KAET’s Horizon Interview with Senator-Elect Jerry Lewis

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  1. “.. create laws that really will work to provide a way for those who that are here already to swear themselves to the law…”

    “the image we have of our state … unleash the convention our marketing people.. we’ve had a successful change here in ARizona, we are not who we are portrayed as, okay people from the outside see us as totally different than we are, we made a giant step yesterday in changing that image… invite people back to our conventions…”

    Now wait a minute.
    The Democrats ran a rancid racist media campaign against innocent Arizonans to vilify us all, ginned up a boycott that was conducted SOLELY by Democrats, expressly to “PUNISH the state for SB1070″ and it’s OUR Fault? Democrats created and ran the boycott. Lewis can poof make that disappear? He’s “approved” by Democrats?

    Lews wants a tone of “civil discourse” and “humanity” where’s the civil discourse and humanity shown to Arizonans who have done nothing wrong?

    WHy isn’t Lewis DEFENDING ARizonans instead of agreeing with the racist hysterical rhetoric against decent people?

  2. and what’s with the “create laws that really will work to provide a way for those who that are here already to swear themselves to the law…”

    Gonna support laws to let illegals “swear themselves to the law?” DO the immigrants who are doing this correctly get put at the back of the bus?

    WHy should we have LAWS for IMMIGRATION? Just let EVERYONE in, run around, use services and every five years AMNESTY. No paperwork!!

  3. I realize now that I hate this man. Jerry Lewis is a complete fraud. What a smug jerk-off! He insults the intelligence of anyone who is a real Republican.

  4. What does Lewis mean by education reform so that “principals and teachers” get the means they need.?

    The Republican and Conservative rhetoric would be that PARENTS can get the means they need…what Lewis is saying is UNION UNION UNION.

    And isn’t Lewis grown up enough to stop saying, “OKay?” “Okay?” all the time?

  5. Nordine Crub says:

    Tyler honey- hate is such a nasty word. Have you actually ever met Jerry. He beat your guy fair and square. You need to take a break during the holidays and after the first of the year refocus your anger into something positive. . The nice thing about politics is there is always another election around the corner.

    Maybe you need a hobby. Needlepoint takes my mind off the stuff that upsets me. Maybe you could do something like scrapbooking. Talk to one of the sisters in Relief Society they could get you started. Hugs and have a fabulous Thanksgiving. We do have so much to be Thankful for this year. Nordine

  6. Nordine,

    What are you spiking the punch with over there in your Relief Society get-togethers? Why do you think that recall against Russell Pearce is being touted nationally as a Democrat & liberal victory? You & any other Jerry Lewis supporters don’t even pass the Republican sniff test. At least you could do us a favor & label yourself properly on here: “Nordine the Liberal” would be more accurate.

    By the way, how many times did you vote for Napolitano when Arizona was forced to suffer through her tyranic rule as either Attorney General or Governor? And why did you think that Terry Goddard would have made a good Governor too?

    • Tiny Elvis says:

      Part of the reason Democrats are able to push the liberal victory mantra nationally is because of people like you (okay, maybe that’s not completely fair to single you out), but because of people who frequently comment here on SA. “You” built the narrative up as Russell Pearce vs. the Liberal/Union/Leftist/Marxist/Democrat/Judas boogie man hill to die on.

      Then Jerry wins — with Republican votes — and you act shocked that Andrei and others can take credit.

      You got what you wanted. Congrats.

      • Tiny Elvis,

        I’m sure you’re a conservative Republican too. That’s about as likely as Lewis being a real Republican.

        • Tiny Elvis says:

          Are you really this paranoid? My political ideologies really have nothing to do with my comment or the point you’re trying to make, do they? In fact, you kind of just proved my point, didn’t you?

          What is your definition of conservative? What is a ‘real’ Republican? Can you define the terms you so effortlessly toss around? Perhaps if you could devise a litmus test or a short questionnaire, I could see how I score?

          Is it voting behavior? Is it working to further the cause of Republican candidates in the political arena? Is it agreeing with the opinions of fragile egos and divisive personalities of individuals such as yourself?

          Have I ever voted for a Democrat for president? Nope.

          Ever voted for a Democrat in a legislative or a state senate race? No.

          Sorry, didn’t vote for Janet either, even when the best the Republicans could recruit was Len Munsil.

          US Senate or Congress? No, no Democrats hiding there.

          I have voted against Sheriff Arpaio in a primary however. Sorry. (I’d do it again too). But if it makes you feel any better, I’d support Russell over Joe in a Republican primary.

          I’ve worked on (in one capacity or another) almost a dozen political campaigns in my life, all Republicans with the exception of a School Board race for a friend who is a registered Democrat, although she was a better choice than the liberal incumbent (and she was my friend so I kinda got sucked into it).

          I’ve just wasted nearly five minutes defending myself to you. Not because I feel the need to prove anything, but to illustrate that your one-size insults are laughable. If I’m not conservative, holy crap it scares me to think of the individuals occupying the space to the right of me.

          Stop being a child with a small, narrow-minded view of both Arizona and national politics. Put your big boy pants on, pull your head out of it’s dark regions and try to see the world from a perspective other than your ass. If you are over the age of 30, I feel sorry for you.

          You could line Klute and I up and compare our ballots and I guarantee you that we’d pretty much be polar opposites on almost every candidate or ballot issue. But I’d far rather have a discussion with him, and certainly would rather go get a beer with him long before being in the same room as you if this is how you always behave.

          You may be a fine human being. We may actually get along if we met. I wish you well as you replay the fateful events of the last month in your bunker. But the McCarthy like paranoia of individuals such as yourself to define ‘real’ or ‘true’ Republicans within our party is a cancer and exposes you for the insignificant ant you are.

          Thanks for the chat and good luck to you and yours.

  7. A recall infers exceptions to the rules, not the state of normal business.

    Pearce won fair and square during the normal electoral process with a majority only 12 months ago Totally different dynamics were at work with the recall. It’s plain that Pearce was simply out-manuvered. Now we have Lewis talking just like a Democrat.

    HOw does Lewis square his trained opening “disarming” point of “getting Arizonans back to work” with getting Illegals to “swear themselves to the law”.?.
    Isn’t that raw, job market confrontation of pitting out of work citizens against for scarce jobs?

    ANd it was the Democrats who deliberately depressed Arizona convention busines by their boycott campaign, no one else.

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