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The Decision that Changed Everything

This Sunday marks the 39th anniversary of the most tragic U.S. Supreme Court decision in our nation’s history, Roe v. Wade.

Since 1973, more than 50 million abortions have been performed in America – roughly one-sixth of our population has been lost.

While there is much work to be done until we see the day when every life is cherished and protected from its very beginning to its natural end, the pro-life movement is stronger than ever.

The Pro-Life Shift
At the time of Roe v. Wade, a majority of Americans were asleep and not aware of the implications of legalized abortion for any reason, at any stage of pregnancy, at any age of the mother. Thankfully, our nation has experienced, and continues to experience, a dramatic shift in Americans’ attitudes about abortion. Americans have woken up to the fact that abortion stops a beating heart, breaks a woman’s heart, harms a woman physically and emotionally, and does not provide solutions to any problems.

Ultrasound technology has proven the humanity of the preborn child. Everyone knows a woman who was harmed by abortion and regrets her so-called “choice.” The dangerous practices of abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and Gosnell in Pennsylvania have been exposed in shocking detail.

In July 2011, Gallup found the following:

  • 26 percent of Americans believe abortion should be legal under any circumstances.
  • 13 percent believe abortion should be legal under most circumstances.
  • 38 percent believe abortion should be legal in only few circumstances.
  • 20 percent believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances.

That means almost 60 percent of Americans believe abortions should be illegal in either all or most circumstances. Even though Planned Parenthood still receives more than 300 million tax dollars annually, there has been a shift in public perception about the abortion giant, in part thanks to Americans United for Life and their recent report The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood.

Arizona: One of the Most Improved Pro-Life States
In Arizona, thanks to Arizonans voting their pro-life values to elect a pro-life legislature and Governor, we have made significant progress to protect preborn children and women – so much so that Americans United for Life named our state one of the “most-improved” states in the country for pro-life legislation.

In the last year alone, CAP-supported laws have taken effect that:

  • require an ultrasound be given to a woman at least an hour before an abortion,
  • ensure parental consent is notarized before a minor can have an abortion,
  • ensure a women has the right to meet with a doctor at least 24 hours before an abortion, and
  • prohibit non-doctors from performing abortion.

You can read more about Arizona’s abortion laws on

The Ongoing Fight
This session, CAP will once again be supporting legislation to promote the health and safety of women considering an abortion, and to protect them against the predatory practices of the abortion industry. Stay tuned over the next two weeks as key pro-life legislation is introduced.

We will also continue our work to defend CAP-supported legislation in court, like the law that would disqualify donations to any organization that provides, promotes, pays for, or provides referrals for abortion from being eligible for the working poor tax credit. This law is currently blocked from taking effect because of a lawsuit the ACLU brought on behalf of the Arizona Domestic Violence Coalition.

Join the Cause
Take time to consider these four ways you can make a difference for life in Arizona:

  • Join me this Sunday at the Arizona March for Life, sponsored by Arizona Right to Life. This year’s theme is “Respect, Love, Protect.” Click here for more details.
  • Order a Choose Life license plate. For only $25, you can make a statement daily to our community about the importance of promoting and protecting human life, while also providing funding that will help women find positive, life-affirming alternatives to abortion. Visit to order your plate today!
  • Support your local Pregnancy Resource Center. Through their love and service, countless women have been given the hope and support needed to choose life when faced with a crisis pregnancy. Many of these organizations are led by volunteer staffs, so support from the community is vital.
  • Make sure you and your circles of influence are registered to vote then plan to help keep the Arizona legislature pro-life in this year’s elections. Check out for elections resources.