Tea Party Zombies Must Die! – More Leftist Hypocrisy

Speaking of blood-dripping violence, the shoot-the-zombie-in-the-head, Tea Party-hater type, there’s a new video game out marketed under the name of “Tea Party Zombies Must Die.”

The game is described as:

DON’T GET TEA-BAGGED! The Tea Party zombies are walking the streets of America. Grab your weapons and bash their rotten brains to bits! Destroy zombie Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, the Koch Brothers, and many more!

Keep in mind that the creator of the game, Jason Oda, disclaims his latest creation as “just a personal project.” We’re wondering when he’ll release the Obama Zombies Must Die version or maybe the Democratic Congressman Zombies Must Die version.

Zombies or not, the reality of the situation is that liberal Democrats don’t play by the same rules for society. Imagine if a conservative gaming company created a game that allowed the killing of the President of the United States. Image the outrage.

There is no reasoning with folks that live in an alter-universe where killing high profile conservative leaders is a game or joke. Yes, it is free expression protected under the Constitution and conservatives should defend it with every ounce of energy. But Wow! Is it ever in bad taste and dripping with hypocrisy.

(h/t to Tom Jenney, Stephen Gutowski and MRCTV.)


  1. For a game letting you assassinate a historical Democratic president, google “JFK Reloaded”.

    For a game plotting the assassination of the current Democratic president, google “Obama’s Coup Fails”.

    For a game letting Democratic and Republican politicans (and Fidel Castro) fight and die against zombies, see the Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie multiplayer.

    There’s also Shattered Union (which posits a 2nd American Civil War) where the George W. Bush analogue dies (as well as most of Washington D.C.) in a nuclear explosion. It’s actually a very fun game – I like to play as Pacifica.

    Etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum.

    Seriously, this is why you people lose the pop culture wars. I’m sure this post’ll get the geriatric crew all riled up (those kids and their crazy video games, am I right fellas), for those of us who’ve bravely marched into the 21st century… yawn.

    And boy, you’d hate the book World War Z. Bush dies in the zombie uprising, the parties unite in order to bring America together – Colin Powell is president, Howard Dean vice-president.

  2. What? No follow up to the outrageous outrage of Tea Party Zombies Must Die? Desperately searching for Republican/Conservative outrage to JFK Reloaded and Obama’s Coup Fails? Not finding any? Awwww.

    I forgot to add a couple more games to the mix. Ever heard of Command and Conquer Generals? One of the factions you to get to play as is the GLA, which is really just Al Quida (you use car bombs, IEDs, and hijackers against American troops). Or “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” where you get to mow down liberal New Yorkers as you shout “praise God!”.

    Or of course the infamous “No Russian” chapter of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Here, let’s whet that particular whistle:


    Where’s the hypocrisy again? In video games, everyone dies, everyone’s a target.

    But, perhaps the Tea Party is of such a delicate constitution that it must be protected like a hothouse flower or an aging Southern belle. Ah do declare!

    • Klute,

      I am really beginning to look forward to your posts here. I appreciate your calm, cool and collected responses. I am working to learn from your style. I am too assertive. You just state facts and let them stand on their own.


    • Veritas Vincit says:

      Again, links please to the specific games you cite … as for the book World War Z? Its about as widely read as some of your offerings.

      • Man VV, you ARE out of touch.

        “World War Z”, was a best seller at Amazon.com and on the NYT Best Seller list, and has been credited with single-handedly redefining the zombie genre. It’s currently being made into a 100+ million dollar epic staring Brad Pitt (I know, he’s no Douglas Fairbanks or Errol Flynn or whoever was popular when you were my age) which will be released next year.

        Maybe if Reader’s Digest had put together an abridged edition you’d have seen it. Or maybe Look magazine.


    • “Or “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” where you get to mow down liberal New Yorkers as you shout “praise God!”. ”

      Um, no. There is nothing like that whatsoever in the game. Jonathan Hutson of Talk To Action created that lie and lots of people just like you perpetuated it without bothering to check if it was true or not. Groups like Ars Technica, IGN, GameSpy and even the Anti-Defamation League have vehemently denied that the game contains any such content.

  3. Imagine if the Pima County Republican Party raffled off a Glock a few months after their Congresswoman and several others got shot with one. Imagine the outrage! Now the Second Amendment protects it under the Constitution, but THAT would be in bad taste. But they wouldn’t be that dumb, would they?

    • Veritas Vincit says:

      You have a complete moron in the White House who hasn’t a clue what he’s doing and you’re worried about what the Pima County GOP raffles?

      Personally I’d of raffled off 6 Glocks… its a dumb gun for heavens sake and it has zip to do with the insane man who killed Judge Roll (and wounded the Congresswomen)…

  4. Official Score (if I counted Klute’s offerings correctly):

    Shane: 1 Klute: 8

    Chad Snow gets an honorable mention for his very rational comparison between the R & D definition of “propriety”.

    I have no idea what that Tea Party Zombie Angers Conservatives….blah blah was about. Score: Zero

    Loyal Sonoran Alliance Readers: Be Careful What You Accept as Truth!

  5. So when some gaming company comes out with a video game called “Congressional Headshot” which allows the player to shoot Democrats in the head to either maim or kill the congressman, will your response be the same?

    • It’s funny – just as I started writing this reply, “American Dad” came on TBS. In the episode, Stan picks up Diane Feinstein and beats her senseless with the Power Loader from “Aliens”. Blood spatter and everything – he later implies that she is permanently handicapped.

      And yet my “Rage-O-Meter” is still suck at “meh”.

      Hopefully that addresses your point.

      But to work the hypocrisy heavy bag a little more – do you remember a movie called “An American Carol”? It was one of those attempts at comedy that conservatives pat themselves on the back for because gosh darnit at least they tried. There was a scene where Dennis Hopper as a judge starts mowing down zombies – ACLU zombies. And roll the clip…


      So… let’s rework one of your statements:

      Alternate Universe Shane Wikors: “Zombies or not, the reality of the situation is that conservative Republicans don’t play by the same rules for society.”

      You’re upset that your political movement is being treated with less than complete and total adulation. Get a sense of humor. And spare me your made up outrage.

      And there actually IS a significant difference between shooting zombies, even zombies based on real people, vs. a murder simulator. One only has to look at “Super Columbine Massacre RPG!” vs. say, “Kuma War”. But it’s one of those things that if I have to explain it, you won’t understand anyway.

      • And I don’t mean that last sentence to be condescending, it’s just like humor, you either get the joke or you don’t… Not getting the joke isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

        • Veritas Vincit says:

          Bernie, it’s humor when you do it but its dead serious when Palin uses a figure of speech with a graphic? A double standard by any stretch is still the delicate stench of hypocrisy on the morning breeze coming from the Left.

          @wherewasi … seems your just a corn-hole pick’en boot licking cheer leader to Bernie.

          Bernie can you ever stay on topic? this thread is about violent video games that target specific political and public figures… not books or fictional movies. Stay on point please.

          • Am I attempting to affect political change when I perform my poetry? Not really. Was Palin? Yes. Does she use violent imagery? Absolutely. And I, of course, would attempt to make an attempted assassination and the deaths of 6 people all about me (like Palin did with the “Blood Libel” video that thankully killed off any chance she ever has for political office again).


            Whoops, wrong clip! But close enough.

            “Bernie can you ever stay on topic? this thread is about violent video games that target specific political and public figures… not books or fictional movies. Stay on point please.”

            Sorry, it’s hard to find examples of conservative artistic endeavour, so I had to cast a broader net to find examples. It’s like King David trying to fill an art museum full of Phillistine works. It can be done, but it’s so incredibly hard to do.

  6. A diversion from the hideious Obama Administration’s Gunwalker and Fast and Furious abomination that has the USG operating hru the ATF under the Justice Department forcing legal US gun dealers to sell weapons to known criminals despite the protests of the gun dealers and field agents, resulting in a US and Mexican death toll that is still rising.

    WHERE are the “war is not the answer and give peace a chance” and “guns are evil” Democrats condemning this international atrocity and act of war against our neighbor Mexico – because handing guns to drug dealers undermines the Mexican goevrnment, the military the police, then enters our country thru illegal channels to murder our law enforcement. A deliberate policy to create a crisis to exploit … to undermine Americans’ Constitutional RIghts. As coldblooded rotten as they get.

    Democrats by all their pompous moralistic rhetoric should be the first in line to condemn the Obama Administration and demand the architects of this horrific attack on innocent people on both sides of the border be brought to justice – to the very top. One notices they are STONEWALLING so MORE people will get killed. In real life, real pain, real blood, real widows, real orphans, not some assinine Liberal Left sniveling video game from some snotty spoiled brat who isn’t getting his way.

    • Uh oh, someone wasn’t paying attention to wanumba for a few minutes! Better say something that doesn’t relate to the topic at hand, or he might cease to exist! Clap louder, everyone, clap louder!

  7. FBI now discovered to have been providing seed money to allow felons to buy arms.
    Gunwalker and Fast and Furious guns identified in Maricopa county homicide.

    Death toll rising. Obama Administration stonewalling.

    Not a soul in what must a totally bankrupt political Democratic Party has raised one syllable of outrage, shock, cried for accountability, identification of the perpertrators of this horrific scheme or called for justice for the innocents murdered.

    • And if we we’re talking about fast and furious the video game, maybe you’d have something to say. Start fast and furious thread, idiot.

  8. American murdered today, shot in the back in Missouri by a man from Glendale AZ. We wait to see from where the killer got the handgun he used to murder.

  9. No hyposcrisy.

    The left universally condemned the game.

    The gaming company is a small business, sometimes known as a job creator.

    Why is the left at fault? Why are the liberal democrats being accused of not performing by identical rules? Name one prominent democratic leader who praised or otherwise condoned this game. I can name several who have condemned it, including the entire MSNBC line-up, Olbermann and the editors of the Huffington Post.

    How ’bout in the future you complain about what people actually do, not what you predict, think or assume that do?

  10. You clearly have graduated from a Phoenix school with your lack of spelling, punctuation, grammar, cognitive thought and conceptual meaning. I bet you voted for Russell Pearce… Nice! ??????

  11. Veritas Vincit says:

    Oh how cute, a Bernie wanna be poser… must be something living in other peoples shadow eh “wherewasi”…

    And Bernie, even you can’t condone this Administrations actions in Fast-n-Furious… no guns flowing from Arizona and Texas? That’s okay, we’ll make some flow… Seriously Bernie, you honestly can’t condone what this administrations done can you?

  12. “And Bernie, even you can’t condone this Administrations actions in Fast-n-Furious… no guns flowing from Arizona and Texas?”

    Let me answer this with a previous quote from you:

    ““[VV], can you ever stay on topic? this thread is about violent video games that target specific political and public figures… not [about Fast and Furious]. Stay on point please.”

    You’ve outdone yourself VV. You did the full conservative hyprocrite shuffle in 3 minutes. BRAVO, loser.

  13. No, can not condone the fast-n-furious program, and niether does the administration. It is the Obama Administration, after all, that is investigating the program.

    Any more faux outrage you want to claim? Still angry about that your birther dreams where destroyed?

  14. You are awesome. :)


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