Kirk Adams Releases New Video for “I Support Kirk Adams” YouTube Series

CONTACT: Chad Heywood

East Valley – Kirk Adams for Congress released its second individual testimonial from the campaign’s latest YouTube series titled “I Support Kirk Adams.”

The video features college student, Joshua Hoyt, on why he supports Kirk Adams for Congress. Previously, the campaign released a video trailer of all five of the community members who support Kirk Adams. Then just last week the campaign released its first individual testimonial from Gilbert Vice-Mayor and Mother Jenn Daniels.

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Each individual in the video series offers a unique perspective and explains how Kirk Adams’s political courage, personal integrity, and conservative principles have had a positive impact on them and why he’s the right choice in 2012.

“As I look to my future, as I look to the future of the American education system and the future of my America…I really am concerned.” says college student Joshua Hoyt,

“Kirk Adams represents a new and kind of exciting faction of the Republican Party,” Hoyt affirms, “The young conservatives like Eric Cantor and Marco Rubio who are committed to conservatism, but bring a kind of youth and life to the Republican Party.”

“I value the America [Kirk] represents,” states Hoyt, “When he goes to Washington, I know he’s the type of guy that will build consensus. He’s not one to lead by pronouncing how it will be.”

“The good thing about Kirk is that he’s not some career politician, he’s not the kind of guy that spent years in Washington and then spent years as a lobbyist.” explains Hoyt,

“But, we need someone who is focused on Arizona, focused on our issues, that’s focused on our state and that’s Kirk.” concludes Hoyt.

Adams is a husband, father, and small businessman. After joining the state House in 2006, he became so frustrated by the unwillingness and inability of Republicans in the Legislature to stand up for their conservative principles that he launched a long-shot campaign to oust the veteran Speaker of the House. Adams shocked the Republican establishment and political class, winning the Speakership at only 35 years of age.

Adams turned the tide in the House and put Arizona back on the path to fiscal responsibility with an aggressive agenda of reform, courageously taking on some of the most challenging issues in Arizona.

Adams, a lifelong East Valley resident, lives in Mesa with his wife JaNae their five children.



  1. I like how Krony Adams can show up on all these YouTube ads but he cannot show up to any Tea Party gatherings. He is MIA when it comes to having to confront Conservatives, but I guess that is his MO. And I notice this constant talking point “lobbying” spewed by his hacks. So tell me, Krony Adams has not done any lobbying, has he received any lobbying? Would Krony Adams choose one lobby group over another on principle or money/political donations? Who has Krony Adams been lobbied by, besides the obvious McCain-Flake RINO coalition? And will Krony Adams promise not to become a lobbyist once his political career is over? Now, I am not against him receiving money, I just want to know who from, are they lobbyist from Ginsu, Gerber and Buck, I can understand why they would support him, he is a great spokesman for knifing/BACKSTABBING!

    • Tiny Elvis says:

      have you been drinking tonight?

    • Chandler Conservative says:

      YOUR TRUE allegiance shins through. So I’ll ask you again in the 4th press release…Did your Uncle Russell ever ASK for Kirk’s endorsement? Or did he expect him to bend on his knee and kiss his ring??? Why don’t your run to your uncle and ask? Or do you know the answer already???

      You’re a worn out, broken record. And every time you post about Adams it becomes clear. You’re training to be CQ’s prodigy. Or a liberal progressive. Either association works fine. If you can’t prove something, by all means make crap up and see how much sticks.

      Your as much to blame for your uncle’s loss as anyone else. Making baselss accusations and lies up won’t stick with those intelligent enough to look through the curtain. And again, this is comign from someone WHO DONATED TO THE CAUSE TO KEEP RUSSELL IN OFFICE DUE TO THIS SHAM OF A RECALL.

      Get a life Troll. You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.

  2. Gilbert Guy says:

    Talmage Pearce p2012p, Do you have anything better to do with your time?

    • Chandler Conservative says:

      I’m sure he won’t respond accepting that yes, he’s Pearce’s nephew. Even though it’s clearly obvious who he is. Next he’ll claim that that his insurance business is above all the 1070 claims he makes on any service business. He made inuendo’s of a prominent restaurant owner in Chandler, Tempe and Scottsdale in another thread after the owner thru his suppot Adams way.

      Of course, he was refuted once he was proven wrong by the one of the persons he accused.

  3. Jake Brown says:

    Kirk Adams seems to be a clear choice of conservatives. He runs a great business, he has rejected his state pension, he holds true to life and family issues, and he is young enough and passionate enough to really make a change in Congress. I agree with Hoyt- he is my pick for CD6 rep.

  4. True True Conservative American says:

    Kirk Adams fully supports the Utah Compact. He is a complete moderate and his record demonstrates this beyond a shadow of doubt. Look at the legislation he with-held from committee in the 50th Session.

    Matt Salmon has proven himself to be a real conservative. Kirk is a Poser.

    • Chandler Conservative says:

      HUH? What have you been smoking…

      Kirk came out nationally in defense of 1070 and helped push thru Russell’s 5 new bills. I’ve shared before his washington post editorial. It was Pearce’s own senators that rejected them. oh, and that of his district with the recall….(and i say that as someone who supported him with money).

      Salmon a real conservative. He’s a sellout who will represent anyone for money. Yep, that’s the definition of conservative. Yep, a conservative lobbyies on behalf of unions. A conservative lobbies against the F35 going to Luke. Where was he on 1070…oh that’s right, NO WHERE as it wasn’t convienent to his lobbyist career.

      You smell like p2012p with a different name to me. Making crap up doesn’t make it real.

  5. Talmage Pearce says:

    Ok Gilbert guy, this is seriously ridiculous. I am not p2012p nor have I made any comments on here other than the ones under my name. I’m actually somewhat upset that you keep bringing my name into these debates. Have i even met you?

    Please tell me who you are.


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