GOP Iowa Voters Sending a Message Using Ron Paul?

I love posing these questions on Sonoran Alliance because some readers fail to process the point of the post and get themselves in a tizzy.

Here’s the question (and I know our Ron Paul readers are going to love this):

The latest poll out of Iowa shows Ron Paul now leading the pack 23% to Romney at 20% and Gingrich at 14% (link). Are the voters of Iowa trying to send a message to the other nominees? What is that message? And if the premise is true nationally, when will they pull back from this game of political chicken and give Mitt Romney the official nod?

Or, will all this lead to a brokered convention?

Finally, does anyone doubt that the official GOP ticket will be Romney/Rubio?


  1. Ron Paul supporters should be all over this post! I will open comments.

  2. I’ve said from day one that fix is in for Romney. All of this is just kabuki to make Romney seem reasonable, to get the Tea Party to swallow the bites of turd sandwich that is Romney. He’ll choose Rubio, which will get the base excited for a little bit, and then Rubio will get sandbagged by scandals out of Florida (and as a Floridian emigre, I can tell you there’s all sorts of fun stuff ready to come out about Rubio – one word: Fanjul).

    The question is whether or not Paul will go third party.

    It’s gonna be 1996 all over again.

  3. Walt Stephenson says:

    Ron Paul is a Libertarian isolationist who can not, in my opinion, win a National election. Obama has a billion dollar war chest. In the now famous words of William F Buckley, we need to pick the most conservative candidate that can win. I don’t believe that candidate has been identified yet. Rubio or Bachman would be a good choice for VP.

    • Ron Paul is a 12 term sitting REPUBLICAN congressman.

      But who cares? Don’t vote for him then. If Iowan Republicans choose them they are perfectly free to. So what? That’s Iowa, this is Arizona. If you care so much move to Iowa.

  4. notthePaulite says:

    Ron Paul says a border fence “symbolizes racism.” Paul opposes a fence because “it may be designed to keep us (American citizens) in.”

    Here is Ron Paul promoting a border fence in his tv ad hoping to fool voters. Ron Paul – YOU LIE!

    Ron Paul “in a better economy illegal immigration wouldn’t be such a bad deal.” Right, free movement of tuberculosis across national borders is a good thing in Ron Paul’s view.

  5. Things have shifted incredibly. As people really look into his message, support will grow. Doctor Paul can and will win.

  6. Ron Paul complained he may not be physically up for a campaign! Oh, LOVELY!
    What the hell is he doing there then, wasting everyone’s time and money?

    It pays his bills. That’s IT. Professional candidate.

  7. Blue Republican – How to Register Republican for Ron Paul

    They are trying to do the fix for Romney but the the pushers from the left, middle and right are having a hard time suppressing Paul. Why would Rubio taint himself anymore and run with Romney? Too funny, a neocon war hawk calling Paul a isolationist, too funny and Bachman as vice is like shooting your other foot off. Anyone riding a bike 16 miles a day is not too old.


    RON PAUL 2012 – END THE FED!

  8. Ok, I will vote for the next President on his bike riding skills. What a fool. But again, we went round for round in 2010 about Deakin and his chances of winning. That should tell us all we need to know about JPD and his support for Ron Paul and I bet he also supports Van for Senate. Newt said the same thing about the FED and at least Newt did balance the budget end the welfare state as we know it today and end earmarks during his tenure as Speaker. But that means nothing we shoild support the open borders drug legalizing giving Iran the Nuke isolationist like Ron Paul.

  9. Is it possible that Mitt Romney as a candidate stinks and will get trounced by Obama? Is it possible that the powers that be in the GOP who want to anoint candidates have really terrible powers of discerning which candidate can actually WIN? Perhaps the entire point that the establishment tries to anoint a candidate IS the problem rather than letting Republicans actually select the candidate they WANT. Hmmm… what a novel concept!

    Look what happened last time. McCain was sold as the “best chance” against Obama but was a PROVEN LOSER. So, who knew he had the “best chance”? No one.

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