NFIB: Repeal Employer Mandate to Help Small-Business Job Creation

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 14, 2011 — The National Federation of Independent Business is again pushing to repeal the employer mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) on the heels of President Obama’s ask for bipartisan job creation. There is currently legislation in Congress to repeal the employer mandate, and the NFIB has long-supported and championed this important initiative.

“At the same time that President Obama is asking small-business owners to create jobs, his very health care law is preventing them from doing so,” said Susan Eckerly, Senior Vice President of Federal Public Policy at NFIB.  “In fact, small-business owners will tell you that they are suffering a crisis of confidence right now that prevents them from expanding and hiring; how do they move forward with job creation when the unknown costs stemming from the policies of the past few years continue to stand in their way?

“Instead of advocating for more Washington spending bills that do little to help the situation that small-business owners are currently drowning under, Congress should immediately review and repeal some of the policies of the past few years that stand between an employer and an employee. Simply put, the repeal of the employer mandate is an important step toward sound, long-term job creation.”

Provisions of the health care law, such as the employer mandate, have left many small-business owners unable to expand operations as they brace for new costs and taxes coming out of Washington. The health care law requires that employees with 50 or more full-time equivalent employers offer “affordable, minimum essential [healthcare] coverage” beginning in 2014.


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