Rep. Schweikert Welcomes Rep. Giffords Back to the House of Representatives

CONTACT: Rachel Semmell

Washington, D.C. – Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) made the following statement after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords returned to work in the House of Representatives after months of recovery:

“I am beyond joyful that my colleague, Gabby, returned to the work she loves today. What an amazing surprise to see her among all of her colleagues and friends. The recovery she had made to this point is truly remarkable. Arizonans everywhere are elated to see her and are grateful for her progress.”



  1. Congresswoman Giffords showed tremendous courage in voting today and helping rouse some semblance of unity with our government officials. We may never know why Jared Loughner opened fire in his rampage several months back, when she was taken from her duties. He’s been found unfit to stand trial so we may never get answers but I still see him holding Sarah Palin’s hand at

    • SO this is how you repay the hundreds of millions of people who help make your life safe, secure, pelasant and fulfilling in this coutnry. You are promoting a grosteque human rights abuse of falsely transferring guilt of the one to the innocent. Totalitarians use this nasty tactic often expressly to get rid of political opposition.

      If this was applied to YOU personally – strangers urging everyone to hold YOU guilty for the actions of someone you don’t know, never met, have no links to in any measure, the way you are applying it to others, and you KNOW these people KNOW it’s a lie, you’d be screaming.

      Promoting a vicious lie is not justice or peace.

  2. you are blaming sarah palin for this? i’m not going to a blog pimp site.

  3. LEO IN TSN says:

    Mr. Schweikert is deftly diverting our attention to his left hand as it pats ultra-liberal Giffords on the back, and away from his right hand that voted FOR the Boehner Betray-US bill that will push Americans back into slavery, the same bill that was then passed in a bogus “compromise.”

    Great job, Mr. Schweikert—will AZ voters be able to follow your miserable slight-of-hand?

    God bless America.

  4. Notice how the trolls pretend a high-ranking Republican judge isn’t dead by the hand of the same vicious shooter? It’s like he never existed – and they plainly wish he hadn’t because the fact of his murder screws up the lie narrative. The killer did manage to succeed in slaughtering the Republican, but where was the outrage against the Liberals who promote violence against Republicans? It is noticeable by its absence. There was a huge henious crime, with many victims and layers there, but we are all being forced to focus on one part ONLY, and it has to be by political consensus and tight, artificial parameters how anyone is to think of it.

    The Democrat Party’s instant cynical and opportunist political posturing with this entire thing, using those who were killed and those who were wounded has moved it from outrage and tragedy to sordid slime.

  5. They did not ignore the Republican judge as you call him, he name was Jon Roll and he just got a courthouse named in his honor. Keep talking out of your backside it shows you IQ level

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