2012 Predictions Anyone?

Happy New Years!

It’s that time again for political predictions!

This year, I’m self-limiting myself on predictions due to my unique position and the likelihood that whatever I say will probably anger several of my Republican friends.

Instead, I’m opening up predictions to our readers.

If you’d like to submit your safe predictions or an out-on-a-limb prediction and have it appear in the body of this post (with your name), email it to me at sonoranalliance@gmail.com. Otherwise, feel free to post it in the comments.

For starters, I’ll throw a few questions out to get things going:

  1. Who will win the US Senate race? Who will win the Republican and Democrat nominations?
  2. Who will win the Arizona Presidential Preference Election on February 28th?
  3. Who will win each of the Congressional Districts?
  4. Will Republicans retain a supermajority in both Houses of the Legislature?
  5. Will Sheriff Joe Arpaio be re-elected?
  6. Will Arizona media outlets survive another year?
  7. What will be the biggest political story for 2012?
  8. What will be the biggest political shock of 2012?

Have fun gesticulating, speculating, prognosticating and pontificating!


  1. The Supreme Court will uphold most or all of Arizona SB 1070, and multiple U.S. states will begin adopting similar measures in 2013.

  2. 1. Flake, Flake and Carmona
    2. Romney
    3. Too early to tell, but mostly incumbents.
    4. Barely
    5. No, he won’t run after he steps down, before he is indicted.
    6. Yep
    7. Arpaio’s fall from grace.
    8. Obama wins re-election easily.

    • Conservative American says:

      So are you a man in a woman’s body or a woman in a man’s body, Lampoon?

      • Why would post a question like that in response to what Lampoon wrote? It does not address any of the predictions made and is personally insulting. I don’t agree with all of Lampoon’s predictions, but that does not justify vulgar personal attacks. If you can’t stick to the actual issues at hand, please refrain from posting.

        • Conservative American says:

          Ahhh, your father’s moustache!

        • CA posts that to everything I post. He can’t argue any facts, he just makes juvenile attacks. Its sad, that is all he has. Its also pretty creepy and stalker-ish. The fact that he isn’t embarrassed by his posts says a lot about him.

          • Conservative American says:

            Well, Miss or Mr. Lampoon, we have yet to resolve the question of whether you are a man in a woman’s body or a woman in a man’s body. Perhaps if we understood the precise nature of your dilemma we could have more empathy for your difficult situation.

            • You should go back to wiping up prisoner’s spit and feces and semen, it matches your level of education and intellect, and is probably where you met your highest career attainment.

              • Conservative American says:

                That’s all well and good, Miss Lampoon, but it doesn’t give us a clue as to whether you are a man trapped in a woman’s body or a woman trapped in a man’s body. I’m sure that either way it must be terribly frustrating for you to be trapped. Is there anything which medical science can do to help?

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                Aren’t you glad you got your GED? You are the smartest bi curious gay fetish queen in your trailer park!

                Way to set your life goals very low and then almost achieve them.

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                Gee, Miss Lampoon, that still doesn’t enlighten us as to whether you are a man trapped in a woman’s body or a woman trapped in a man’s body.

                How do you cope with that? I mean you look in the mirror and you see a body which doesn’t match what you feel you are.

                Have you considered surgical intervention? It’s costly but perhaps it could be done a bit at a time. You know, get your outside congruent with your inside.

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                What is sad that, you attack from your closet like Roy Cohn because you are such a lonely pathetic person. Seek some help, trust those who got at least a high school degree. You are basically John Wayne Gacy 30 years later, but you live in AZ so you don’t have a basement.

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                You could have been somebody….

              • Conservative American says:

                Well, for you, Miss Lampoon, it’s either a man in a woman’s body or a woman in a man’s body. I suspect man in a woman’s body but only you know the truth about that.

                I can see the practical challenges that arise for you in everyday life. Which public restroom to use, for example. Then there’s how to dress. What sort of haircut to get. How you are going to find “appropriate” companionship.

                Surgery is expensive. Have you considered hormone therapy? It won’t make a complete external transition but it will help you feel that your external self more closely matches your internal self.

  3. ===============================================

    6. Will Arizona media outlets survive another year?


    I don’t care what anyone says, that there’s funny.

  4. 1. Flake, Flake and Carmona (Lampoon called it first)
    2. Romney (Again, Lampoon – but I’m going to say the nomination is locked up by then, so it’s pretty much a default win).
    3. Not sure – but I think the showdown between Quayle and Schwiekert is going to be awesome.
    4. Nope. They’ll still have the majority, but not the supermajority.
    5. Yes, because no one on the right has any shame/can shame Arpaio.
    6. Of course.
    7. Arizona becomes a presidential swing state.
    8. Obama wins Arizona (and while it won’t be a shock, wins relection).

  5. Sgt. Flapjaw says:

    For those who think that the Red Tide is still rising [Klute and Lampoon] embarrasment and defeat…. Again.

    • Red tide?


      • Conservative American says:

        Wouldn’t your time be better spent dealing with your sexual identity crisis, Miss Lampoon? I mean it must be terribly difficult thinking you are one gender while being stuck in a body of the other gender.

        • Look, its obvious you have serious bi-curious fetishes. Take them elsewhere.

          The grown-ups are on this thread.

          Run along and go hit some porn sites.

          • Conservative American says:

            Well, Miss Lampoon, we have great empathy for your situation. It must be a minute to minute challenge being a man stuck in a woman’s body. It can drive people to… well… liberalism.

            • Comments like this are inappropriate and it would be great if “Conservative American” could be banned from posting to this blog for a week with additinal banning for longer periods imposed if this behavior is repeated. These disgusting posts do nothing to challenge liberal (leftist) views and can only hurt the Conservative cause.

              I don’t think someone posting things like this should be considered Conservative and is acting poorly as an American.

              I’m amazed that these “Conservative American” comments have not been removed from this blog.

              • Conservative American says:

                Ahhh, go suck an egg!

              • Conservative American says:

                ROFL! Great shades of TC, LOL!

                Punter wrote: “…can only hurt the Conservative cause.”

                Well what do you know! Yet ANOTHER “concern troll”!

                Hey, Bucko, when you pay the bills for running SA, you call the shots. Until then, Shane calls the shots. Don’t like that? Start your own web blog.

    • Hey, another prediction:

      Sgt. Flapjaw (AKA Flappy Jack) will continue to rail against percieved Socialism, but will also continue to cash checks from the government.

      • Conservative American says:

        Hey, another prediction. Klute will admit this year that he is, in fact, a member of the Communist Party.

      • Sgt. Flapjaw says:

        You know nothing about me Klute. You are a pretty arrogant SOB. Pretty much SOP for you people.

        • “You are a pretty arrogant SOB.”

          Indeed I am. Also fun at parties.

          “You know nothing about me Klute.”

          Playing the averages for conservatives online, I’m pretty sure you cash at least one check from the government a month. Welcome to the party, comrade!

  6. 1, Flake, Flake, and Bivens.

    2. Romney. But even if he doesn’t, it won’t matter because the nomination will be decided by then.

    3. Pastor, Grijalva, and Franks are safe. Salmon should win the EV seat. Giffords will probably win if she runs again. The other four races will be very interesting. Schweikert v. Quayle will be the most colorful primary, followed closely by Gould v. Babeu (at least, I think that’s how that district is shaping up). Gosar is in trouble up north. The state’s congressional delegation will be split 5-4 and will remain so throughout the rest of the decade. Some cycles the Rs will have 5; some cycles the Ds will.

    4. Majority yes, supermajority no.

    5. If he runs, probably, but I don’t think he will run again.

    6. Don’t know, (mostly) don’t care. Maybe I’d care if actual journalists were in the ascendancy at places like the AZ Republic, but since that isn’t the way it is…

    7. Arizona becomes a presidential swing state. The Mormon vote will carry AZ for Romney this year, but in 2016 and 2020 it will be up for grabs.

    8. It’s hard to predict shocks. How about this: somebody in AZ politics who isn’t named “Arpaio” will be the subject of a federal indictment.

  7. Things will mostly stay the same.

    What happened to Russell Pearce, through another Mormon, will have no impact on state politics but lots of influence on the Romney campaign strategy.

    I used to think the state was not radical enough for a Flake. His district obviously was, but statewide? As you know his district does not contain what people consider the major metropolitan areas and the business interests of the people who live and work there.

    Please remember that Kyl and Napolitano were both put into power at the same time by the same voters. So the question is not whether things are crazy, but how crazy?

  8. Krony Adams will work as a staffer for Senator Flake if Jeffery wins,and if not, Krony will become a lobbyist. Sheriff Joe will retire and run for the Senate and Russell Pearce will run for Sheriff Joe’s old job, then they will seek revenge on the LIbs and RINOs in the Chamber of Commerce. Jerry Lewis will run for state senate as a Democrat against the RINO Rich sCandall in the new LD25.

  9. 1 Steenwyk, Bivens: Steewyk takes all.
    2 Ron Paul
    3 1Kirkpatrick, 2Franks, 3Quayle, 4Babeu, 5Schweikert, 6Salmon, 7Mercer. 8Antenori
    4 Toss up, depends how stupid the Repubs act this session, anything like last year they are out.
    5 NO Russell Pearce will be elected with Joe as his advisor.
    6 Describe “media outlets”
    7 Ron Paul
    8 Ron Paul

  10. BantheScan says:

    Nationwide NDAA 2012 Congressional Protest – Feb. 3rd


    • Sgt. Flapjaw says:

      Uh……… aren’t you a bit late? Comrade Obama signed the bill this morning. What is it that you are going to try to stop?

  11. Given the way things are shaping up after Iowa, my guess is that we will have a Romney/Santorum ticket for Pres/VP. It wasn’t my first choice, but that’s how it looks like it’s going to turn out. That would probably be a winning ticket against Obama/Biden with Romney’s experience and steadiness combined with Santorum helping to motivate the party base. It would be politically stupid for Romney to pick someone who has not already gone through the vetting process of being a presidential candidate. McCain made that mistake picking Palin; if Romney had been picked, McCain/Romney might have even won.

    There is still a lot of primary voting to be done which can dramatically change things, so we’ll see how well this prediction holds up.

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