Coalition of Job Creators Launches Statewide Media

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Calls for the Arizona Legislature to Stop Killing Jobs by Raiding the HURF

(PHOENIX, AZ) We Build Arizona, a statewide coalition of job creators, launched a media campaign calling upon the Arizona Legislature to stop killing job creation by raiding the HURF. Over 43,000 jobs in Arizona have been lost due to the legislature’s raiding of these funds.

“A good transportation system is needed to manage future economic growth,” said Ryan Mackey of We Build Arizona. “The politicians in the Arizona Legislature have been raiding the HURF for 11 years and it must stop so we can put Arizonans back to work and keep Arizona families safe on our roads.”

The statewide media campaign includes television, radio, social media, and direct voter contact to educate Arizonans on how the politicians in the Arizona Legislature have cost our state over 43,000 jobs while putting the safety of Arizona driver’s at risk.

“The raiding of the HURF didn’t start because the economy went south,” said Gary Haydon of We Build Arizona. “The politicians in the state legislature have been using the HURF for their own political benefit, not for what it is intended. If they are unwilling to fix their mistakes, then we will take their raiding of funds and killing jobs directly to the voters by placing an initiative on the 2012 ballot.”

We Build Arizona is a statewide coalition of businesses and organizations dedicated to creating jobs by protecting and growing state and local infrastructure funding. The coalition consists of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Arizona, Arizona Builders’ Alliance, Arizona Chapter, Associated General Contractors, Arizona Transit Association, Associated Minority Contractors of America, Friends of Transit, and Tucson Utility Contractors Association.

To view the television ad and listen to the radio ad, please visit

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  1. The video says $1.5 billion have been taken from the fund by the legislature.If the Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF). This is money that the ad says is supposed to be dedicated to road construction.

    The group We Build Arizona thinks this means that the legislature should put this money back so they can get construction contracts.

    What this means to me is that our gasoline taxes are too high and should be reduced so that our tax money is not readily available for politicians and big government lobbyists to waste.

    We Build Arizona, according to their web site, is dedicated to getting governments to spend money on a variety of construction projects for the “benefit” of Arizonans including renewal (uneconomical) energy projects, multimodal (uneconomical mass transit) transportation projects, and research projects (uneconomical toys) as well as highway construction. Obviously, the construction industry people behind this organization are just interested in tapping into taxpayer money regardless of whether the projects they work on actually benefit the people of Arizona.

  2. Oberserve says:

    I agree that money should not be swept out of HURF to be used for other purposes.

    But this “We Build Arizona” nonsense is just another manifestation of the multi-headed infrastructure lobby hydra whose purpose is to increase your property taxes via local, county, tax district and statewide bond issues in order to fund projects and contracts for their buddies.

    No different than the Chamber of Commerce or the new “Commerce Authority” created in the Pearce/Brewer “Jobs Bill” – which had nothing to do with jobs and everything to do with handing out taxpayer subsidies to the directors’ of the board of the Commerce Authority’s buddies. Did you know that the “jobs bill” places a *contractual* first lien position on city budgets for those cities that took a loan or a bond from the authority? Guess who pays for that? Property tax owners. Why do I highlight *contractual*? Because voters can’t overturn it per the state supreme court.

  3. ““The raiding of the HURF didn’t start because the economy went south,” said Gary Haydon of We Build Arizona.”

    So, the “raiding” of HURF actually didn’t hurt job creation prior to 2008, and has nothing to do with “job creation” at all then, but cronyism.

    Perhaps these “job creators” should get back to work before we find someone else to create the jobs for us.

  4. Who built the Phoenix Light Rail and out of which budget are the operating costs being paid? It sure isn’t breaking even on fares, so it’s being subsidized out of where .. and to what magnitude?

    • Oberserve says:

      Valley Metro -> MAG -> Counties -> Property Owners

      In 2005, it was estimated that on average, every property in Maricopa County would need to pay $125/year to support (subsidize) the light rail system based on MAG and Valley Metros own published numbers of costs vs. projected revenues.

  5. Ugly Facts says:

    They should call themselves “We (not you) Build Arizona.” No one, not even the duly-elected Legislature, is going to tell Arizona is allowed to fund things that don’t include steel, concrete and union labor.

    Yeah, that light rail project is a perfect example of what they think building is.

  6. I wouldn’t even mind cheerleading this if there was some useful safety outlets/turnarounds being constructed off I-17 Phx to Flag. It’s more dangerous than just nuts to be one full hour from PHX, trapped with thousands of cars and trucks on a scorching highway, no way off because of a flipped truck by Union Hills.

    But, priorities in funding and construction went to an unneeded, unnecessary light rail in PHX.

    More than just “raiding transportation funds” needs to be fixed.

  7. Tiny Elvis says:

    Aren’t these the same altruistic groups that raised millions of dollars to pass Prop 400 a few years back?

    I would love to see the math behind the 43,000 jobs figure.

    I wonder if the sudden outrage over HURF could have anything to do with the fact that the Prop 400 gravy train is drying up?

    • Oberserve says:

      Good point. This could be setting the stage for replacing the sunsetting 1% “temporary” sales tax with a replacement 1% sales tax that they will claim “does not increase your taxes”.

      (presumably because it just replaces one 1% with another)

      Good insight. Get ready for it.

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