Maricopa County Republican Committee issues resolution denouncing State Bar prosecution of Andrew Thomas

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Thursday, September 3, 2011

State Bar starts trial to disbar Andrew Thomas on September 12

Republican Party has had enough of the left wing witch hunts against our conservative leaders              

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September 2, 2011


Resolution passed by MCRC EGC Thurs. Night

Maricopa Executive Guidance Committee Resolution Denouncing State Bar Investigation of Andrew Thomas and Others

WHEREAS, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have been leaders in the fight to crack down on illegal immigration, taking on activist judges who tried to thwart Proposition 100 (no bail for illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes), and investigating corruption at the county level;

WHEREAS, in a politically motivated move due to its opposition to Arpaio’s and Thomas’s policies, the State Bar of Arizona, which is under the control of liberal attorneys and criminal defense attorneys, is attempting to take the license to practice law from Andrew Thomas, one of his former prosecutors Lisa Aubuchon, and discipline a third former prosecutor, Rachel Alexander;

, even a columnist for the liberal Arizona Republic, Robert Robb, has denounced the Bar’s investigation, writing about the Bar’s investigation, “Many of the alleged ethical violations are grounded in the claim that Thomas acted in bad faith for political retaliation. I doubt the evidence will clearly establish that.”


WHEREAS, the State Bar of Arizona has a history of refusing to take action against those who agree with their political philosophy

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee that it demand the State Bar drop the baseless and politically motivated investigation into Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon and Rachel Alexander.

FURTHER, we, the members of the Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee, commend Andrew Thomas for his efforts as County Attorney combating illegal immigration and corruption;

, we, the members of the Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee, demand that the State Bar refrain from any future politically motivated investigations of attorneys due to its inherent left wing bias.



Frosty Taylor – Communications


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Read why the trial is nothing more than a political witch hunt here. Several prominent liberal attorneys in town, including a former State Bar president, are so disgusted by the Bar’s witch hunt they took out a full page ad in the Arizona State Bar magazine denouncing it.



Please contact the State Bar and tell them you are sick and tired of their political witch hunts, and demand that they drop this prosecution. Tell them you are going to follow the trial and report on it and spread the word about how it is nothing more than an attack on Thomas. American Post-Gazette believes there are some State Bar attorneys who need to lose their licenses over this, not Thomas. We understand the main person behind this prosecution is John Furlong, the General Counsel/Deputy Director of the Bar. Be sure to contact him at and 602.340.7301. He reports to John Phelps, the CEO/Executive Director, who has let him run renegade without any supervision. Contact Phelps at and 602.340.7200. Email addresses and phone numbers for the Board of Governors are here – Contact info for the rest of the staff is here –

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  1. This is going to have a chilling effect on prosecutors just trying to do their job. Everyone in town knows how crooked some of the officials in state government are. We’ve all heard about Mary Rose Wilcox for years, who commits misdemeanors razing down her historic home and other things, and nothing ever happens to her. She drives a new corvette yet is granted a special affirmative action “minority business” location for her restaurant at Sky Harbor Airport. Andrew Thomas finally tried to clamp down on some of this corruption, as he should as a prosecutor, and the powerful public officials turn around and get the Bar to go after him instead. We live in a sick, sick society.

  2. Conservative American says:

    Great stuff! You have even provided us with contact information so that we can take action! Let’s get ‘em!

  3. The truth will come out at the trial. I’ve never heard any validity to the accusations against Thomas. The newspaper dutifully repeats what the county supervisors say, but nothing has ever come of the accusations. I’ve known Thomas for years, and he is a highly ethical, conscientious man. None of this fabricated investigation has a shred of truth in it. Just wait, he will be cleared of everything and the State Bar will have egg on its face. Maybe then Jack Harper can get some legislation passed stripping the Bar of its authority. Something good might actually come of this, getting rid of the vice-grip left wing lawyers have on the Bar that they hang over any lawyer who tries to practice law in Arizona.

  4. Thomas’s character speaks for itself. You don’t see him having marital affairs, drinking and driving, or using profanity against his enemies. Who do you think is the guilty party here? Supervisor Fulton Brock helped cover up his wife’s sex with an underage boy. Mary Rose Wilcox has a list of illegal acts so long I’m not even going to begin to list them. Supervisor Don Stapley was indicted twice for hiding financial information on required reports and spending tons of campaign money on extravagant items for himself. The fact that Thomas is now the one under attack is clear evidence this is nothing more than political. The State Bar will be receiving several phone calls from me on Tuesday. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Looking forward to 2012 when we can elect new county supervisors.

  5. What disgusts me is all the million dollar lawsuits these arrogant county officials have filed against the county, demanding to be compensated because Thomas and Arpaio tried to prosecute them. ARE YOU KIDDING???? The county is strapped for cash, our property bills are through the ceiling, and these ARROGANT PUBLIC OFFICIALS are going to demand money because THEY GOT OUT OF BEING PROSECUTED???? You sleazebags, we know what you did, and we know that you deliberately got out of being prosecuted by getting the State Bar to go after the prosecutors! Seeing Red AZ has an insightful post about this.

  6. Next time I get in trouble with the law, I’m going to file a bar complaint against the prosecutor. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Somebody alread DID contact the Bar and indicate that we’re sick of political witch hunts.

  8. PC Activist says:

    Wherewasi, you’re pretty funny. Most of your comments on this website are criticizing Andrew Thomas. I can’t figure out whether you’re a 1) disgruntled criminal who was prosecuted by Thomas, or 2) you work for one of his enemies. Try to be a little more clever, maybe use different usernames next time you attack him and you might have more credibility.

    • PC Activist – sounds like the same stupid kind of mud that most of you “conservatives” like to throw around. I’m none of the above. If I felt like I wanted to be “clever” (if this defines what YOU think is clever – LOL) I could play the stupid little multiple user name game.

      I am simply a long time follower of local politics and I find the whole mess to be a reprehensible example of what is wrong in this country and specifically Maricopa County. I have the right to express my opinion, whether or not it agrees with you.

      I believe that there were a lot of people acting very unethically during the past 3 years in county politics, and while Mr. Thomas might not be at the very top of the list, he is, in my most humble opinion, in the Top 5.


      • Conservative American says:

        You mean like in “peace and love, man”? Sorry, keep it. Let’s go to war instead. How do you like that stupid Conservative hawkish mud?

        Yes, of course, you abolutely do have the right to express your opinion and we have the right to expess our opinion of your opinion, a right we will exercise.

        “About Sonoran Alliance”

        “Arizona politics, news, commentary and information with a blatantly conservative worldview presented by an alliance of writers, activists, consultants and government insiders.”

        Do you remember where you are now? It’s unrealistic for you to expect hugs and kisses so don’t set yourself up to be disappointed.


        • LOL. Of course I know where I am. It’s just so easy to get you guys all riled up. If it weren’t so much fun, I wouldn’t bother talking to rocks.

          • Conservative American says:

            Did the thought ever cross your mind that it’s fun for us dealing with pebbles like you? “A good time was had by all.”

    • And why do I find it no surprise that a “conservative Republican” believes that attempting to be deceptive and misleading is “clever”…?

      • Conservative American says:

        Um, could it be because that’s what left wing, Marxist, Liberals do because the facts aren’t on their side? It isn’t really clever but Liberals think it’s clever so we indulge them.

        • Nice attempt to correct PC’s flawed response to me! You guys sure have each other’s backs!

          • Conservative American says:

            What? You’re imagining things. Delusions of grandeur. No one needs any help from me to deal with you. You’re a legend only in your own mind.

            We Conservatives do indeed have a common bond in dispelling Liberal carriers who seek to spread the Marxist illness. We are, in fact, brothers in arms. How do you feel about that?

          • I feel like when ever I want a good laugh at pompus, self-promoting arrogance, I know where to look for it!

          • Conservative American says:

            Sorry, you don’t get the new car, the trip to Hawaii or the $10,000 cash. Those are thoughts, not feelings. Spin the wheel and try again.

  9. Jack Hammer says:

    An encouraging development as a segment of the GOP
    political hierarchy finally stands up to the corrupt and
    rotten business elites who’ve stunk up the state’s commercial

    Next goal: Return to the election of Superior Court Judges in
    Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

    Public accountability works wonders on judicial behavior!

    • Conservative American says:

      Oh yeah! Hammer it, Jack! Interesting that on the national level, the Liberals, backed by Soros, are seeking to remove all judicial accountability by making judicial appointments and retention free from being subject to elections and to retention votes. I guess that when three, count ‘em, three, Iowa Supreme Court Justices, including the Chief Justice, got booted off the bench by Iowa voters, Soros had an angina attack.

  10. If memory serves correctly, it was the Arizona Supreme Court (not the state bar) who appointed the experienced out-of-state investigator with impeccable credentials; and it was that investigator Gleason, after many months of thoroughly investigating the documented evidence, who recommended that both Andrew Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon be disbarred.

    The public was made aware of their unprofessional actions, or at least had a clue that some kind of prosecutorial misconduct had occurred, when ALL of those Notices of Claim by respected judges, as well as many others, were filed. Something was very much awry in the County Attorney’s office. On numerous occasions, they had no evidence of their charges that warranted prosecution.
    I believe it was in March 2010 that a grand jury transcript was made public, and it was that grand jury that saw that the Maricopa County Attorney’s office had no evidence, and voted to put a halt to any further actions by the MCAO.

    In my view, Thomas and his assistant Aubuchon totally lost sight of their professional and ethical responsibilities, or maybe didn’t understand them to begin with, and allowed the Maricopa County Sheriff, who has no similar professional obligations, to lead them on their road to ruin. They all were certainly on a roll to retaliate against those whom they deemed political enemies. Now, let the chips fall where they may.

    • Jane Doe prosecutor says:

      Tina, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. There is NO evidence of any wrongdoing and your “facts” couldn’t be further from the truth. You are just a simple minded person who believes everything you read in the Arizona Republic. Or are you Don Stapley or Mary Rose Wilcox in disguise? John Gleason worked closely with the State Bar in developing the new disciplinary rules and manipulated the system. It’s too bad you are so easily manipulated that you think a conclusion is evidence. So your view, which you have the right to express, shows you will believe anything fed to you despite the lack of logic. EVERY prosecutor that has looked at Stapley says he committed crimes. The Gila County prosecutor who refused to go forward personally knew Mary Rose Wilcox and if you ask her what conduct she refers to when saying Thomas and Aubuchon committed egregious conduct, she has no idea. Just like the evil Sheila Polk, they spout off things without being able to support their statements. As for Donahoe, ask him how many times he has picked up cases that weren’t assigned to him that related to Conley Wolfswinkel between civil and probate proceedings.

      • I am sure that Tina, like I and many others, read the transcript of the grand jury hearings regarding the “court tower conspiracy”. We read word for word from the transcript where the grand jury was asked to return the case to Ms. Aubuchon, and where the jury asked what their other choices were. They were again informed of the possibilities, and the grand jury voted to “end the inquiry”, which, in the prosecutions own words, meant “this case is so bad that it should not proceed”. After being returned a vote of “end the inquiry”, Ms. Aubuchon brought the case back to Mr. Thomas, who then together with Arpiao and DC Attorney Robert Driscoll, attempted to hand it the the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice immediately replied in writing (the very next day) and chastised the trio for their handling of the situation. I can provide you with links to all of these documents, which are just a handful of the many, many documented mis-steps during the past few years. If anyone would actually like to see them, let me know. I’m not going to waste my time posting links for people who refuse to acknowledge the truth or look at the evidence.

  11. Sure, you’re a prosecutor, Jane Doe.

    Disciplined prosecutors don’t shoot from the hip as you have just done: “Just like the evil Sheila Polk”??

    If the Arizona Republic, as well as the East Valley Tribune, Phoenix New Times and our local network TV channels fabricated news stories concerning the actions of Thomas and Aubuchon, why didn’t Thomas and Aubuchon file even one libel suit against any of these news outlets? They certainly weren’t hesitant to file humongous civil suits against other entities when the boom was being lowered on them.

    • LOL – Tina… I’m guessing “Jane Doe Prosecutor” might be Lisa or Rachel. It does sound an awful lot like Lisa’s style of proving her prosecutional theories. Of course, she would consider Polk “evil” after what Polk said about the MCAO’s actions in this case. Maybe “Jane” should read these links, which I’ve copied here from a different post, since “there isn’t any evidence of wrongdoing, and your facts couldn’t be further from the truth”.

      Okay, you want facts, Conservative American, here are some for you. If you want more, just ask – I have pages and pages of links to support my political posture and confidence or lack thereof in individual politicians. I am not asking you to read the article posted below as I know those writers disagree with your sense of propriety. Just read the pdf’s that are linked. They are the grand jury transcripts (pay particular attention to the March 2010 file where the grand jury votes to END THE INQUIRY) and a letter from Aubuchon intended to keep the ball rolling, even though the grand jury had said, in essence, “your case has no merit”.

      Here is the US Department of Justice letter to Attny. Robert Driscoll, who, along with Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio, held a news conference falsely claiming that they had taken the case back from the grand jury and it was now being investigated by the DOJ.

      Here is a link to a letter that Arpaio sent to many people involved in the investigation at both the MCSO and MCAO attempting to prevent employees from speaking to investigators in an attempt to cover up the unethical actions of individuals within the two agencies:

      If you would like additional facts and documents, you can meander through the whole stinking mess, which has been neatly packaged on this site. I trust you will find it as interesting and as enlightening as I do.

  12. wherewasi, you are a treasure of resources and documented information. Thanks for providing all the links. They all brought back recollections that had been shoved on the back burner of my mind. For example, the outrageous threats by Arpaio to employees of the MCAO, prompting the need for Romley’s letter to Arpaio to educate him on the powers (and lack of same) of his office. Also that clear letter to Robert Driscoll from the DOJ, immediately after Thomas tried to pull a fast one (accompanied by a dishonest press conference) claiming that the feds were investigating. It’s all so incredible. Also appreciate the memory jogger with that 3/10 grand jury transcript. I couldn’t remember the official term that the grand jury foreman used…i.e. “to end the inquiry.” after the grand jury’s vote.

    I hadn’t thought of guessing the identity of “Jane Doe prosecutor” — just that something like that which was written could not have been written by someone who had graduated from law school (after earning an undergraduate degree in any field) and passed the bar….certainly not a practicing attorney in any field, least of all a prosecutor.

    Then I re-read Jane Doe’s emotional comments, and remembered reading a report of some proceeding a few months ago where Lisa A. had gone before a judge to plead her case in her own defense. As I recall, the judge lost patience with her after a while and chastised her because she kept repeating the same argument that he apparently had already dismissed. I got the impression that whatever it was, just wasn’t registering with her. It seems she still feels as though she did nothing wrong and that her legal or prosecutorial judgment does not need correction.

    I hope Jane Doe is really not Lisa. If she is, I think it’s a problem of hard headed incompetence more than anything. Same goes for Andrew Thomas. I don’t know what Rachel A’s role was. At least she had the good sense to leave the county attorney’s office.

  13. Conservative PC says:

    Wherewasi and Tina are waaaaaaay insiders who know a lot of things about this case that your average person following it wouldn’t. It would be fun to find out who they are. Don Stapley? Kinda fun hearing these two spill their guts! (Just hope there aren’t any ethical issues if they are attorneys and aren’t permitted to be commenting publicly on the case)

  14. wherewasi, I suspect there are enough people monitoring this website that they will figure out who you and Tina are and do what needs to be done. If there is anything unethical being committed, whether at Maricopa County or on this website, I suspect that the authorities will ferret it out.

  15. I don’t know of anyone that interested in this controversy other than those with a personal stake in it. It’s county politics which isn’t as interesting as the legislature or governor. Your frequent posts related to this are telling. Not fooling me.

    • Then you haven’t been paying attention to your friends and neighbors and business associates.

      My “personal stake” in this is the hundreds of millions of dollars our County Bumbles are costing us taxpayers and what that means to the local economy.

      You are foolish to believe that they aren’t “interesting”. It’s apathy like yours that has caused this problem in the first place. If more people would pay attention to WHO they are voting for, we would not end up with messes like this.

  16. werewasi, I can’t improve on what you’ve said — because that’s where I’m coming from also. It’s a humbling experience for anyone who has been deceived or misinformed, to the degree of then preaching that misinformation, to be presented with facts that are counter to their beliefs. It requires being honest with oneself, and often a reassessment of a preconceived notion.

    Researching and retaining documented facts pertaining to a troublesome and costly public matter that involves alleged wrongdoing by public officials, and sharing that information with others as you and I have done, hopefully encourages others to do likewise. It would help prevent hasty conclusions being drawn from faulty premises.

    Ultimately, informed voters can make informed choices.

    • We can hope. However, when discussing politics, I am often reminded of (to paraphrase a quote from George Elliot) – “You must be the rooster who believes the sun rises for the sole purpose of hearing you crow.”

  17. Good for the MCRC! Andrew Thomas is a rare bird; ran for office of county attorney, was elected, and did exactly what he promised. The Phoenix media filth beat him up to the extent he could not even campaign for Arizona Attorney General, and ungrateful moronic voters snorted it up between their crossed eyes and abandoned him on election day 2010.

    His greatest in-office achievement just may have been gaslighting the uni-breasted bull dyke, Janet Napolitaco. “Taco signed the human smuggling law (she could hardly veto THAT ONE), and figured Thomas’ office would give the smugglees $100, and new suit, and turn them lose. Surprise! Our state is running on three cylinders without Andrew Thomas fighting for Arizona.

  18. ??? “Republican Party has had enough of the left wing witch hunts against our conservative leaders” ??? How can there be left wing witch hunts when you can count all of the “leftists” in Arizona on the fingers of two hands?

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