Oh Now This is Interesting – George W Romney was not a natural born citizen

Below excerpted from, Will There Be A Citizenship Eligibility Challenge for Romney, by Devvy Kidd, January 7, 2012, newswithviews.com

Mr. George W. Romney, was elected Governor of Michigan. Because there was talk George W. might run for the presidency, his citizenship eligibility came into question and because it extends to the child at the time of birth, there is now question regarding Willard (Mitt) Romney:

Mitt Romney’s, father George W. Romney, Not A Natural Born Citizen of the United States of America, and was NOT, eligible for the Office of President, by Pinckney G. McElwee of D.C. Bar.)

Congressional Record (House) June 14, 1967

“I find no proper legal or historical basis on which to conclude that a person born outside of the United States could ever be eligible to occupy the Office of the President of the United States. In other words, In my opinion, Mr. George Romney of Michigan Is Ineligible to become President of the United States because he was born In Mexico and is, therefore, not a natural-born citizen as required by the United States Constitution.”

Thus, we have the same situation as with Obama/Soetoro: A father born in a foreign country who never became a U.S. citizen. Several people have been doing some serious research on this:

“The big question is this…how did George and Gaskell Romney get their US Citizenship back if they still had it at all? If Gaskell (son) and Miles Park Romney (father) who were both Mexican citizens how could they transfer US Citizenship to George Romney? Mitt Romney, however, may be a birthright baby because he fell under the 14th Amendment (I doubt they were under the jurisdiction of the US) but it is absolutely clear that Mitt Romney is NOT a Natural Born Citizen unless he can prove that George Romney gained citizenship from naturalization prior to Mitt’s birth in 1947. I have found no records showing this to be the case.”



  1. George Romney washed away in the primaries in 1968, so a challenge to his candidacy never surfaced. Mitt supposedly was born in Utah prior to his family’s missionary relocation to Mexico and has an untold number of relatives still living there today. I have found that situation a large concern since Mitt ran for president the first time. It would be quite elementary to believe a President Romney’s crackdown on illegal immigration and sealing the Mexican border would put his remaining relatives in Mexico in grave danger. Add to that the Mormon church manifesto of “thou shall suck illegals” which surfaced during the Pearce recall, and a conflict of interest regarding illegal immigration is a reality. But all of this is over the heads of drool cup-adorned voters, much as it was when Obama and his baggage were inching toward the White House.

    This was Mitt Romney in 2007: “…When we learn how many people there are and what their individual circumstances are, then we can decide how to proceed with each individual,” Romney said.


    To his credit (I suppose), Romney has abandoned this idiotic philosophy for his current of no amnesty ever. But history tells us a flip-flopper almost always lands on flop – ala John Sydney McCain. The idiots in Iowa had it right the first time with Michelle Bachmann who has never waivered on her illegal immigration stance, but the gangster-ran media has control of voter sentiment and can alter it at will – as evidenced by six “frontrunners” in six months where the corn grows shoulder high. Obama and Napolitaco are now working around the clock to cement illegal aliens in America (watch it get jaw-droppingly worse) and the first order of business for a new president will be a knock-down drag-out offensive against the Mexico Lobby. I do not see that happening with Romney or Santorum, and railroading the opposite direction with Paul, Gingrich, or Perry. It looks like the 2013 bumper profit crop will grow as high as Iowa corn, and the cornucopia result will be the final Republican ever elected POTUS under a California-style electorite with Mexico is firm control of the “swing vote.” The American epitaph: died of moronism.

    • MadArizonan says:

      The point is that at BEST Mitt’s father was a 14th amendment citizen, which per the court ruling cited, a natural born citizen must be the child of two children born IN the US, which Mitt was not because his father was born in Mexico, irregardless of whether he became a citizen later.

      • No I don’t think so. I think it does not matter where anyone was born, as long as the two parents are United States citizens at the time of Mitt’s birth. Easy enough to find out.

    • TruestoftheTrueAmericanConservative says:

      this is crazy talk.

    • Mesa Constitutional Conservative says:

      Nut. Jobs.

      Zoo, you are so ignorant, I don’t know where to begin, man. “The media can alter voter sentiment at will.” Please. The media are lefties, but they don’t exercise absolute power over anyone. And your paranoid, racist, religiously-bigoted, rantings are hilarious. Consider adjusting your dosage.

      As far as the candidates go: There is no perfect candidate out there this time. Ron Paul would be great in many areas, but he is as naive on foreign policy as Obama, “Leave them alone and apologize for America and be nice, and they’ll be nice back.” Santorum = Bush; a big-government social conservative that sells us out fiscally. Gingrich sounds great and has some great ideas…but then changes them with the wind. Oh, yeah, and remember those global warming commercials with Nansy Pelosi….FAIL. Romney is flawed too. But get over your anti-Mormonism, and you’ll probably see that he’s the most viable candidate to beat the true evil: Obama.

      • Oberserve says:

        You miss the point. If he’s not permitted BY THE CONSTITUTION to be president, then he should NOT be president.

        • Then why was obama allowed to become President? His mom was out of the country for 15 years and she took another citizenship, his dad was never a citizen of the USA…..

        • If Mitt Romney’s father was not a U.S. citizen at the time Mitt was born, they NO, he is not eligible to be president.

          We already know Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen so NO, he is also not eligible to be president.

      • A drooling moron from Mesa is the last person myself or anybody needs critique from. You and your ignorant-ass fellow Mesa residents are the ones who sucked off Jerry Lewis right into office under the command of LDS. And if you’re so f***** stupid that you can’t recognize the power of the media to influence voters, that is your problem. The local media worked 24/7 against Russell Pearce and now they are doing the same with Joe Arpaio. Behind Nazi-like business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, the broadcast media is the most dangerous entity in the country. I suppose you were left drooling in your lap Saturday night when the gay network ABC tried to make a 20-minute issue of of gay marriage until the audience finally stimied Stephanopoulos with their boos. Of course, I can understand how media agendas and influence zoom right over your head – with mouth wide open. Your past remarks here have clearly pegged you as anything but a conservative.

        And I stand against ANY denomination anywhere that pushes pro-illegal alienism, not just the LDS. If tax statutes were enforced to the letter of the law, most denominations would have lost their exempt status for meddling in political issues i.e. illegal immigration. The LDS church clearly had a hand in influencing the LD 18 recall election as did the media, and part of their official “stand” was posted on this very site. There is no doubt whatsoever that the LDS can and will influence the actions of a Mormon president. If you are such a staunch defender of the church, why are you dismissing their principles as folklore? Perhaps you should consider jumping ship and joining the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Just when will we see the Mesa cult racketeer-in their own guest worker program – just like the ascendancy in Utah? Go suck an egg.

  2. Say UTAH COMPACT when you say McCain, McRomney, McFlake McCardon and McMcKee.

    Mckee, come on this guy isn’t even trying to get signatures.

  3. Correction: Mitt was born after the family’s return to the U.S.

    • So, there’s no issue after all … and not sure there ever was.

      Not sure about the family trapped in Mexico scenario though. No one is advocating sealing the border 100% shut, but securing it enough to force international transit through controlled entry points, of which there would necessarily be quite a few anyway, so no one with proper documentation would be “trapped” on either side.

      This has zero effect on all the airline connections from Mexico to the USA where ALL passengers currently go through customs/passport control in Mexico before boarding, and through US customs and passport controls upon arrival…a reminder to those open border folks who argue that it’s too much to expect of people driving in and sprinting across the land border.

      Drug smugglers don’t like to use the airports so much .. too easy to get caught so they prefer the overland routes … a major reason to control the border better.

      • Sealing, securing, controlling…semantics isn’t the problem. It IS an issue which you have confirmed – the cartels. His family isn’t trapped, they are well established there and remain of their own free will. Besides the fact that a crackdown hindering drug cartel profits (sounds like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) could leave Romney’s relatives headless, the Mexican government has had their meddling noses in every U.S. measure to stop the exports of their penniless dregs. To dismiss that this situation will NOT affect the actions of a President Romney is, well, absurd. Romney has stated that his left-leaning words and actions in the past were what he had to do to be governnor in a blue state. What more of a monsoon warning could their be? We are back on the “lessor of two evils” express, and it was again launched by ignorant masses with a voter card. That said, I am confident the masses will snap out of their stupors when there is a green, red, and white flag flying over the White House – mirroring those wonderful flood-colored skyscrapers in Chicago.

      • MadArizonan says:

        The family wasn’t “trapped” in Mexico. They were an LDS family sent to Mexico in the late 1800s to settle by Brigham Young. The Romney family’s heritage is clearly Mexican – and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that – it’s just the facts.

        • MadArizonan – you are wrong and when I find my file on this which I beleive includes a Flake in the party I’ll be back. Zoo is right.

  4. It could have the opposite effect, everyone in Mexico treating the family relations like royalty VIP. Or more likely no reaction whatsoever.

    Just depends. The dynamics are really no more profound or complicated than domestic-side family relationships on any other poltical issue.

  5. The law need to apply to all the same way. If this is true, Mitt can not be President. Ala Marco Rubio, ala Barry Sotero (Barack Hussein Obama)

  6. So, Mitt Romney was born in the USA. But maybe his father … er … and Mitt Romney … ah has a mother who doesn’t seem to be in this story … but the claim is our current Romney might not be natural-born and eligible for POTUS on the grounds of questions about his father wasn’t eligible … who held an elected seat in the USA?
    THe older Romney had to be citizen somewhere along there… and also whether the Romney family grandparents actually gave up any US citizenship at the time or were simply legal foreign residents in Mexico.

    Then what’s all the hoo-ha with the “anchor babies?” If Romney born in the USA can’t be natural born enough for POTUS, then the anchor babies of illegal parents have less claims either … logically?

    As far as this concerns Obama parallels, at this point in time, only a DNA sampling is going to clear up that bizarre mush of a background. At least Romney didn’t change names, fathers and three continents along the way.

    So, what IS the case? Romney born in the USA should be sufficient, and there doesn’t seem to be any doubts about that.

  7. Both Mitt and his dad George were/are qualified to run for president as is Rubio with his issues.

    Everyone needs to learn how to do research rather than kneejerk.

    • Even the title is confusing. A lot of people would read that and think it’s about current Romney, not his father, so it just looks like baiting not a real expose, which begs the question as to the purpose of this opinion piece.

      • Oberserve says:

        It says George W Romney. Is Willard Romney George Romney? Nope. Is George Romney Mitt Romney? nope. Seems clear enough.

        Now, we know who you support. wanumba supports Mitt Romney.

        • Oberserve. I do not understand this stupid attitude that if someone doesn’t agree with a point being made one is ipso facto a “supporter” of anything or anyone.

          I think that opinion piece has no real point to belabor or chase after, I don’t care WHOSE name it is, and I aso don’t like the fact that it fails to list the facts, just runs conjecture after conjecture. South Park did a better job evicerating this pseudojournalism style in Dances with Smurfs.

          • Oberserve says:

            So, you’re arguing with the posted supreme court “opinion”, or the DC court “opinion” cited?

            If so, can you present a counterveiling argument? Or are you just also posting your own unevidenced, uneducated opinion?

  8. Birthers everywhere can now rejoice that they have a new conspiracy theory to discuss at the next JBS meeting.

  9. Adam Driggs says:

    Let’s follow the rule of law here and end this erroneous debate. Those who argue that George Romney never became a naturalized citizen do not understand United States citizenship law.

    While the requirement to transmit U.S. citizenship to individuals born abroad has changed over the years, the law that existed on July 8, 1907 controls, as that is the day George W. Romney was born.

    The controlling law was §1993 Revised Statutes, enacted in 1878, which stated that either a U.S. citizen father or mother could transmit U.S. citizenship if the parent resided in the United States before the child’s birth.

    Both George W. Romney’s parents were born in the United States and were American citizens, Gaskell Romney (1871–1955) and Anna Amelia Pratt (1876-1926). Gaskell Romney had moved to Mexico in 1886 at age 15, after living in the United States. They married in 1895 in Mexico. George was born on July 8, 1907.

    Therefore, George Romney was a United States citizen at birth and did not need to Naturalize.

    George Romney was a great American leader and statesman and it is unfortunate that some would ignorantly deny that he was a U.S. citizen or claim that his son Mitt was an anchor baby. Both of Mitt Romney’s parents were U.S. citizens at birth. He is therefore, clearly and obviously a natural-born citizen.

    Interestingly, if we look to the Founders’ intent, the first Congress of the United States in 1790 passed legislation stating: “The children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond the sea, or outside the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural-born citizens of the United States.” So anyone looking for guidance as to what the Founders meant by “natural-born citizen” could start there.

    • Oberserve says:

      Thank you for the first educated post on this, Sen Driggs. Question for you. Can you clarify or explain the opinion of Pinckney G. McElwee of D.C. Bar (linked in original post above), and why his opinion was that George W Romney was not eligible for the office of President?

  10. Mike Triggs says:

    Thank You Adam – Fortunately everyone on Sonoran Alliance doesn’t subscribe to the same conspiracy magazines.

    • Well, no. I saw this very argument posted to another blog earlier this week so I wondered then what the real motives were and now madarizonan posts it here. It’s just a rehash of something that’s making the internet rounds, and it’s pretty thin gruel.

  11. I heard that Romney was seen going to Ed Pastor and Raul Grivalja’s office! I even have a blurry unsourced photo of someone’s back seen entering what could be their office!!!


  12. Andy Bernard says:

    Well at least if the nuts go after Romney’s citizenship the left can’t complain it’s because he’s brown.

  13. Nordine Crub says:

    Black Helicopters circling over Mesa… Break out the tin foil hats and bull $#!+ decoder rings!

  14. Steve Nelson says:

    “Mad Arizonan” should change his name to “Insane Arizonan” because if he believes the things he writes he is truly nuts.

  15. Do some research says:

    If you wish, you may research George Romney. He was a “Rockefeller East Coast Republican” much as his son Mitt.

    He was born in Mexico in the LDS Polygamy colonies; those communities in which members of the LDS continued to practice after Utah agreed to end the practice in order to achieve statehood.

    Citations in Wikipedia maintain that although members of the polygamist community in Mexico, Mitt Romney’s grandfather did not participate in the practice. Like any other large institution the LDS has its revisionist historians.

    My question then is: Why didn’t they live in Utah or Arizona then? The “colonies” was for only one purpose.

    Mitt Romney’s grandfather fled Mexico as a refugee of the Mexican Revolution, however his immigration status was unclear. The United States at the time was operating Ellis Island in New York harbor and the Angel Island immigration facility in San Francisco harbor.

    Could this be a reason candidate Romney has a soft place for migrants both legal and illegal; its in his family history?

  16. The LDS church/State of Utah has a soft spot for illegals which provides good odds most of the sect is infected.; Romney has played the AC/DC card on the issue. Mitt has relatives in harm’s way 175 miles into Mexico – strike two. On the NBC program Rock Center last night, they interviewed his second cousin. Romney’s realtives consider themselves “dual citizens”, “tear up” at the sound of the Mexican national anthem, and want Mitt to keep the border open to allow Mexicans to bound in looking for work. Even the pond scum at NBC recognize a major conflict of interest in Romney enforcing America’s immigration laws, as genuine “intellects” scoff at the idea.

    • Look, there are two issues which are atually separate:

      1) the article intones about questions about Romney’s father’s citizenship which doesn’t have a bearing on Romney the current candidate, so a waste of time to chase that.

      2) Family ties and possible influence is a different issue and can be discussed on its own merits. It’s fair enough to question, but assuming without facts derived from the current Romney isn’t helpful.

      • Romney’s fathers citizenship has everything to do with it, and only a Cponstitutionally ignorant dimwit would say otherwise. Better to be though a fool than to open mouth and prove it.Ignorance like yours is the way the politicos get by with usurping the Constitution every day. Thank god that Constitutional law does not change based on the whims of the ignorant like you and the other dimwits that espouse your ignorant lasse fair attitude!

  17. I am no hipocrit! I have in every way been a part of the Constitutionality challenge to the usurper Obama. And based on all my research to date I will challenge and support those who lauch a similar challenge to Willard Mitt Romney. He is not Constitutionally eligible to the office of president even if his father did become a naturalized citizen, Only the son of a citizen born on American soil can be a “natural born ” citizen. The Constitution is based on natural law and pateral rights decendency and it has not been constitutionally amended. To some of us the Constitution is still the legal law of the land and WE ARE PREPARING TO TAKE THE ACTIONS NECESSARY TO REINSTITUTE IT AND the BILL of RIGHTS IT GUARANTEES!!!REVOLUTION mat be the only SOLUTION!

  18. And now we know why the RINOs have not challenged the constitutionality of the illegal Obama regime! Half of the Republican establishment is on the take and the make because their fairhaired boys are not “natural born” citizenry either!

  19. Russ Fowler says:

    Are we going down the tube? Trying to prove Obama is legal (which he is not) to be President. No birth certificate.
    Mitt Romney US born, but was his Father George a US citizen at the time Mitt was born?
    Marco Rubio was US born but his parents were not US citizens at the time.
    Here we are trying to get Obama thrown out for not being a US citizen, but trying to get others to be President when they may not be legal under the Constitution.
    If we are to play by the rules, lets play, but if we keep changing the rules, then we are doom.
    America has no respect if we can not tell the truth.

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