Grantham wants balanced budget amendment, blames Congress, President for credit downgrade

CONTACT: Evan Kozlow

Grantham wants a balanced budget amendment, blames Congress and the President for the credit downgrade

Gilbert, AZ – Travis Grantham, candidate for Arizona’s Sixth Congressional District released the following statement on the heels of the downgrade of the US Credit Rating by Standard & Poor’s reiterating his support for a balanced budget amendment and significant cuts in spending.

“The United States Congress and our President failed our country by passing a debt limit increase bill that did nothing for our reckless spending habits and skyrocketing debt. The American people deserve more from their representatives than a simple patchwork that only pushes the problem down the road while continuing to erode our economy.”

“As citizens, we must elect leaders that will change the way Washington does business. Cut, Cap, and Balance should be reintroduced by the Republican controlled house and our party leaders should stand together and force a vote in the Senate. It is our time to stand on principle and do what is right for the American people. Those who have fought and died for this country and those who are defending her abroad deserve to be represented by individuals that do not take our freedoms, liberty, and way of life for granted.”

“I call on all Americans to demand more accountability from their government. America’s future as the greatest and brightest beacon of economic freedom is hanging in the balance.”


Travis Grantham is a candidate for Arizona’s Sixth Congressional District. He serves as the Chief Operations Officer at International Air Response based at the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport. He is also a Captain and Pilot in the Arizona Air National Guard’s 161st Air Refueling Wing based out of Sky Harbor International Airport. Travis lives in Gilbert with his wife Patricia and two daughters. 

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  1. Oberserve says:

    Please explain how a balanced budget amendment will be respected by the 3 branches of the federal government when the current constitution is not?

    Will the amendment get the feds to say about the newly amended constitution “OK, so this time we’re really, really, REALLY going to follow it, even though we didn’t before even though we said we would.”


  2. Oberserve says:

    I’d like to see conservative candidates and conservatives in Congress vote against unconstitutional spending RIGHT NOW. Don’t worry about an amendment.

    Follow the constitution right now AS WRITTEN, and no amendments are required!

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