Congressman Gosar Reacts 2012 to State of Union

CONTACT: Apryl Marie Fogel

PHOENIX, AZ –U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS (AZ-01) released the following statement tonight in response to President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address.

“Tonight, I watched the State of the Union address from Arizona after spending the day speaking with small business owners and constituents who are feeling the effects of President Obama’s failed policies. Again and again, the President ignores simple realities that big government and big spending are not the answer. I stayed out of D.C. in solidarity with the people of Arizona and across the nation who are fed up with this government.

I listened to Obama’s speech tonight hoping that he would provide solutions but instead he presented more of the same. The President continued to promote the discredited class warfare he has supported throughout his career.

Tonight, the President promised the creation of several new big government programs while continuing to ignore the problems we have with the already bloated federal government.

America needs solutions not finger pointing. Our economy is in dire straits. Solutions that weren’t mentioned tonight but are desperately needed include a fairer and flatter tax system to address the growing divide in our tax system.

We need an improved education system with school choice to allow parents to move their children out of failing schools and to provide young adults the opportunity to go into the workforce or higher education system ready for the challenges ahead.

The President discussed regulations but did not address the failed policies of his Administration that are stifling job growth, causing uncertainty in the market and are leading investors to hold onto their money and not promote private sector job growth.

The President briefly discussed immigration but he failed to mention a plan to secure our borders. I’m gravely concerned about the blind eye the President continues to turn towards accountability for the Department of Justice’s failed operation Fast and Furious. Obama failed here on a grand scale.

I hoped the President would take responsibility for the fact that our nation has been operating without a budget for 1,000 days. His lack of leadership and failure to hold the U.S. Senate to task has caused this problem. His lack of guidance or proper understanding of the crippling debt we have is perpetuating it.

We need solutions Mr. President and I’m disappointed in the lack of them presented in your State of the Union address. The true state of the union is that our great nation is facing an awful economy and limited solutions. We are $15+ trillion in debt. We have record sustained unemployment. Our nation is facing a record high misery index. The truth is this President has failed us.



  1. Truconserv says:

    Bull pucky!

    You stayed out of DC to grandstand for the press and do exactly what you decry: point fingers.

    All money bills start in the House. the budget is a money bill. You are in the House. Where is the damn budget!

    Instead of running and hiding from Obama, do your job. Show up when it is expected of you, show some respect for the office, if not for the man, and maybe he will show you some respect in return.

    All your little stunt did was put your district on the “outs” with the leader of the free world.

    If are too afraid of Obama to even listen to him speak, then step down so some real conservative can step in.

    Partisan, press mongering hacks like you are why the country is in such bad shape.

    • Conservative American says:

      NOTICE: The above poster, Truconserv, is a propagandist for the liberal left, posing as a “Conservative”, for the express purpose of discrediting real Conservatives.

      For example, she claims that “foreign governments” are tracking her internet surfing but can’t provide a shred of evidence to back up her paranoid claim.

      She claims to be an attorney with knowledge of The Constitution but can’t answer these simple questions:

      Is homosexual marriage a constitutional right under the 14th Amendment?

      Did Lawrence v. Texas render all morality-based laws unconstitutional?

      With TC it always comes down to black helicopters, conspiracy theroies and flouride in the water because it is her missions to make real Conservatives appear to be a bunch of whackos.

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