The Tail Wagging the Dog; Same-Sex Couples in Arizona

Population of Arizona?   6,392,017 souls or approximately 11 people per acre when spread out over the entire state.

Number of husband and wife households in Arizona?    The 2010 U.S. Census counted nearly 1.15 million husband and wife households in Arizona.   Number of same-sex households in Arizona?   The 2010 U.S. Census counted nearly 21,000 same-sex couples in Arizona.

So how does that work out?  About 1.83% of couples identified in Arizona by the U.S. Census Bureau are same-sex.  Think about that.  What does that figure suggest for the overall GLBT population of Arizona?  Even being generous and posting that figure at 3% still only yields less than a single legislative district (there are 30 of those).

So what prompted this article?  The fact that in spite of numbers so statistically small, the Associated Press, FoxNews Phoenix, ABC15, and the Arizona Daily Star actually expended time and space reporting this minor factoid.  And, I’ll bet this isn’t over.  By the end of the news-day today several more of Arizona’s MSM will have carried the same story.  And by the end of the week, they’ll be editorials, commentary (like this one) to fill a book!

Why?  How is a small stadium (about the size of Chase Field) of people among so many more millions a “news story”?  How about how many children have a father living in the same household or how many female veterans are homeless in our state?  Priorities.  What’s important.  That’s what the media reports.  If they are simply keeping score then the numbers aren’t encouraging and perhaps don’t warrant the amount of attention given to GLBT issues in the media.

Are they a viable component of Arizona’s population?  Absolutely.  Do they receive more than their share of attention and political clout disproportionate to their numbers?  Absolutely.  In our state today aren’t there more important issues to address such as the growing influence of Chinese investment in U.S. resources?

And of course, maybe we should be paying attention to that whole Debt-Ceiling issue now raging in Washington.  After all, $0.40 of each dollar spent by the federal government daily is borrowed.  How sustainable is that?

(picture courtesy of the website Global Cocktails)

 The point?

There are more important issues today than tracking same-sex couples, so why does the media expend the energy on this issue?  How much energy and capital is expended on the GLBT community in Arizona and why given what a small segment of the overall population they truly are.




  1. Laprofpor says:

    “Do they receive more than their share of attention and political clout disproportionate to their numbers? Absolutely.” That’s a laugh. Attention, maybe; political clout? Absolutely not.

    • Veritas Vincit says:

      T@Laprofpor: here are those within the GLBT community that might disagree with your assessment.

  2. Look, this isn’t rocket science. You can’t use gays and lesbians as political boogeymen and then get all whiny when they stand up and call you on it. If they’re only 1.3% of the population and therefore politically trivial, stop crying that they’re a Grave Threat to the Family and Society. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Veritas Vincit says:

      I’m not sure you read the entire piece. There was no whiny about it. The question is simple: in our media why does such a small minority command a disproportional share of attention when there are issues much more important? Perhaps yet another question is: Why does such a small segment of the population act out and why does the majority of the population even pay attention to them?

      • “Why does such a small segment of the population act out…”

        Your myopia is comical, VV.

        • Veritas Vincit says:

          Your lame comments are what’s comical Klute … especially since you can’t answer the question with a reasonable answer.

      • Matt Majors says:

        Well, here’s a major factoid you didn’t take into consideration in you above blog. You were just looking at the number of same-sex couples. You weren’t looking at the total LGBT Population in the state. Those percentages are more like 10% to 15% of the population. When you refuse to give equal rights to such a large portion of your population other issues become unimportant or at least less important. Really simple solution. Give us our rights and let us become more then second class citizens and we can move on. It’s people like yourself that don’t get this very fact.

  3. Because, vincent, if it is not debated and not brought to the attention of peoples everywhere how are they supposed to understand this topic? Bias will continue to exist. There is hype because there is rejoicing in recognitin of 21,000+ souls out there that have been told to sit down and shut up for many years. There is publicity on this topic because hey, if you had nothing else on the television except debt ceiling, debt, glenn beck, debt, obama, debt, don’t you think you’d be a little bored and definately a non-diversified fool who can only give an ‘old-news’ response at a dinner party when the discussion comes up?
    They are broadcasting it for your own good.

    • Veritas Vincit says:

      Mary, why do I have to bother understanding your personal sexual habits? Do you feel the need to share them publicly? What’s private is private, that’s all. Why all the fuss over such a minor group of people that seem to think their sexuality is all that matters. Maybe we’re tired of them?

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    When the number of heterosexual, non-married couples is included, the numerical significance of the same-sex totals is even more significantly diminished. Many of those gay couples do NOT even want the notoriety being forced on them by political forces. So why are they wagging the dog?

    Obviously, the radical gay agenda is just a weapon employed by well-moneyed radical forces, some of whom are gay, and all of whom want to destroy the family unit as the basic building block of society. Their goal is that the government has to be the family, the religion and the provider. The only way to achieve that goal and to gain total control over the masses is to destroy those building blocks of a free society. If they destroy the foundation, they can destroy US and gain the control they want.

    The heart-tugging cry for “equality” for less than 1.4% of the population is a diversion, and too many Americans have been deceived by this propaganda. Sadly, the MSM is an enthusiastic regiment of the anti-American army, working hard for these nefarious ends. This gay ploy distracts attention from the other means being used to destroy US: devalue innocent human life; destroy the US economy, business and industry; isolate US by destroying our allies on the world stage; disarm unilaterally and neutralize our own military; give up our religious, social and defensive rights to the New World Order of the United Nations.

    The real American people have to start standing up and speaking out for our beliefs and our rights, before that right can be taken away from us also.

    God bless America–founded and guided by His divine will–and protect us from our destroyers, foreign and domestic.

    • “The heart-tugging cry for “equality” for less than 1.4% of the population is a diversion…”

      At what percentage of the population does a cry for equality not become a diversion?

      • LEO IN TSN says:

        2008 figures (latest available) from Guttmacher Institute:
        In Arizona, 19,712 babies were killed by abortionists. No homosexuals were killed for being inconvenient.

        Read: “No Armistice in California’s Culture War” at, 07/15/2011

        Read: “Victory for Evangelical Church Over ‘hell-raising’ Gay Anarchist Group” at, 07/13/2011

        You can speak out for the 1.4%, and I’ll continue to speak for the 98.6% and our children.

        • Abortion has what to do with equality of gays and lesbians in America?

          This is why you lost, well, besides the fact that you’re a homophone, because when presented with an argument, all you can do is try to play an absolute moral authority card that you don’t have.

          • Veritas Vincit says:

            Gays and Lesbians are of course equal to each other Klute… the difference is that I don’t make it a habit to shove my sexual behavior under the noses of other people. Civilized folks consider that rude. Its nice they ‘love’ each other, but I don’t like to be reminded of what gay men do and how often they do it with each other.

            Some of us actually find their sexual behavior a deviation from what 98% of the rest of the state considers ‘normal’. They are 1.4% and yet we treat them like the spotted owl and other endangered species.

            My original question is: Why are they news? Why do they demand “marriage”? Its not like they can reproduce as the rest of us do. They don’t want “equality” they want to be “More Equal” than the rest of the 98% of us.

            And don’t play that dumb “homophobe” word because no one I know fears them – we’re just sick and tired of their g_d damned whining and complaining – and we resent their desire to be “more equal” than anyone else.

            Repeal “hate crime” laws. All acts of violence against someone else is hateful. So why do they deserve more protection than you do? Is it to make up their deficiencies?

  5. Phillip the Great says:

    Some common sense led me to question your first sentence. 113,508 square miles times 640 acres in a square mile is 72,645,120 acres. Divide that by your population of 6,392,017 and you get 11.36 ACRES PER PERSON.

    Make a huge mistake in your opening, forget the persuasiveness of your body and close.

    • Veritas Vincit says:

      Phillip, that’s why your 6th grade teacher said you were Great [in math]. And at 11 acres per person, that puts the question in even more perspective. We have 6 million people and change but 21,000 are once again demanding attention. My question remains: Why?

  6. Congratulations to former Arizonans Kitty Lambert, 54, and Cheryle Rudd, 53, who at 12:01 AM today became the first same-gender couple to legally marry in New York. The newlyweds were married by a tuxedo-clad Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster just in front of the romantic onrushing waters. have been together since they met while working at a paper goods company in Arizona 12 years ago. They have spent 11 of those years engaged, waiting for New York to rewrite its marriage laws — which it finally did, thanks to the Republican-controlled New York State Senate.

    Looks good for Arizona in the future, too!

  7. the other Alexander says:

    I’m late to the party, but I agree that there are more important issues that the media should spend time on. Have you ever noticed that the media can only seem to hold two or three story threads at any one time. Even this publication runs stories on non-issues. Sometimes we shine a light on something for illumination, sometimes we shine the light to distract others from the real issues.

    As a nation and as Arizona we have incorporated protections for minorities – even minorities that choose to belong to that particular segment of society (such as a religion or creed) and we have protections for those minorities who have an immutable characteristics such as ethnicity or race. We offer protections based on family choices – we don’t discriminate against those that are married, nor do we discriminate against those that are not married.

    It should go without saying that the Great State of Arizona has clearly given its opinion that marriage is civil, that’s why its courts do not require evidence of a religious ceremony to get into or exit from a marriage. For some people, they have a strong belief that marriage is a sacrament, but, the State of Arizona does not consider it religious at all. (Footnote, exception being covenant marriage, but even that is truly a civil issue, not a religious one.)

    As for public sex, well, that’s illegal. It is not illegal for a couple of either heterosexual or homosexual persuasion clinging, clawing and snogging each other in public. You may want to tell them to get a room, but it isn’t public sex, although it certainly may be in bad taste. As a society, we may not like it, but we tolerate a kiss or a hug in public and some are more expressive than others. Get over it.

    We have fundamental disagreements over some issues. Sometimes people bring these up to hide all the other stuff going on: corruption, politicians petty political fights, those that steal tax money and those that allow business corruption at its worst.

    We the people are better than this – we should focus on what’s important and recognize that on some issues, we will agree to disagree. We should speak up on what’s important to us, not just the one issue, but all of them.

    Frankly, I don’t think most of us have the authority or the responsibility to condemn others to hell, I’ll leave that to a Higher authority.

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