Governor Brewer Statement on Special Session and Removal of IRC Chairwoman

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Statement from Governor Jan Brewer
Special Session and Removal of IRC Chairwoman

Governor Jan Brewer released the following statement today as she invoked her Constitutional authority to remove a member of the Independent Redistricting Commission:

“The Arizona Constitution provides that the Governor has direct oversight of the Independent Redistricting Commission, as well as the ability to remove any member due to ‘substantial neglect of duty’ or ‘gross misconduct in office.’ I invoked that authority today with my decision to remove IRC Chairwoman Colleen Mathis, and I’ve called the Arizona Legislature into Special Session so that the State Senate may concur with this removal, in accordance with the Constitution.

“I recognize that my decision will not be popular in some quarters. I certainly did not reach it lightly. However, the conduct of the IRC – led by Chairwoman Mathis – has created a cloud of suspicion that will not lift. A flawed redistricting process has resulted in flawed district maps. As Chairwoman of this Commission, the buck stops with Ms. Mathis.

“Today’s action isn’t the easy thing, certainly. But I’m convinced it’s the right thing. I will not sit idly-by while Arizona’s congressional and legislative boundaries are drawn in a fashion that is anything but Constitutional and proper. Arizona voters must live with the new district maps for a decade.

“I urge the Senate to act quickly so that a newly-constituted Redistricting Commission may complete its duties in time.”





  1. Nordine Crub says:

    OK Jan says she’s convinced it’s the right thing. She will not sit idly-by while Arizona’s congressional and legislative boundaries are drawn in a fashion that is anything but Constitutional and proper.

    What next…do you honestly think those four members of the commission are going to be able to agree on a Chairperson? Or does Jan come back from her book tour and Chair it herself? Maybe Chuck from High Ground or Constantine….or after next Tuesday Russell Pearce will be looking for another job where he can collect a pension. He’d be non-partisan and he does have that special presence in the Chair.

  2. Conservative American says:

    Go Jan! Do that Governor thing!

  3. Excellent move on Jan Brewer’s part.

  4. The progressives thought they would get away with murder by a “sham” Independent and then Strategic Telemetry and then all the maps gerrymandered to compact GOP incumbents and no Dems. Dah! Do they think we are dumb?!?

    Guess who was testifying today at the legislative committee on the IRC Commission? None other than Randy Parraz running Lewis’ campaign. My gut always told me that there was a connection between Recall/Lewis and the IRC Corruption….and there we have Mr. Parraz.Time the Recall so the Right overlooks the crazy little maps! Right out of the book “Blueprint”.

    Speaking of the book “Blueprint”, Gilbert Watch has found a connection between the Colorado progressives (Blueprint is how Colorado went from long-time Republican to Progressive overnight) and Lewis/Parraz recall.

    • TruestoftheTrueAmericanConservative says:

      Parraz is not running Lewis’s campaign, nor is he involved with it.

      Anson Clarkson, who is the Ronald Reagan Fellow at the Goldwater Institute, is running Jerry Lewis’s campaign and it’s well documented.

      Please stop spreading inaccurate information. It is false and misleading.

      • It’d be nice of the -pro-recall gang would abide by that advice, wouldn’t it?

      • Marty Smith says:

        LOL that is a good one! Parraz is not involved with Lewis.! hahahhaha well, 6500 bucks says your are WRONG! that is the amount, to date, Parraz’s CBA have given to Lewis for electioneering services. EVERY SINGLE DAY Parraz’s CBA is working the phones and canvasing the neighborhood for Lewis. Most of the core members of CBA have also contributed to Lewis, and most are also ACTIVE Lewis campaign volunteers!

      • You mean the Ricky RINO Fellow.

  5. Marty Smith says:

    All of us conservatives should give the many Tea Party activists and other conservatives a big round of applause, They have been going to these meetings, documenting and collecting the corruption going on that led to this. Normally, the IRC would have gotten away with this, As usual, every leftist group shows up at every meeting, but of course, identify themselves as a “concerned independent voter” Tea Party members in attendance identified and exposed them for who they really were

    This should also be a wake up call to conservatives – we need to be pro-active at all levels of local government! this is exactly how the left always manages to creep in and slowly take over, Their side ALWAYS has activists going to every meeting pushing for their agenda.

    If the IRC had gone unchallenged, within a few years, Arizona could have easily been turned into a solid Blue state

  6. She should have asked for the Democrats to be removed too. They participated in all of the inappropriate activites the chairman did and have votes equal to hers. If there were some Republican senators who would have been relunctant to do that, they should have been identified by their votes. They should not be given cover. If anyone knows which Republican senators would have refused to vote to remove the Democrat commission members, I would appreciate seeing their names published. If it was just the governor not asking, it would be good to know that too.

    Contrary to Brewer’s statement, in this kind of situation, the buck does not stop with the commission chairman. If three commissioners not including the chairman had done this, then THOSE commissioners should be the ones removed – not the chairman. In this case, the three commissioners acting improperly included the chairman and all three should have been removed.

  7. Phillip the Great says:

    Were I the Gov I would have suggested the R’s first quit in disgust and then she would remove the rest, as the senate R’s would be hard pressed to leave power in the hands of the remaining members. Now that I write this it’s probably something she tried.

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