On the road with Sonoran Citizens

One of our readers send us this quick note regarding a roadway called Sonoran Boulevard. We’re guessing some of our other readers are familiar with this but since this is a random news item, we thought we’d post it to see where this road takes us…

Are you familiar with the Sonoran Boulevard realignment? This road was located at the Lone Mountain/303 alignmnet for a decade. The recorded plats for the area (Sonoran Foohills) show Sonoran Parkway/Boulevard and 1 mile north Dove Valley Road. The City of Phoenix secretly realigned this major arterial to Dove Valley Road and it now runs through a gated neighborhood, does not connect to I-17 and is one mile north of the 303 interchange. They started construction on the road in November 2010 but didn’t tell the citizens of the area until February 2011. This road will end at North Valley Parkway and traffic will have to go north up 27th Drive to Carefee Highway to access I-17 or the 303. The current portion of the road is $78.2 million dollars and will require a $30 million bridge that is not budgeted to connect to I-17. The funded bridge is at the 303 Loop, so why not build the road at the correct location???



  1. Take a look at another bait and switch City project. Rio Salado parkway was supposed to run along the salt river through south phx, but they moved it onto Broadway road so they could take out all the junk yards with federal money. Just like they moved Sonoran Blvd, they moved this project and it is a multi million dollar federally funded boondogle. More sleight of hand from Peggy Neely.

  2. Abigirl says:

    And she was the chief proponent of the $100 million subsidy for CityNorth. Another big government liberal.

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