Don Goldwater Endorses Jennifer Wright for Phoenix Mayor

CONTACT: Michael Marshall

PHOENIX, AZ (August 2) – Jennifer Wright, Republican Phoenix mayoral candidate, is pleased to announce the endorsement of Don Goldwater, former Republican Gubernatorial candidate and long time conservative voice of the valley.

“This year, Phoenix voters have a choice,” said Don Goldwater. “I know Jennifer Wright. She has the knowledge, courage, determination and foresight to fight to protect the people and our community from the overextended yoke of government and lead Phoenix into a new prosperous future.” Goldwater continued by saying, “We are in the WRIGHT time, the WRIGHT place, with the WRIGHT candidate to make Phoenix and the people WRIGHT again.”

“I am honored to have the support of Don Goldwater, a consistent conservative,” said Jennifer Wright, who is running as the only conservative choice on the mayoral ticket.

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  1. Kurt Davis says:

    Wow…this will profoundly impact the race…lol

  2. Who cares?

  3. Phillip the Great says:

    It’s misleading to call her “Republican Phoenix mayoral candidate” and Goldwater “former Republican Gubernatorial candidate” because while she is running as a Republican, it’s not a party primary and she’s running against other Republicans and Democrats at the same time. Goldwater, on the other hand, was a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor. He lost that race. Calling him “former Republican Gubernatorial candidate” implies he was the party nominee.

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