” What’s that supposed to prove? I guess this can only make sense to someone that thinks their last name immunizes them from racism charges.

    • vfeinstein says:

      LOL – I love when someone with racist “tendencies” claim that because they have an ethnic last name that they couldn’t POSSIBLY be racist … talk about a disingenuous statement!

      I will give you this, Ms. “Espinoza”, you are one racist cracker with a Hispanic last name … kudos … I bet your family is right proud of the disrespectful little turd you are.

    • AZ_Gopherit says:

      It’s pretty clear from the context of the audio that this is a post-comment prevarication. Anyone can be a racist, Barbara. It takes a really special snowflake to wave that racist flag over the radio. Good luck with sponsors.

    • You are a racist regardless of your name. That’s why it’s surprising that someone who is the target of discrimination thinks racist jokes against blacks are funny. Don’t you know that all the racist in this state hate you with your brown skin? Hell, even Gov. Sewer hates brown skin. You represent EVERYTHING that is wrong with Arizona. I’m embarrassed to say I’m from a state that is so racist and so anti-woman. (I bet you don’t qualify as female.)

    • Lonnie Giles says:

      You say “With a last name of Espinosa I’m anything but racist.” You’re about as non-racist as George Zimmerman! You Barbara are a real piece of crap!! And with comments like this and others throughout Obama’s presidency, Republicans have the nerve to say they just disagree with the President and their not racist. Yeah, good luck with sponsors.

    • humanbean says:

      You turn my stomach.

    • Harold Franklin says:

      Oh but let me retort first with a question. By what stretch of the imagination can you escape the designation of being racist purely because your name is Espinoza? As logic goes that is pretty close to being nonexistent! I agree with the poster above You turn the stomach of respectable people.

  8. Bad or good, Laurie Roberts has offered another opinion in today’s AZ Republic opinion page.

  9. StopNDAA says:

    Sure, Shane, you really make an effort to get along with the Ron Paul Republicans.

  10. Veritas Vincit says:

    Shane is correct on one point; Kathy Petsas has no credentials upon which to throw mud. But hey, it was the best Laurie could come up with. The article of Ms Roberts on DeKookification was both unprofessional and a complete waste of paper and ink. But then, Ms Roberts isn’t sustainable either.

  11. Point 1: Kathy Petsas has done N-O-T-H-I-N-G for the party. Period. Instead of offering to help or provide constructive criticism, she runs off to Laurie Roberts as her bull horn. Would have expected a lot more from a so-called “Republican activist.” Perhaps Kathy’s real problem is a lack of toleration or leadership doesn’t suit her type of Republican brand because of a few issue differences. I’ll let the inside Republicans who know her make that determination. Regardless, she has provided NO VALUE to the party.

    Point 2: Anyone can go to Urban Dictionary and read the definition of a “bitch session.” My use of the term has nothing to do with Kathy and Laurie’s gender. I could have referred to any number of male Republicans who also do the same. Definition: “A Bitch Session is where a bunch of friends gather and bitch about all the crap that should be elminated from the face of the Earth, i.e., Stupid people, events that sucked, wastes of time, etc. ad infinitum.”

    Point 3: I have really made an effort to work with every Republican in this party, take their criticism and correct problems so when people who express absolutely no interest in dialogue let alone trying to fix the problem start referring to those of us who are trying to make a difference and improve the GOP as “kooks,” I take it a little personally. We are in the heat of the 2012 elections so my message is either get with the program and get on board to win, or get out of the way. This country is in trouble and if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    Point 4: I tried to get along with several Ron Paul supporters but learned quickly they cannot be reasoned with nor are they interested in being part of a winning agenda, strategy or team. It’s about being their own cult-like movement.

  12. So let’s see what we have this morning:

    Barbara Espinosa standing by her still calling President Obama a monkey.

    The dessicated Veritas Vincit, still wallowing in the sewer, and unwilling to defend Shane from an incredibly bullshit attack by Barb and Co. And it seems the only reason why Veritas won’t defend Shane is because if their baffling obsession with me… Veritas is a joiner, and if Barbara is attacking me, well, its obvious Veritas’ hate for me is stronger than their loyalty to Shane.

    And of course, StopNDAA sees nothing relevant in calling out racism, proud racism at that.

    Gosh, I love my fellow Arizonans.

  13. Also, Shane, check your Twitter DM for a message.

  14. What a shock, another misogynistic Republican whack-job spouting nonsense. Drink more tea Shane, pass out more of Burgess’ and Allen’s tin foil hats and continue to make the state Republican “leadership” the laughing stock of the nation. It won’t be too many more election cycles before all the Rs represent are the angry white morons who inhabit southern states and follow ignorant finger-waggers like GED Jan.

  15. @Thomas, Are you also one of the same people still bitter about the January, 2011 Republican Party leadership election? That’s OK, my guy didn’t win either but I’ve got over it, moved on and became part of the solution. We’d love to have your help to win in November but if you’re unable to lend a hand, please step aside so we can get some work done.

    • StopNDAA says:

      Who knows, maybe he is upset by that ridiculous farce of delegate convention the AZ GOP put together.

  16. One regret I do have is not going to first instead of the Urban Dictionary to reference my use of the term “bitch session.”

  17. Hate women much there Shane?

  18. More hate and evil from the left:

    This one comes from “”

    So how many times as a “Christian” have you called your wife a bitch or your daughters? Just curious.

    God bless you, you really do represent your party and fellow Christians well!! Have you repeated the bitch-session reference in front of one of your prolife audiences?

    May God bless you and your family, espcially your daughters. I hope they grow up to find a man just like you to marry someday!!

    Rather be a bitch any day than a big fucking pussy hiding behind a mic!!!

  19. Shane, you are the GOP spokesman, amazing that you can’t fathom how incredibly bad you look. The statement is bad enough, but, all the other crap? And all the pure baloney you post here? Got any more blurry pictures of people’s behinds entering an office? Or fake anti Pearce websites?

    The hits keep coming, the irony is, you won’t even post this post, you will censor it like you always do.

    Gutless, classless, clueless. And you are a paid spokesman? Sure am glad I left the party and became independent.

  20. Jimnp72 says:

    Takes one to know one/, Asshole.

    • Lampoon says:

      Wow, what a stunning display of your debate skills!

      Typical. Thanks for living down to your stereotype.

  21. The Republicans are racists, and are not being very quiet about it these days in addition to their hate war on women. The only people Republicans support are WHITE RICH MEN which one of many reasons why Republican austerity measures do nothing but increase unemployment: I made a video about unemployment, and how we can fix it. It’s at my YouTube channel Zarrakan, and here’s the link:

    Watch it, share it, and join the fight against those who want to kill all of us with destructive social policies.

  22. SENOR: BOB says:

    ” Ms.(Espinosa) and I use the title loosely,how in “hell!” did you ever get your (job) if you can call it that !” it’s quite obvious your being paid in (beans) as so many of (you) are that is to say,I’ll bet you didn’t even have too show the employer your “green card” since so many of these tight-ass so called (American) company’s are willing to take a chance of getting caught ! “You know! I’ll bet anything your maiden name is (Braun) possibly (Eva’s) unknown sister,I mean from your picture it’s quite possible! seeing as how aging has not treated you well; now has it ? ” Your a (Disgrace) to your race ! ” ey savous que Puta ” I happen to be an (American) of Mexican ancestry, wacha ! ” You make me (Sick) ! ” ” (Respect The Office) you cant do that in (Mexico) ! “Oh ! was I rude in my comments? I apologise (NOT) ! “

  23. Katherine Heenan says:

    I want to return to the post itself. Whether or not these women contacted you or others to “clear” their assertions, suggesting they engage in “bitch sessions” and that they “whine, complain, backstab” demonstrates your inability to take women seriously. Rather than engaging their ideas, you dismiss them as a “bitch session, thereby employing the most sexist cliché available. Would you characterize your male colleagues as “whin[ing], complain[ing] and backstab[bing]” I thing not.

    Until you take women seriously, the GOP will be seen as anti woman

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