Where is the outrage over Fast and Furious?

By: Rep. David Schweikert

It seems that despite the magnitude of the Fast and Furious scandal, there isn’t much outrage.

Arizonans don’t need me to tell them that Fast and Furious is a big story. This scandal started in our backyard — in the ATF’s Phoenix office — and was administered by a U.S. attorney appointed by President Obama.

Every step of this operation seems riddled with incompetence and dishonesty.

High-ranking U.S. officials used taxpayer money — stimulus money no less — to buy guns and ship them to Mexico. The administration claims these firearms were shipped to Mexico in an attempt to destabilize Mexican drug cartels.

A further investigation will help us determine if, in fact, the administration’s real agenda was indeed promoting gun control.

Not only did this incompetence sink the operation, it strengthened the cartels and destabilized Mexican security forces on the border.

In other words, under this then-secret program, thousands of guns were shipped over our borders and placed directly into the hands of criminals. Sadly, these guns can be traced to over 200 murders, including that of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and high-ranking Mexican officials.

Some have tried to say that Fast and Furious is simply a case of an overreaching federal government dropping the ball or botching an operation — that it was planned to do something different, that weapons were lost and that officials miscommunicated or were ill-informed.

However, as more evidence has come to light, it has become clear that this operation was not botched. The administration fully intended for guns to end up in the hands of Mexican criminals.

As an Arizonan watching this unfold in my backyard, I can also assure you this is more than feds dropping the ball. People are dying. American tax dollars are arming criminals and it seems the administration is trying to cover it up.

This is egregious.

Almost as egregious, is the fact that the mainstream media has largely seemed to ignore this scandal. Where is the media’s understanding of the scale of this operation? Where is the outrage for not only the actions of President Obama and Eric Holder, but for their inconsistent stories? Where is the outrage for the use of American tax dollars for criminal activity? Where is the outrage for the more than 200 lives lost?

There is a growing voice in the House, mine one of the strongest among them, that believes we need a special prosecutor to hold Eric Holder and the Justice Department accountable. We must put the facts together and properly lay them out on a timeline.

Let’s face it. If it turns out that our attorney general misled the House Oversight Committee in May, the honorable thing for him to do is tender his resignation.

However, the honorable thing for President Obama to do right now is to stop playing politics and come clean on what his Justice Department knew and when they knew it. Incompetence and dishonesty that cost lives cannot and will not be tolerated.

The truth of this operation must come out just as fast and furiously as it was withheld from us.

The main duty of our government is to protect her citizens. However, here in my backyard, taxpayer-funded weapons have taken lives. I do not know what else needs to be said for America to start listening.

Congressman David Schweikert represents Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District.


  1. True Conservative says:

    Can someone please share more information about the following statement “A further investigation will help us determine if, in fact, the administration’s real agenda was indeed promoting gun control.”

    If true … outrage must follow. Immediately.

    In a court of law you need a good faith basis to make claims like this, and nothing in Rep. David Schweikert’s past suggests he would make such a claim unless he had something he was chasing down.

    Please share … my blood pressure is already up.

    • Your rhetoric is amazingly subdued for this real life mass murdering corruption of what was supposed to be our federal law enforcement, while yesterday you were just OFFENDED about some hypothetical sheep and literary goats because LaRue employed some parables in his essay to make a point about Lewis.

      You are a lawyer all right. Too much talky-talky inside four, very controlled walls settings, totally aloof from the blood and guts, LITERALLY of innocent and law enforcement officers on the streets in TWO countries who are getting blown away by a complex, surrepticious, guns-provided- under-the-watch-of-the Noble Peace Prize President, and the ONLY action the same administration has done is to slam the hapless innocent gun shop owners with more controls, as IF they weren’t acting under government-controlled duress, against their will.

      If it wasn’t for your ridiculous display of vapors over a mild essay yesterday, a simple commentary opinion piece that didn’t physically hurt a soul, you’d come off today like a real cool customer, calm in the face of violent depravity. Instead, you come off as a political hack who needs to throw some cold water on the flickering flames of outrage that Rep Schweikert is looking for.


      • Well, this IS one OTHER action the Obama Administration has taken on FAST and FURIOUS:

        • Guessing they are trying to hide this:

          “Newly surfaced emails reveal problems going back to 2007 with the ATF office in Phoenix and guns ”walking” across the U.S.-Mexico border.

          The emails about the Bush-era problems were given to Congress by the Justice Department as part of the congressional investigation into the ATF’s botched Obama-era firearms trafficking case, dubbed “Fast and Furious.”

          The documents show that the special agent in charge of the ATF’s Phoenix office, William Newell, was involved in a 2007 incident that resulted in guns slipping into Mexico and, later, part of Fast and Furious. Newell was the special agent in charge of the Phoenix office until earlier this year.


          I’ve no problem with this being fully investigated and those found responsible being held fully accountable.
          Let’s just make sure we give credit to all parties involved, ok?

          Though I do understand the difficulties of doing that when your party is shown to have blood on it’s hands too.

          • Hey Genius,
            Here is a little caveat you left out, Mexico was involved with the Bush administration and weapons were closely being traced.

            • Hey Genius,

              I didn’t write the story.
              Obviously, you didn’t read it either.
              I find it often helps to read prior to commenting.

              You pick up little nuggets of info like this one regarding guns that had ‘walked’ after being bought in the US ““We, the ATF … did not get a response from the Mexican side until 20 minutes later, who then informed us that they did not see the vehicle cross. ”
              And this: ““Are we tracking south of the border? Same re U.S. Attorney’s Office. Did we find out why they missed the hand-off of the vehicle? What are the expected outcomes?”

              That sure doesn’t sound like “weapons being closely traced”. In fact, the person overseeing it shut it down for PRECISELY that reason. How the hell would anyone in their right mind expect anything, let alone a weapon, to be “closely traced” in Mexico where it’s out of US control?

              There’s no absolution of any person involved in this coming from me, from either Administration. Given that it had been tried once before and they were well aware of the issues, to try it again was pure stupidity.

              • No, but you post it like an useful idiot! ABC and NBC has been notorious for their lack of interest in Fast and Furious.

              • p2012p,

                Is it really that hard to say “ooops, my mistake”, rather than just going from Zero-to-D’bag in 60 seconds?

      • True Conservative says:

        wanumba wrote: “, while yesterday you were just OFFENDED ”

        Wrong, dear wanumba.

        I did not post ANYTHING in that thread. As such, I can’t really comment on what you wrote.

        Rather than attack me because of something I didn’t do, can you share with me more information about how Obama was using Fast & Furious as a pretext for gun control?

        If true, then this is a major, major issue and one that (R) need to make clear to the public. Liberals like Jon Stewart mocked the NRA recently for complaining that the best proof Obama wants to take our guns away is that he hasn’t done anything to take them away just yet. The NRA argument is that Obama is counting on a second term and will then launch an offensive against the second amendment. On its face, and without any facts, that argument was easy fodder for the liberal attack press.

        However, if there is substance behind this F&F claim, then maybe the pieces start to fall in place.

        So, I repeat – can anyone make an offer of proof to demonstrate the good faith basis for the representative’s statement?

        • Okay. There are so many True, Truer,Truest Conservatives who have roughly the same position, but are truly different posters around here since the recall campaign started heating up, it’ s hard to keep ya’ll straight.

          It’s pretty astounding that someone of your political level of activity hasn’t already read every report and Congressional statement on the ongoing FAST and FURIOUS investigation and hasn’t already fired off a hundred irate messages to STOP this and bring the PERPS to justice. THis week opened with reporting of grenades being amongst the weapons made available to hard core criminals thru the illegal network… but what I have been asking for week nows: WHY aren’t the DEMOCRATS condemning this? It’s occuring on THEIR watch, and it’s impacting civilians and police on both sides of the border, while the death toll much higher in Mexico.

          A general observation: It’s shocking how many people have showed up here recently proclaiming they’re so concerned about their “fellow human beings” the illegal Mexicans so much they’re willing toss out ALL our immigration laws, but say nothing when these same people are being killed by weapons pushed thru the Phoenix ATF office.

          There’s a very disturbing disconnect being displayed between magnitudes of simple inconvenience versus raw, brute inhumanity to our fellow man, in Mexico and in the United States.

          People rag on Sheriff Arpaio, but how many have considered the lethality of what’s now on the street that his deputies are going to encounter? How many have considered that Arpaio and his top staff has been in meetings with Federal officials out of the Phoenix office, working in good faith with them, not knowing they were all two-faced smiles and handshakes while stabbing him and ALL local law enforcement from AZ to Texas in the back?

          This is dangerously corrosive on many many many levels. Meanwhile, OWS protestors with $5,000 top of the line computers and chichi cell phones, literally pull their pants down and crap on police cars.

    • Conservative American says:

      Obama blames U.S. guns in Mexico

      MEXICO CITY | Meeting face-to-face with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, President Obama on Thursday said the U.S. is to blame for much of Mexico’s drug violence, and he set up a major congressional gun-control battle by calling on the Senate to ratify a treaty designed to track and cut the flow of guns to other countries.

      Mr. Obama said he wants to renew a ban on some semiautomatic weapons but that it is not likely to pass Congress. Instead, he called for the Senate to ratify a decade-old hemispherewide treaty that would require nations to mark all weapons produced in the country and track them to make sure no weapons were exported to countries where they were banned.


    • Conservative American says:

      Obama Administration’s New Proposed Gun Regulation for Border States Met With Bipartisan Dissent

      January 15, 2011

      The Obama administration’s plan to force new reporting requirements on thousands of gun dealers near the Mexico border is under fire from members of his own party.

      At least three Democrats in the Senate and several more in the House are voicing opposition to a proposed regulation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that would require about 8,500 gun dealers in four states – California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas – to report gun sales of two or more high-powered rifles sold within five consecutive business days.

      Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, has asked the ATF to withdraw its request to the White House for emergency authority to enact the regulation.

      “While I understand the importance of cracking down on violence and gun trafficking along the U.S.-Mexico border, this wide-reaching regulation would punish law-abiding American gun owners and impede their Second Amendment rights,” Begich wrote in a letter last week to ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson. “Instead, we must secure our border and target Mexican drug cartels, as well as participating offenders in the United States.”


    • Conservative American says:

      On March 30, the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, Jim Brady, who sustained a debilitating head wound in the attack, and his wife, Sarah, came to Capitol Hill to push for a ban on the controversial “large magazines.” Brady, for whom the law requiring background checks on handgun purchasers is named, then met with White House press secretary Jay Carney. During the meeting, President Obama dropped in and, according to Sarah Brady, brought up the issue of gun control, “to fill us in that it was very much on his agenda,” she said.

      “I just want you to know that we are working on it,” Brady recalled the president telling them. “We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”


      • True Conservative says:

        Thanks for these articles.

        They don’t reveal a connection between F&F and gun control per se, but certainly do form a good faith basis for requesting the emails in search of such linkage.

        G-d speed, Congressman, please report back what you find.

        • Conservative American says:

          You’re most welcome, TC.

          I agree that the information in the articles does not constitute a “smoking gun” (pun intended), merely a fairly reasonable basis for further inquiry.

          It is worth noting that the BATFE made it’s request to the White House for emergency authority to enact additional border state gun sale regulations while it was, at the same time, actively implementing “Operation Gunrunner” and “Fast and Furious” in which the BATFE itself was knowingly allowing guns to flow from the U. S. into Mexico. How are we supposed to make sense of that?

          • True Conservative says:

            Two interpretations, neither flattering of the Administration.

            1) A classic example of do what I say, not what I do … also known as “laws are for the tiny people, not me.”

            2) It was all designed to create instability such that gun control legislation could be rammed through.

            I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories as conspiracies fall apart the more actors are involved. However, a few actors who exploit the Weberian inefficiencies of government bureaucracy such that most actors think they are just applying a double standard and aren’t in on the conspiracy — that may yet get me. More proof needed … but it merits review!

            • Conservative American says:

              I think that what is troubling the electorate, some journalists and members of Congress is that at every turn, things just don’t add up. That is compounded by the way the administration has handled things. If the administration acts like they are covering up a conspiracy then people will respond as if there is a conspiracy, whether there is one or not. “Transparency” would have been a good way to go on this one.

  2. To any posters who frequent NEW TIMES blog. In a very dirty trick, someone is falsely posting comments there using my nic. My comments are expressly reserved for Sonoran Alliance.
    I have asked Shane to look into it with the NEW TIMES blog owners.

    • How does one go about copyrighting a screen name?

      • Dunno. Never thought it was necessary. The usual posters and 99.999% of the passers by here on SA would never do anything that would make one have to ask that question, but the fake post using my nic was employed expressly to maliciously smear Shane himself, by name, soooo …

        • So then Wanumba = Shane Wikfors?

          FYI, I’ve seen posts on there by people calling themselves “chick” “ConservativeAmerican” and other names I’ve seen used on here. I figure they are people who are either too lazy to think up their own name or trying to get at those whose names they usurp.

          Never fear, I know it’s not you and I’m sure I am not alone.

          They’re random posts in cyberspace read by few when put in context.
          There’s better things in life to worry over.

          • Really Rob? What an arse you are.

            • And “Rob” isn’t a “lazy” name? why don’t you try “joe”?

              • Because my parents didn’t name me Joe, “chick”.
                They named me Rob.
                See how that works?

                So, I’m an “arse” for being able to distinguish between posters?
                So, I’m an “arse” for understanding the poster on Lemon’s blog who supports Jerry Lewis and posts under the name of “chick” is not the same “chick” who posts here?

                Oh wait…sorry. Almost forgot who I’m responding to.

                My point was, both blogs, in the grand scheme of things, are read by a relative few most of which could probably care less about a poster’s moniker. I’d think we all have better ways to utilize our time rather than worrying about something you simply cannot control. Now, were Wanumba’s doppleganger posting under his/her real name, that would be an entirely different story. I don’t know “Wanumba” nor Mr Wikfors but were someone to post maliciously under their full names, I’d absolutely defend and support both of them in their efforts to put an end to it. Even you too, “chick” were you to post under your real, full name.

                Grow up, chick.

          • I’ve had people, I think it might have been the former “antifederalist” from SA read the IP trackbacks of my posts, and then go over to my Livejournal and then post as the president of company I work at and threaten my job.

            Fortunately, the company I work for seems to like what I do, so the IT department spent some time try to track down who it was, but who ever was posting was using an IP randomizer, and we had bigger fish to fry.

            Weird stuff happens when you put an opinion out there. And for the record, I think wanumba is a childish, myopic blowhard but it wasn’t me over at the New Times. If I’ve got something to say to wanumba, I’ll say it here. And I like Shane, so I wouldn’t smear him anywhere.

          • Rob,
            Occam’s Razor. Shane is Shane, just like he says, “wanumba” is someone ELSE, just like I have explained, ie “moi.” Shane is parked somewhere in AZ. I am parked in Africa, just like I said. I am an AZ state resident, paying city and state taxes. Maybe some people are so used to lying they can’t accept straight up statements. So what if it’s a bit out of the usual?

            I have no interest in wasting time playing guessing games nor getting “martyred” posters soap operas. I have no interest in other people’s names or who they are related to or work for. I want to discuss the ISSUE at hand.

            We’ve all had our very lively disagreements here over the past two years, but NOT ONE of the usual posters have crossed that line. We do have a new crowd in town for the recall of which a number are hanging here who aren’t of the same quality, and it’s noticeable. The fraud comments used my nic to denigrate Shane, who is probably the nicest blog owners around, to make it look like Shane was promoting vile dirt against Lewis when he isn’t, and everyone knows it, so it stunk to high heaven. It is worth following up directly with the Feathers bog. I will abide by how he wants to handle it, it’s HIS blog, not mine.

            Any of the usual SA posters and the newbies disagree with that? Is it not fair and since I nor other posters did not know this crap was going on, until Nordine alerted me, is it a problem for me to reinforce to everyone that I write and post HERE?, so YOU are not confused and duped by a dirty trick?

            The fraud comments were vulgarly, nasty anti-Pearce. You can disagree with me all you want, but I have not used any language of that sort about Lewis, and I have all the forum I could ever need right HERE. Shane gave me permission, I try to respect the parameters of language and tone SHANE wants for HIS blog. It’s straight up.

            Speaking of a forum: Back to Rep Schweikert’s appeal to the public:
            Death Toll FAST and FURIOUS still on the rise, with the KNOWN number of trafficked weapons as : 2,000. Only a handful of those have been recovered.
            Mexicans and Americans are being murdered and the Democratic Party is only focused on recalling, #OWS protestors are screaming about banks while defecating on police cars, NOT rallying to shut FAST and FURIOUS down, and getting law enforcement control of the illegal network that it exploited.

            What’s the MATTER with people?

            • True Conservative says:

              Bottom line: too many BS conspiracies have been supported by the fringe that when a real issue of controversy comes up, it gets lost.

              Decapitated heads in dessert
              Anchor babies allow illegals to stay in US
              Kidnap capital of the world
              Census is prelude to Obama plan to round up conservatives into concentration camps
              Obama spending millions and taking fleet to Africa
              Obama sending troops to kill G-d fearing Christians
              Obama has done nothing to stop illegals because he is open borders.

              Those BS claims are just what I can remember off the top of my head at 5:08 am.

              We lose our voice in our own cacophony of craziness – AND IT PISSES ME OFF!

              • It’d be add some intellectual honesty to separate out your little mishmosh melange of whack–a-do by not associating Conservatives with conspiracies expounded on national TV by decidedly anti-Conservative hard core Democrats like Rosie O’Donnell, the Loose Changers who vote Democrat, the LaRouchers and Paulian cranks.

                There ARE website JUST for those folks, plenty of them. THIS isn’t one of them.

                Your blatent bias and bigotry against Conservatives is bit too evident in the wee hours before l’aube.

              • True Conservative says:

                Your post makes no sense.

                I don’t care if the left-wing wingnuts embarris themselves.

                Meanwhile, each and every example I list of wing-nuttery from the Tea Bag Party continues to dillute the conservative message.

                The question was asked: where is the outrage?

                The answer is plain: the real reasons for outrage are lost amongst all the false ones.

                I’ve been clear – this is something I want to see tracked down. I would also like to remove some noise and improve the signal associated with Conservative messaging. Why is that so hard to understand?

          • Rob,
            Oh, BTW. It IS a little different situation when I have been WRITING commentary for Sonoran Alliance, one of the alliance of writers for here for about two years, copyrighted under “wanumba” so … it’s goes beyond just a nic for an occasional poster.

            • Wow.

              The relevance of the first paragraph in your initial reply is lost on me, though I’m sure it makes sense to you.

              You posted complaining of another (or others, who knows) using your moniker, but then you write “I have no interest in wasting time playing guessing games nor getting “martyred” posters soap operas. I have no interest in other people’s names or who they are related to or work for. I want to discuss the ISSUE at hand.” Yet, you go on ranting about it later in the post.

              Make up your mind. Perhaps an understanding of how comments and anonymity work on the Internet would be in order? What are you asking Mr Wikfors to do? Tell New Times to start censoring their comments? Good luck on that one.
              Is he to start searching every single message board for comments posted under the name of “Wanumba” and verify with you that they are yours? Have you ever read the Terms of Service on a sites message board section?
              Enough of this foolishness.

              I did find your statement of “…We do have a new crowd in town for the recall of which a number are hanging here who aren’t of the same quality, and it’s noticeable.”

              Given that over 10,000 signatures of registered, valid voters in LD were confirmed by the AZ SoS and that Jerry Lewis is a lifelong resident of Mesa, you must be speaking of those who’ve come to town to support Russell Pearce, correct?

              Now that I think about it, the “Mother of all Rallies” held last week at Hohokam that drew an earth shattering 300 people did contain in it’s flyer (and it’s still there on http://www.defendpearce.com) the following line “If you are from out of town please consider staying over on Friday night so that you can help on Saturday.”

              Not to mention the listing of speakers contains several people who are not from Arizona.

              Is that the “new crowd in town for the recall” you, who you – per your post is “parked in Africa” – are referring to?

              • I am one of the writers who writes commentary which is published on this blog. Unlike some of the other commentators, I write ONLY for SA.
                So, it’s more than a little thing that my nom de plume was falsely used by someone who has plainly been lurking on SA, to maliciously slime Shane, who is a true gentleman and the owner of the SA blog, at another blog, and to vindictively try to damage my credibility Simple disagreements are one thing, this is a form of defamation… and from the set of comments I screen grabbed, coming from a Lewis supporter.
                Free speech does NOT include posing dishonestly as a different person while denigrating that person’s supervisor with full intent to create harm to him and his blog.

  3. Sue & Rick says:

    David–you did a great job with this article. And thank you for standing up for Arizona!

  4. Finally someone paying attention to the border.

  5. Oberserve says:

    So, Rep. Schweikert, what are you DOING about it.

    Yak yak yak. How about some ACTION?

    • He would probably like to have some feedback that the voters back him up. Its extremely high stakes, without parallel in our nation’s history. Murder is involved and it’d be more than just nice for every single representative at every level KNOW that the People have their backs.

      • True Conservative says:

        We’ve killed a lot more for a lot less … I’m not impressed by liberal hand-wringing about the fate of third world countries.

        Americans are numb to the deaths of tens of thousands, tens or hundreds aren’t going to get much attention. I’m not writing about what is right, just about what is reality.

        Two ways to generate legitimate outrage out of F&F:

        1) Demonstrate corruption, not just incompetence. (follow the money)
        2) Show this was all a pretext to subsequent gun control.

        If it was just a deadly mistake – then you fire the a-holes who are responsible and try to make good on the harm caused.

        If corruption, then lets see how far the conspiracy goes. Leave no stone unturned. Get as many news cycles as possible – because if true then the public needs to know about it.

        What has me going is the gun control issue. I want to know how this ties back to a pretext for gun control.

        • Go to instapundit, he’s a law professor. Weeks ago, he couldn’t find anything that could shake the conclusion that it IS all about gun control. Providing Pretext was the discussion. Nobody actually believes it’s because a large number of people in Washington are actually clinically insane, which is the only other explanation.

      • Oberserve says:

        LOL, wanumba, so what you are saying is cowardice in public service is justified.

        Yes, that’s the America that conservatives want. (not).

        • Whao pardner. Translation FAIL. You put a squid in your ear instead of a Babelfish?

          • True Conservative says:

            Now that’s funny. Any reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is worth a thumbs up.

          • Oberserve says:

            You said he’s afraid to do the right thing because it’s high stakes.

            What does that mean?

            It means you believe cowardice is justified.

            Hate to say, but that makes you a lib, not a conservative.

            • Did you fail the analogy section of the SAT?

              • Oberserve says:

                You’re so clever. A personal attack now that your argument and logic has been laid bare, in other words that someone revealed that you wrote pages and pages justifying cowardice.

                Contrary to failing analogies, my low SAT score was 1310 and my high was 1480.

                Nice try though!

  6. gentlemanjim7 says:

    I hate to say it, but I think this administration has already done so many stupid things that just one more like “Fast and Furious” as unbelieveable as it is, is somehow expected of them. I am just amazed that they are all still in office. If the people of this country can see what is being done with the appearant blessing of the Democrat party and still reelects them next year, I would have to think that our public education system has done an excellent job of doumbing down our population.

  7. Marty Smith says:

    Time warp back a few years when Bush’s AG fired a few AT WILL employees.

    it was 24/7 coverage for MONTHS – the scandal of the decade!!!!

  8. Certainly there is NO outrage over this debacle over at the RAG. Not a peep from Valdez, Montini, Roberts, Gonzalez……

    The RAG has taken to placing sales reps in Walgreens. Came across another one tonight who asked me why I don’t get the paper. Told him exactly why, after 20 (out of parents house years) of getting the paper, I choose to not waste my money anymore. If they are trolling in Walgreens, they must be desperate.

    • chick,
      FYI. someone who has been hanging here, hijacked my nic to smear Shane over at NEW TIMES. I screen shot and sent the relevent to Shane so he knows. So if you see my nic on any blogs when you cruise outside of SA in the AZ circuit, it’s not me. I ONLY post here.

  9. Anyone who wants the latest info on Gunwalker can get it from David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh at sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com (my apologies to Shane if this violates some sort of bloggers code of ethics). These are the guys that broke the story, long before CBS news ever touched it, and all the other networks started to ignore it.

    At least the AZ GOP delegation is taking an interest, which is more than I can say for pretty much any of the Dems …

    • Other good sources outside the lame-stream media are Armed America Radio, GunTalk, and the NRA videos on YouTube. David Codrea, Mike Vanderboegh, Alan Korwin, Rep. Issa and Sen. Grassley are frequent guest.

  10. Rob how do we know that’s your name? I’ll post as Betty, make you feel better? You need to grow up. Was not me attacking your posting name. Get a life

  11. True Conservative says:
    October 24, 2011 at 9:33 am
    Your post makes no sense.

    I don’t care if the left-wing wingnuts embarris themselves.

    Meanwhile, each and every example I list of wing-nuttery from the Tea Bag Party continues to dillute the conservative message.

    The question was asked: where is the outrage?

    You love those back-handed slap lists.

    You forgot to add your outrage that multi-millionaire Rosanne Barr got on a national prime time broadcast to tell everyone she thinks the guillotine should be brought back for people she disagrees with. The media enabled her vicious, disgusting spew via a national media access that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a minute.

    THey COULD have said, “You are a bloodthirsty fruitcake, no way are you going on TV,” but they didn’t and gave her lots of time and national coverage nodding sagely as if she was talking her latest diet, not cleaving people’s heads off their shoulders for having the wrong politics, a position worthy of her thinner look-alike Robespierre.

    Not even a FRACTION of that precious airtime is going to inform the public about people losing their heads, their arms, their legs, their torsos through guns the Holder Justice Department provided.

    If Rep Schweikert was to ask for equal time to disseminate FAST and FURIOUS informative journalism, they’d say they were booked thru January with Hollywood fruitcake fascists. Only they’d call them “advocates.”

    Like “comedienne” Democrat Liberal-Left filthy rich Rosanne is a “guillotine advocate.”

    I would make an exception to my overall philosophy of low taxes for everyone because obviously Rosanne Barr and all her five-house-owning Hollywood crowd are definitely NTE:: NOT TAXED ENOUGH. Those folks were all more humble and nicer when they were poor, struggling actors, but since they got unearthly amounts of money pouring into their bank accounts due to easy royalities and mass market sales, they’ve become mean and pathologically greedy.

    • True Conservative says:

      Again – I don’t care what the wingnut Dems do. They don’t reflect on me. When the far right tell fabrications, we all look bad.

      I want to remove the noise from the Conservative message, not the Dem message. Let them hang themselves all they want. I don’t care.

      If you’re upset that no one is paying enough attention to F&F, you should also be upset with all the children out there who cried wolf.

      Rail against Dems all you want – I don’t care – but don’t do it as an excuse for why its okay for the Tea Bag Party making up lies of their own.

      • The got-my-job-thru-family-connections- Anderson Cooper analysis of the Tea Party, one of the sleaziest and bigoted outings in the dismal decline of journalism as a profession ever broadcast.

        • True Conservative says:


          Remember when I said your posts don’t always make much sense? This is one of those times.

          Let’s try this:

          My Position: demonstratively false Tea Party conspiracy theories have hurt the Conservative’s ability to be heard on real issues such as F&F.

          Your Position: ?????

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