Larry LeSueur and Clint Smith Endorse Kirk Adams at event

CONTACT: Chad Heywood

Kirk Adams for Congress has been hosting meetings across the east valley so voters have a chance to get to know Kirk personally and hear more about his experiences as a conservative leader during difficult times. After each meeting, we ask these voters what they think about Kirk Adams and his message.

At the most recent event Larry LeSueur and Clint Smith shared their thoughts:

“I know that he understands the issues and believes in the same principles that I believe in, and he is a person who can get things done.” – Clint Smith, Attorney in Mesa

“I completely think he is qualified. I am very impressed with the answers that he gives and the solutions that he has to the current problems that we face…He doesn’t just want to be a politician, he wants to be the doer who can just get it done.” – Larry LeSueur, Real Estate professional, Mesa

Watch their full videos:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

If you would like to meet Kirk Adams, host an event, or add your testimonial please email our campaign at Also, we will have open office hours each Saturday 3pm at our campaign office in Mesa. 1818 E Southern Avenue Mesa, AZ 85204 Suite 3b Building #1. Hope to see you there tomorrow.

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  1. Just back from the Maricopa County Republican Convention, and guess who I did not see. You guessed it! Krony Adams! Ha Ha, Notably too, Jeff Flake, Rich sCandall, and Jerry Lewis were missing, at least, that is I did not see them. Furthermore, the slate that was endorsed by Sheriff Joe and Russell Pearce won in the first round, unanimously! Another positive note, besides all those that were wearing Salmon stickers, a lot of PCs were wearing Cardon for Senate stickers, from Romney supporters to Ru-Paul backers, very few were wearing Flake stickers, of course there were his campaign people with their shirts, but I would have to say they outnumbered anyone who would have had a Flake sticker. Something tells me this will not be a good year for RINOs. And that is a good thing!

  2. Another meaningless posting by Chad Heywood with inconsequential endorsees of Kirk “I just couldn’t find time for the county meeting” Adams. Doesn’t Sonoran Alliance have any standards of relevancy for the items it posts?

    • CD6 Businessman says:

      Ha. Anyone who lives in Mesa knows these guys are anything but inconsequential. This compared to Salmon who seeks the endorsement of out-of-state politicians and a Sheriff who he has no respect for and doesn’t think is playing with a full deck?

      • Poor poor CD6 Landscaper, he must be all in a tizzy just thinking about having to pay more for labor. Dear-o-dear, what does he do? Cut out the middleman or risk picking up those illegals on the corner himself. Damn, it sure must be getting hard these days to make a dishonest buck! Tee-hee

  3. CD6 Businessman says:

    p2012p, always saturated in substance.

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