New Rules for Discourse on Sonoran Alliance

Because certain people who comment on this blog cannot seem to hold civil discussions, I am now having to waste my time (for which I do not get paid) monitoring every comment on Sonoran Alliance. I will NOT bow or be bullied by any one individual’s demands on how to run MY blog. Therefore, at this time, all comments will be approved by me once I have the time to review them. If they are civil, they will get approved. If they resort to calling other people names, attack family members or use vulgarity and profanity, I will disapprove them or even ban their respective IP addresses. These are MY guidelines and rules and if you cannot abide by them, then go elsewhere or start your own blog.


  1. Sean Englund says:

    Thanks for the rules he discourse must be civil for anyone to take your blog seriously

  2. Alan Soelberg says:

    Just glad to know that when I saw “Comment awaiting moderation” after a recent reply that it wasn’t just me! Thought for a minute I had been black listed, and I wasn’t sure why!

    Shane, again, thanks for providing the forum for this communication. Unfortunate that there are those who abuse it, those that have some misconceived notion that they are entitled to submit dribble on someone else’s website. Best of luck filtering through the comments. I will make sure to include some “knock knock” jokes in here from time to time for good measure!

  3. TallerJim says:

    Sonoran Alliance has been the greatest addition to political discourse in Arizona in the last decade. Thanks Shane for all your time! Your blog, your rules, and we will continue to check 10 times a day!

  4. Thank you for stepping in to provide this service. Sad that it is needed, but it is. I had almost given up reading because of this problem.

  5. Good decision.

    SA will continue to be my main “go to” site for Arizona Conservative Republic news and views.

    I trust Shane’s integrity to run SA up to his high standards.

  6. Chandler Conservative says:

    I can understand the move but wow, what a waste of your time. Could you add a simple “report abuse” link as part of the comments and let us help you monitor those who can not be civil?

    Either way, thanks for all your hard work.

  7. You could write a script that if more than X number of people report a post as abusive that it gets made unviewable until it has been reviewed and then either reposted or deleted …

    Unfortunately, you’re likely to “kill the goose that laid the golden egg” with this approach b/c the *good* conversations will disappear along with the *bad* ones …

  8. Phillip the Great says:

    As bad as incivility in comments are the unnecessary. If you are going to post, post something. No one cares about “I agree” or “Way to go” posts, especially if you’re anonymous.

  9. True Conservative says:

    FWIW: IP blocking won’t always work. For example, I connect through a VPN that gives me a static IP in SoCal no matter where in the world I am. If I disconnect from the VPN then I take whatever IP I am locally assigned.

    The IP no longer can be counted on to tell you the location or the identity of a user.

    Just something to consider.

  10. TrueAmericanConservative says:

    Glad to hear of these new rules, Shane. Best wishes.

  11. Nordine Crub says:

    Thank you Shane – may I also suggest that if you note that someone is spamming with items that are repeatedly cut and pasted that they be reminded we saw it the fist time. I will promise to be on my best behavior. Nordine

  12. If it takes a long time for comments to be moderated, it will only hurt this blog because it will impede the discussions that go on. If unfavorable comments are excessively moderated, this blog will also drop in popularity because it will be perceived as an echo chamber.

    You would be better off making users register and only holding back the posts for moderation of posters with low post counts.

    But hey, it is your blog….LOL

    • VSB,

      I may allow comments to flow freely without moderation if people “behave.” If certain individuals refuse to obey, I’ll have to ban them.

  13. Phillip the Great says:

    I used to post stuff on I see red az or something like that. I must have hit a few nerves and got banned or several times the comment never appeared. I guess that explains why I can’t remember the name of the site. No blog is perfect, and it’s got to be tough to be involved in managing one because things change so quickly. It’s the weeds and chaff, and knowing when to separate them.

    As a commenter, I’d like to know the ground rules so that if I make three points and one of them is something you’d remove, you’d just delete the whole post and I’ve wasted both our time. So here on SA I know not to make fun of family members of candidates, for example. What else? I just need to understand your standard so I can censor myself in advance.

    I comment on this blog and others because I think there are dozens of influential people that read it, and I am in turn trying to influence them, right?

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