Wendy Rogers Signs Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge

“Time to cut up Washington’s credit card” 

 (Tempe AZ) Lt Col Wendy Rogers has signed the Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge. The pledge was a created by a coalition of over 40 conservative grassroots organizations who are calling on elected officials to support spending cuts and balancing the federal budget.

“Let’s face it,” said Rogers, “Our nation is broke and it’s time to cut up Washington’s credit card once and for all. I refuse to put my children and grandchild deeper into debt,” she continued. “Only by balancing the budget and finally controlling government spending is this going to happen.”

The original bill, which was approved by the House but rejected by the Senate, limited 2012 spending to $82 billion less than current spending levels, and it capped overall federal spending as a percentage of GDP, bringing it to less than 20 percent of GDP by 2017. The bill provided for a debt ceiling increase if and only if Congress sends a constitutional balanced budget amendment to the states for a vote.

The full text of the pledge reads:

I, Wendy Rogers, pledge to oppose any debt limit increase unless all three of the following conditions have been met:

Cut – Substantial cuts in spending that will reduce the deficit next year and thereafter.
Cap – Enforceable spending caps that will put federal spending on a path to a balanced budget.
Balance – Congressional passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — but only if it includes both a spending limitation and a super-majority for raising taxes, in addition to balancing revenues and expenses.

Lt Col Wendy Rogers is a 20-year career veteran of the United States Air Force and was one of the nation’s first female pilots in today’s Air Force. She owns a small business in Tempe with 10 fulltime employees. Lt Col Rogers is running for Congress from where she has lived for the past 15 years in Arizona’s newly created 9th Congressional District, which includes Tempe, and parts of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler. Campaign website is www.WendyRogers.org.



  1. Veritas Vincit says:

    How many military veterans do we have serving in the Arizona Legislature? Don’t we have a decorated combat leader in southern Arizona running for Congress? We even have one veteran in the AZ House who won his Legislative seat while serving in Theater –

    Are any other veterans using their military service to campaign on? Of course John Kerry used his service to campaign on…

    Doesn’t Wendy know what a turn off that is to vets?

  2. Veritas Vincit says:

    I’m not even sure you can politic in uniform… Wendy should know the UCMJ better. The sign is ok but lose the USAF logo and the service photo – You earned your rank, but you shouldn’t use the logo. Besides, you were a lot younger then.

  3. Conservative American says:

    What a joke!!!!!

    Rogers submitted an article to SA about how she supports the F-35 military jet aircraft. The F-35 is THE MOST COSTLY WEAPONS SYSTEM IN THE HISTORY OF THE NATION!

    It is grossly OVER BUDGET!

    In addition, it is way behind schedule, still full of serious flaws and the latest optimistic full deployment is scheduled for 2016. This has put us BEHIND the curve as regards our national defense and puts our security at risk.

    What meaning does it have when Rogers signs the “Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge” while at the same time supporting the F-35, the most expensive weapons system in our nation’s history and the biggest military boondoggle ever.

    What it says to me is DO NOT support Rogers because she has ALREADY proven that her WORDS and her DEEDS don’t match! We don’t need another double-talking RINO in office!

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