Supervisors award Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox and cronies millions of dollars in “settlements”

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Corrupt Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox to be awarded $975,000 from taxpayers for “stress”        

Supervisor Don Stapley’s secretary awarded $500,000 for “stress”

Corrupt Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox
Corrupt Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox

Emboldened by the verdict against Andrew Thomas disbarring him, the Maricopa County Supervisors are going on a spending spree of our taxpayer dollars awarding themselves and their cronies millions of dollars. Arpaio and Thomas had tried to prosecute county supervisors and judges, but the defendants cleverly turned the prosecution around on Thomas by filing bar complaints against him, knowing the liberal State Bar would punish him. Now the Supervisors are handing out millions of dollars to themselves and their cronies like it’s candy. Even county employees who were not prosecuted by Arpaio and Thomas are getting in on the gravy train.  Don Stapley’s secretary, who was not prosecuted, filed a lawsuit against the county demanding $1.5 million. The Supervisors’ hatchet man David Smith said today that she will be awarded $500,000. You have to wonder if this was a payoff to her for keeping her mouth shut about Stapley’s wrongdoing? Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox will receive $975,000 and retired judge Barbara Mundell will receive $500,000. The Supervisors have already awarded millions of dollars to other cronies for similar claims.

Wilcox, a Democrat, has a long sordid history of breaking the law and using her powerful political position to avoid punishment, some of which was reported by reporter Linda Bentley last year. A Grand Jury  indicted Wilcox on 36 criminal counts over some of her recent misdoings. Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores thought Thomas’s prosecution of Wilcox had enough merit to initiate a review. Although she eventually dismissed the charges, no doubt due to political pressure, she did not initially express any problem taking over the prosecutions from Thomas, and spent 10 months going over 10,000 documents in the case. Flores concluded that Wilcox had indeed failed to properly report financial information.

Smith says that he would rather settle the lawsuits now instead of fully litigate them in order to save the county money. The truth is that these people have no valid claims, so Smith is helping them skate around the judicial process. This is not right, these claims need to be properly litigated so it can be determined whether they have any merit or not.

Have the county coffers become a revolving door now? Anyone that threatens to sue the county we just give them money? Who is next? Quick, file a claim against the county claiming that Arpaio and Thomas stressed you out, and you too can get in on the county gravy train. Hurry though, Smith is resigning this month, and Supervisors Stapley and Brock will not be running for reelection. The free taxpayer handouts will probably end come election time.

The Tea Parties have championed cleaning up the County Supervisors office, and they will continue standing up to this kind of abuse. This is outrageous that not only did defendants like Wilcox get away with crimes, but now they are profiting off the taxpayers and calling themselves victims. Get involved with your local Tea Party and let’s stop this now.

Here is an Arizona Republic article about the settlements.

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  1. County Taxpayer says:

    Let me get this straight. Andrew Thomas tried to prosecute Mary Rose Wilcox for one of her many criminal acts, an act that even another county attorney admitted broke the law. As a result, Thomas is disbarred and Wilcox gets a cool million from us taxpayers. Am I missing something? Or is this just one more typical story of a powerful politician, Wilcox, making herself above the law?

  2. I work for Maricopa County in the supervisors office. Thanks for tipping me off to this easy cash cow. I am going to file a claim alleging harassment by Arpaio and Thomas. Although I’m just an administrative assistant, my bosses the supervisors won’t want me to squeal and reveal everything. They will pay me to shut up.

  3. TruConservative says:

    To me it appears that Maricopa County has replaced Cook County as the most corrupt county in America. At least some of the scoundrels in Cook County were prosecuted. Here in Maricopa, the scoundrels not only avoid prosecution but end up with millions of dollars from us taxpayers and “victim” status. Never thought I’d say this, but I’m from Chicago, and I am thinking of moving back there now because it seems to respect the rule of law now better than here. I will miss Arizona.

  4. Chad, that’s exactly the precedent Smith has set with his rush to settle. This should have been settled in Court for all to see what’s behind the curtains of our Board of Supervisors, especially those of Mary Rose Wilcox and Stapley. At the very least they should resign now that they have stuck thetaxpayers with their payoffs. I have been watching Wilcox pushing the line for at least 12 years. I keep wondering why do we continue to support this behavior and don’t insist on change? Who actually profits?

  5. alicia gegner says:

    Arrggh. It is our money, and these @#%$^&@##$ people know so well how to waste it. If the truth were not self evident before Andy Thomas’ trial, it ought to be with this revelation. Unlike the movies, sometimes the weasels win.

  6. alicia gegner says:

    PS – if it would not stain my carpet, I would throw up

  7. We should have Mary Rose at the border. What a sleezball..

  8. Mary Rose stresses me out. So does Stapley. How do I file a lawsuit against them?

    • TruConserv says:

      You have to persuade her to bring false charges against you, to put you in actual fear of going to jail for crimes you didn’t commit and to then harass you at every turn.

      You have to persuade her to take actions against you so heinous that they lead to her being barred from her profession.

      Here’s the conservative line on all this: Arpaio and Thomas are not conservatives. Conservatives oppose government largess, oppose the abuse of power and demand personal accountability.

      As we saw with Thomas’ press conference, he transgressed all three of those core values. He is no conservative, we do not need to feel bad for him, we do not need to apologize for him to the democrats.

      He is a bad egg that we’re tossing out.

      That said, it also shouldn’t mean a free pass for the BoS. We need to get rid of Arpaio, who can’t convict ANYONE of import and get someone in there that can run a proper investigation, that can bring charges that will stick and actually help clean up this country.

      Seriously, if the BoS is so clearly corrupt, then what can’t Arpaio do something about it? The answer is simple: he sucks at his job.

      He needs to go.

  9. 4ProbateRefrm says:

    This is unbelievable!! Looks like it’s time for me to go after Mary Rose Wilcox for $975,000 for the stress she put me thru over my grandmothers probate case when she approved a contract for 2 attorneys – who helped bilk my grandmother’s estate for $2M illegally – to handle probate cases for low income people on the taxpayer’s dime!!

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