Look for the Union Label when hiring Community Organizers

In the interest of promoting job growth in Arizona, and in helping young college students understand the career path and experience Liberals deem  necessary to obtain a job at the White House… we post this current employment opportunity from the Union Jobs Clearinghouse website.



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Community Organizer

Posted on: October 17, 2011

Posted by: Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA)


Join the movement for social and economic justice in Arizona!

Leading the nation with an onslaught of anti-immigrant, segregationist policies, drastic state-level cuts to public programs and a devastated economy, Arizona is ripe for cutting-edge, progressive organizing.

LUCHA, Living United for Change in Arizona, is a dynamic, membership-led, grassroots organization, building power among low- to moderate-income people to advance social, economic and racial justice for all. Our organizers, members, and leaders work for change, out in the streets, at meetings with elected officials and corporate executives, through electoral campaigns and in the media. Organizers engage in direct action and work with our leaders to develop their skills and build power based on their ability to move people to action.

Community Organizers will help to build a strong organizing program, recruiting members and developing leaders. S/he will facilitate collective decision-making and democracy at regularly-held community and leadership meetings, identify and develop leaders among the membership base, and work with leaders and members to build their organizing skills in an effort to create a self-sustaining and truly grassroots movement for change.


– Recruit community members to join our organization and take leadership in organizational campaigns and activities.

– Identify potential leaders and assist in developing the leadership of grassroots members.

– Develop and implement campaign strategies with members and member-leaders.

– Do research, direct action, and media work.


– One year of political or community organizing experience preferred, on racial, social and economic justice issues.

– Demonstrated ability to work in multi-racial, multi-income groups.  

- Spanish language fluency, both written and spoken, is required.

– Experience in base building, door knocking, leadership development, and strategy development essential.

– Experience in and commitment to bottom-up organizing, grassroots leadership, and collective decision-making.

– Commitment to racial justice, multi-racial organizing, movement building and direct action organizing.

– Must be flexible and willing to work long and nontraditional hours in a demanding and rapidly changing work environment.

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  1. Je crois qu’ils sont racist. La plupart des francophones ne sont pas blancs.

  2. True Conservative says:

    So, what does the White House have to do with this?

    SA is amazing — it’s the only website I can imagine where I actually have to “defend” the White House. My defense of it comes, however, only from the desire to demonstrate that not all conservatives are extremist while also demonstrating that extemism hurts the conservative movement.

    There is a lot to be concerned about in this job announcement, most notably that AZ is again being targetted by liberal organizers and that yet another group is unfairly describing our political environment as being racists.

    However, all that ground that is ripe for discussion is lost because an extremist had to go and conflate a job posting for a PAC with an action of the White House. At best its the mother of all non-sequitors. At worst its a deliberate effort to deceive.

    No matter what the cause, the result is the same: One big roll of the eyes from the voters. Message dismissed, opportunity to expouse conservative values lost.

    PS: Thanks, wanumba, for the random bit of hate. Care to tell us why one, you don’t consider the French to be whites, and two, why it would matter?

    • Pima County PC says:

      It seems you missed the fact that community organizer is now a path to the White House …..get it? BTW, I spent last evening with a LOT of conservative AZ “racists” at the Phoenix Convention Center with our next president, Herman Cain.

      Protecting our sovereignty, both national and in our state, does not equate to racism!!

      • True Conservative says:

        “Protecting our sovereignty, both national and in our state, does not equate to racism!!”

        Who claimed it did? No one I know.

        “It seems you missed the fact that community organizer is now a path to the White House”

        Respectfully, it’s language like that that makes us seem odd to the rest of the nation. You know what’s a path to being president, being born a citizen.

        I’m not so sure about Cain – I want to see the math on his tax plan and get a better grip on how he deals with crises. Not opposed, just not sure.

    • Veritas Vincit says:

      @True Conservative; In case you didn’t read the resume of the POTUS, his job title was “Community Organizer” prior to seeking public office. This job advisement is likewise for the same job position and, perhaps some of our left of center friends would appreciate the employment opportunity.. No extremism just a position available ad… placed by the Union Jobs Clearinghouse.

      Regarding 9-9-9, If you can’t do the simple math, you are, respectfully a product of public education –

      I too spent Monday evening with Mr Cain and specifically spoke with him during the VIP mixer prior to the dinner. The plan is amazingly simple. Herman Cain is a remarkable man and has most likely created more jobs than most of the other candidates combined.

      And, just to spruce up your civics; its not “being born a citizen”specifically is being a “natural born citizen”.

      The 14 Amendment doesn’t apply to all persons born here, it applies to persons born under the jurisdiction and authority of the United States. Didn’t you ever notice that the dependents of embassy personnel born here are not U.S. citizens even though they’re born in a US hospital? When a person is here lawfully, as with legal status, they then are considered to be under the jurisdiction and authority of the United States.

      That argument will eventually be taken to the SCOTUS for final determination.

      by the way, I confess to wondering what a “True” conservative is exactly? I know of one candidate in the last election cycle who tried to tell the voters they were a “True Constitutional Conservative” which, when the voters found out otherwise, that candidate lost the election by a good margin. So I’m wondering why, in your ‘handle’ you feel the need to tell us you’re a “true conservative”?

      • True Conservative says:

        Save the 14th Amendment lecture for someone who didn’t go to lawschool. This issue is pretty open and shut. Subject to the jurisdiction simply means subject to being arrested or sued. If an illegal alien is not “subject to the jurisdiction” then they can’t be arrested for any crime, and they can not be sued for any civil wrong.

        So, make up your mind, do you want illegals who are somehow legal because they aren’t subject to the jurisdiction, and therefore are immune from prosecution, or do you want to stick to what Congress intended?

        Now, you have my sympathy. I trust someone, let’s just call him Sen. Pearce, lied to you and claimed something along the lines of:

        “On the “original intent” of the birthright citizenship provision, Pearce had this to say:

        “They made it very clear,” Pearce said of the 14th Amendment’s framers, “on the debate, on the floor, Senator Howard, who wrote the 14th Amendment said this amendment does not apply to aliens or foreigners.”

        Sadly for Pearce, we are able to provide the full quotation from Howard. Specifically, he said:

        “”This amendment, which I have offered is simply declaratory of what I regard as the law of the land already, that every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States.

        “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, [THIS IS WERE PEARCE STOPS] who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”

        So, as we can plainly see, Pearce is a liar. Howard made his exclusions – perfectly in line with the ordinary meaning of the word “jurisdiction” – and then clearly stated that who did not “belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States” would be covered by the amendment.

        I consider myself a true conservative and it concerns me that the (R) party is getting lumped in with peope who, for instance, conflate a union ad into a White House job listing.

        But let’s focus on what can joins us, not divides us. We should all agree now that Pearce is a liar. The only issue is what to do about it.

        Support personal accountability, Vote for Lewis.

        • Veritas Vincit says:

          As a reasonable man would consider “of what I regard as the law of the land … “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”

          Will not include persons who are foreigners, aliens? What then do you consider someone who enters this country without documentation and has a child here?

          In Howard’s opening line he qualifies his words with “…what I regard as the law of the land”. Its the “…I regard” that is his opinion and premise of his amendment is it not?

          As for any personal accountability on behalf of Lewis? Give me a break here – someone who cares for the voters doesn’t force them to pay for his special election. He abides by the rules and runs in the Primary like everyone else. This alone speaks volumes of Mr. Lewis.

      • Heh. the discussion on the intenet today is that Herman Cain is strong in math thanks to a computer degree – decidedly useful studies for a business career. We don’t even have a CLUE as to what Obama majored in at Occidental to get into Harvard., but MATH wasn’t anywhere IN it. Nor geography, and evidently not history either nor a syllable of ANY foreign language.

        • True Conservative says:

          I’m down with Cain as a smart guy – but I’m still the style of voter who likes to roll up his sleeves and put pencil to paper.

          Rag on Obama all you want. I didn’t vote for the guy and aren’t likely to do so in the future.

          In other words – you got a point?

      • True Conservative says:

        FWIW: Telling a voter who is unsure whether to support your candidate that he, the voter, is a fool is typically not a good way to win support, especially when all that person said was “I need more information.” No worries, I wasn’t planning on taking your advice anyway and Cain may still earn my vote.

        So while it’s not likely to win converts to Cain, your comment does typify what I don’t like about where the (R) party has moved. An absolute collapse of comity and in its place the construction of black and white lines of division.

        The idea that “you are either for us or against us” is rarely productive.

        I prefer – lead, follow or get out of the way, as that gives everyone a role to play. Pearce had his chance to lead, and he failed. He won’t follow the will of the voters, or the law of the land, so we have only one option: get him out of the way.

        Support principled leadership, Vote for Lewis.

        • Veritas Vincit says:

          I’ll go you one better than calling you a fool … I highly doubt you are a member of the AZ bar.

          Lewis a leader? A leader doesn’t impose the costs of a special election on voters at a time when everyone is broke. If he doesn’t care about this spending, what does he care about? The voters? Doesn’t seem hardly so.

    • OMG! HOW long did it take you to get it translated? It’s even in present tense. Didn’t you take a foreign language to get into college?

      It’s VERY PLAIN what SIEU wants:

      “- Commitment to racial justice, multi-racial organizing”

      HOW is it POSSIBLE to be “multi-racial” when they are ONLY hiring FLUENT Spanish speakers in speaking AND writing? ALways judge by what they DO, not by what they SAY.

      No requests for English or French speakers. SO what they WANT is UPPER MIDDLE CLASS UNIVERSITY-EDUCATED HISPANICS who can tell the less priviledged masses in TWO languages what to think, while telling everyone ELSE they are racists. Yuh. Clean up the act first before calling other, innocent people names.

      • True Conservative says:

        I read it and understood it – you’ve since apologized for not having the right keyboard to communicate the right message and I accept your explaination. FWIW – you can download keyboard emulators to get the right accent marks.

        I don’t have any comment of the job – I don’t want it filled, I don’t support their agenda.

        Seriously, and with a genuine intent to communicate respect, you seem to have some interesting ideas. IBB are tough because you can’t go back and edit your comments. I’m always aghast at my own grammar and spelling errors, not to mention the odd remnant of pre-post editing. Your posts however are often confusing and I routinely can’t understand your point. I deal a lot with ESL clients so I’m not a stickler for style and am unafraid of trying to determine meaning … but it would be helpful if you could take a moment to clarify your comments such that we can all follow along with you.

        I only ask because I genuinely want to understand the mindset of your side of the (R) party.

    • :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      True Conservative says:
      October 18, 2011 at 5:40 pm

      PS: Thanks, wanumba, for the random bit of hate. Care to tell us why one, you don’t consider the French to be whites, and two, why it would matter?

      1) Have you noticed that you have a knee-jerk reaction to any information outside of your education as “hate?” How many times have you invoked it in the past three weeks?

      2) Go back to your hapless translator. The word is “francophone,” NOT “les francais.” I don’t have the accent doo-thingy on one-touch, so excusez-moi the lack of them.

      From your puzzlement and mixup, you seem to be an innocent product of the failed US education system which is completely oblivious to the fact that half of Africa is “francophone” that is to say precisely: “French-speaking.” The ignorant educators DUMPED FRENCH OUT OF US SCHOOLS with the explanation they they were “getting away from European-centric”, thus TOTALLY screwing American students out of one of several necessary language skills to be able to work in Africa. Thus, the statement: most FrenchSPEAKERS are not beret-topped white guys in Paris cafes.. They are West and Subsaharan African Black or North AFrican, Berber/Arab/Moor.

      There are poorer, blacker people in Africa than in Latin America, but our schools CUT OFF AMericans from accessing that enormous continent., in favor of .. SPANISH! A EUROPEAN colonial language. ABout 55 countries in Africa and ONE itty bitty former Spanish colony. Spanish is useless in Africa.

      Can’t believe the arrogant ignorance of these people. I say we dump Spanish out of our schools and teach Portuguese instead. That gets people access to TWO continents.

      WHat’s the point though? Incompetent union facilitators can’t even teach Spanish, their politically-favored language, so it’s just an incredibly bad joke on a hundred levels.

  3. True Conservative says:
    October 19, 2011 at 1:32 am
    Save the 14th Amendment lecture for someone who didn’t go to lawschool.

    Uh. oh. Pulling the Ivy League elitist “I have an expensive higher level degree therefore I am smarter than everyone” card.

    The average US farmer has more financial, poltical, physical competence than 99% of our lawyerly profession, buying, selling, credit, commodiity market savvy, hands-on ground production capacity and mechanical expertise, but are treated like dirt by bubble-people who spend all their time in offices, classrooms and on computers, just TALKING, even though it’s the farmer who is the one making it possible for them to EAT.

    • True Conservative says:

      Sorry – reading comprehension fail for you.

      I wasn’t saying I was smarter, only that I was already versed in the 14th Amendment. When a vet tells a farmer he can stop lecturing him on animal husbandry, it isn’t an insult to the farmer, just an effort save some time and get down to what’s at hand.

      Why do you have such a big chip on your shoulder?

      More importantly, rather than reacting to things you pretended I wrote, how about addressing what I actually did convey?

      It seems odd that you felt the need to come back with a slew of insults, but didn’t feel comfortable to attack the merits of my position. I welcome hearing any fact-based or logically sound retorts you might have.

      • How come Africans aren’t included in this “community organizing?” Just totally ignored.
        Spanish-ONLY racism.

        Nigerians are the most successful, fastest rising immigrant group in the country and they’re waaay browner. They did take the time to do the legal paperwork, though.

        You, being a lawyer and all would appreciate that diligence, non?
        And as a lawyer” don’t you counsel to “get your visa properly,” and “obey the laws?” and “do the application?”

        • True Conservative says:

          I don’t understand your post.

          I don’t do immigration law, at all. Full stop.

          Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. This ain’t that.

          Seeking Spanish speakers for a job that will involve out-reach to a Spanish speaking community seems reasonable. Don’t we, as conservatives, want private organizations to have the right to hire according to their needs?

          There is no law requiring a citizen speak English. Unless and until that is passed, then companies that want to reach 100-percent of their target demo will have to employ Spanish speakers to deal with the spanish-speaking members of that demo.

          Hope that helps.

          • DO you ALWAYS talk about something else besides what was said?

            • True Conservative says:

              Not all your posts make sense. I tried to respond to what your words indicated you were writing about.

              Perhaps you could be more clear what your point is?

              I mean, you asked me about immigration law and make a declaration about spanish speaking racism.

              The crap about Nigeria just didn’t make any sense as written. If you try again, then so will I.

          • Hey. I DIDN’T invoke the “multi-racial” appeal, THEY did. As a lawyer, you know that “multi” means something. “Hispanic” isn’t “multi anything.” It’s not even “race.”

    • This is PRICELESS:

      “- Spanish language fluency, both written and spoken, is required”

      As I pointed out recently weeks ago right here, the US-residing Hispanics overwhelmingly can’t speak their mother language properly and absolutely CANNOT WRITE in it. They do not have the technical FLUENCY required.

      To get someone fluent, “written and spoken,” you’d need a FOREIGNER who went to BETTER, HIGHER STATUS SCHOOLS, from Latin Amerrica that would be someone from the ologarchical Spanish European colonialist-descended families. Or a Spanish Language College Major who took four years of it plus a year abroad in Spain or Latin America. “Fluency written and spoken” requires YEARS of preparation in the classroom.

      That simple sentence atually speaks volumes about the true nature of the “movement.”

      Class struggle — it’s rich, privileged running the show who can afford the comfortable degrees, like law, sociology, psychology – against the productive people.

      • True Conservative says:

        Your comment makes no sense.

        All you’ve done is identified that the job has a high bar for consideration.

        It doesn’t say you have to be a US-residing Hispanic, and even if it did, there are still plenty of Hispanic kids who can do both. Indeed, there are plenty of white kids who can do both as well.

        Now, I actually agree with you that most US hispanic kids would not be a good candidates for translators and that they lack the technical written and oral language skills to be considered fluent.

        However, I understand that just because most aren’t qualified doesn’t mean that all aren’t. Generally, Hispanic Americans (13.4% of the 2002 population) are bilingual to a degree. A Simmons Market Research survey recorded that of the U.S. Hispanic population (some 35 million lawful people) 17 percent are fully English-Spanish bilingual. (NB: for the purposes of this survey bilingual meant written and spoken competency.)

        That leaves a pretty hefty candidate pool for this one little job.

        WIth that, your conspiracy theory that these liberals are seeking foreigners as part of some plot just seems, well, unsupported.

        Still, there remains a number of valid reasons to be pissed, as a conservative, about this job posting. One, it means more liberal money coming into our state and two, it means that Lewis is right, the rest of America does think AZ is AL in 1964.

        • True Conservative says:

          Sorry – to finish my thought.

          There are two things we can do in response to this ad. We can throw money at countering the liberal money that is coming, or we can get rid of the cause for the blatant misperception that AZ is AL in 1964.

          Pearce brought this on us. When we toss him out we can allow in leadership that shares, generally, Pearce’s positions, but can actually pass legislation that passes Constitutional muster and doesn’t make us look like AL in 1964.

          Lewis won’t take over Pearce’s leadership, but a win by him would make new leadership possible.

          Protect Arizona, Vote for Lewis.

        • True Conservative says:
          October 19, 2011 at 2:16 am
          Your comment makes no sense.

          SO why’d you spend so much time trying to refute it It’s OBVIOUS.

          • True Conservative says:

            I spent less than three minutes responding to your bizarre conspiracy story. I think its important that we nip these things in the bud, lest they become yet another meme that makes us all look bad.

  4. Democrats pretending to be Republicans makes Republicans look bad, but that’s the point, hey?

  5. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    True Conservative says:
    October 19, 2011 at 1:32 am
    We should all agree now that Pearce is a liar. The only issue is what to do about it.
    Support personal accountability, Vote for Lewis

    So far, who has “agreed” Pearce is a “liar” anymore than anyone has “agreed” Lewis is NOT one?

    The only “should” employed would be in : we “should NOT take the word of union organizers on THIS matter.”

    Personal accountability? Seriously? You don’t believe it exists.

    • True Conservative says:

      It has been proven that Pearce lied.

      He deliberately misstated, with the intent to deceive, the Congressional Record.

      If we are honest, we *should* all agree Pearce is a liar. How else can you explain his mendacity? What, he got bored and couldn’t read the entire sentence he butchered?

      Rather than witness you fire back with yet another boorish insult, I invite you to take a substantive stab at meaningful dialog.

      I’ve proven Pearce lied. You think he didn’t. Show us why you are right and I am wrong.

      As for the rest of your post I can only respond with: “huh?” I have no idea what you’re going on about.

      • Don’t matter about Pearce in this recall, does it? He’s a KNOWN.

        The burden is on LEWIS and his very very very peculiar choice of campaign support and nontransparency regarding his qualifications and character.

        One of the few times that sticking to the “devil you know” rather than the “devil you don’t know” is excellent advice.

  6. Veritas Vincit says:

    “True Conservative” is inaccurate. I asked you why you consider yourself such and you have ignored my reasonable question in favor of your continued rants against Russel Pearce… sounds like a billboard I once saw once along a highway for a “True Constitutional Conservative” with a cheesy picture of some politician to go with it. That cheesy guy has an obsession with Russell Pearce too.

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