Maricopa County GOP Chairman Rob Haney responds to State Senate votes on immigration

Senators Intimidated by Chamber of Commerce Infuriate Precinct Committeemen

By Rob Haney

March 20, 2011

The Republican Precinct Committeemen (PCs) who elected me as their Maricopa County Chairman by an unprecedented margin of 70%, did so for a reason. They wanted a spokesman with a clear, consistent, conservative position on the issues as opposed to what they frequently heard from elected Republican office holders pandering to the moderate wing of the Party. The level of disgust held by PCs toward the Republicans who voted with the Democrats on the illegal immigration bills this past week is palpable.

The excuses given by these senators for their actions were the same platitudes we’ve heard repeatedly from those in the business community bonded to the concept of an exploitable, cheap labor force. They are joined in their efforts by the liberal media, the ACLU and the Democrat Party when opposing legislation or policies (Prop 200, employer sanctions, sanctuary cities, SB1070) which sought to enforce our immigration laws. They protest: “We agree …but it is a federal issue …the border has never been more secure …it is discriminatory and racist …it will not be upheld in court …citizenship is a federal issue …Arizona can’t go it alone …unintended consequences …boycotts …we are not pro-illegal immigration, we just need to press the federal government for meaningful immigration reform …we have more pressing issues to deal with such as the economy …there are more issues than illegal immigration …it is poorly written, etc.”

The PCs know better than to ask these maverick senators, “Where are your perfect bills or amendments that you have submitted to stop the illegal alien invasion?” There are no bills coming from these senators because they are mavericks and crossing the aisle to vote with the Democrats is what mavericks do. There are no Democrat mavericks because Democrats are committed to their platform and will not tolerate dissent within their ranks.

The savvy PCs recognize the talking point excuses as insincere malarkey. They know the truth is that the business community demands cheap labor and the Democrats want the bonanza of the illegal alien vote upon attaining citizenship through amnesty. PCs are bewildered by Republican legislators whom they assisted in their quest for political power now voting against defending the party and the nation. As taxpaying citizens, the PCs see the results of the invasion. We have experienced a marked negative impact on our personal safety, while funding the overburdened educational, medical, and criminal justice systems dealing with the burdens imposed by those in our country in violation of our laws and national borders.

Some of our schools now instruct children that the United States is an aggressor nation, teaching the racist LaRaza and Reconquista studies programs. Meanwhile, taxes and spending have drastically increased. We have imported a culture of corruption, intimidation and contempt for authority. Mob rule can be witnessed all too often at the Arizona State Capitol. Foreign drug cartels openly flaunt their power within our borders. Voter fraud and ID theft are rampant.

The federal government will not stop this invasion. In fact, they have demonstrated that they will do what they can to insure that it continues. To persist with the mantra that it is a federal issue and will be addressed at that level is to deny history. The deterioration of all aspects of our society is manifested in the illegal alien invasion.

PCs recognize that border security is national security. The refusal of these Republicans to take meaningful actions to secure our border in this era of Islamic terrorism is indefensible.

Do these senators fail to realize the result their votes have on the well-being of the Party? Do they not remember what happened when Sens. McCain, Kyl and Rep. Flake advocated for an amnesty bill, while 80 – 90% of the Republican base opposed it? The GOP, thanks in large part to Tea Party activists who hold Constitutional and Republican Platform beliefs, is only now beginning to recover from the mass exodus to the Independent ranks provoked by our own representatives. Due to numerous liberal positions taken by some of our elected Republicans, the public sees little difference between Democrats and Republicans. That concept must change for Republicans to continue to succeed. But now the maverick Republicans in the Arizona Senate have dealt another body blow to the Republican base.

It is imperative that newly invigorated activists not become discouraged because some Republican Senators have betrayed our efforts on their behalf and the confidence that has been placed in them. We can expect setbacks from time to time as the moneyed interests try to maintain their influence. Money can buy an election if the voters are uninformed or misinformed. It is our duty to build an educated voter base that understands the issues and votes accordingly, no matter how much is spent to deceive them. Our Founders put their lives on the line by signing the Declaration of Independence. All we have to do is campaign in the Republican primary in favor of those advocating for the political principles vital to the survival of our Republic.

I urge you to rally other patriots to the cause, join the Republican Party and make your voice more powerful by becoming a Precinct Committeeman (PC). Clearly, the Democrat Party will not advocate for your beliefs and becoming an Independent will only ensure Democrat victories. The most effective method of fighting is to become a Republican PC to help elect candidates who will represent our fundamental values. Please contact me at if you have an interest in joining us, and I will explain how you can become involved in the political effort to protect Arizona and the United States.

Rob Haney
Chairman, Maricopa County Republican Committee



  1. ditat_deus says:

    Wow Rob, not even sure how to respond to so many inflammatory and inaccurate statements in your above post. The reality is, you have done a fantastic job of pulling PCs from your Tea Party base. I envy your tenacity and execution. However, poll after poll has shown that your PC base is not indicative of the overall county sentiment towards your misguided approach on immigration, let alone, many other issues. Quite the opposite.

    To say that the mass gains in the Independent Party are due to the type of votes exhibited by these brave senators is asinine. The gains seen by the Independent Party are due to the out of touch nature in which you manage the GOP in this county. Look at your District meetings. Look at the age demographics. Your extremist’s views attract one sect of the Republican Party while embracing the alienation of all other Republicans. And in the opinion of the vast majority of registered republicans, it is a sect that is completely out of touch with reality.

    Keep stroking your ego with your “unprecedented margin of 70%” bull. Your corner has yet to win a big primary. Keep knocking McCain, Kyle, and Flake. Real classy as the County Chair. The rest of us will continue to make gains of rational PCs in our districts, waiting for a day when we will finally have some competency at the head of our County GOP party. Best of luck.

  2. Ditat – State Chairman – won by the Tea Party conservatives, County Chairman – won by the Tea Party conservatives. Poll after poll showing strong support for getting rid of the mexicans.
    What dont you understand about politics in AZ? We need to support our leaders and the direction they are setting. The party keeps growing regardless of whether you like the policies or not. We stand for the rule of law, strong families and our religion. Our leaders are good examples of those qualities.
    Except for Pearces sons i guess. But every one else is on board.
    Ditat – shut up and sit down.

  3. Just excellent capsulation Mr. Haney, you hit on every cylinder. People have short memories. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce has a history of racketeering-style tactics going back to Arizona’s first baby step – Proposition 200.

    In 2004 they shelled out $2 million and chose anti-enforcement RINO Grant Woods (himself convicted of violating immigration laws) head a TV campaign of the biggest lies ever perpetrated on the people of Arizona. Using actors dressed as police and firemen, they fronted a scare campaign of untruths to line their pockets from cheap illegal labor and retail sales to the illegal invaders. They managed to pull support for Prop 200 from about 85% to 57% on election day. And although they LOST, they bragged later that if they would have started earlier, they would have defeated 200.

    Mr. Haney has clearly pointed out that one of the Chamber’s favorite tactics (shared by the pro-illegal community) is to blur the line between STOPPING the invasion and reducing the problem through ATTRITION. The “micreant 8″ in our Senate have locked arms with a business mafia that will stop at nothing. Here is a more palatable list of the CEO brown shirt brigade that sent the horse head to the legislature. On it is McCain’s wife (Hensley Beverage Co) right after he punked idiotic Republican voters again promising PRO ENFORCEMENT crapola. He was FOR SB 1070 because he was up for election, but now……

    A.T. Still University Craig Phelps, Provost
    Adreima Constance Perez, Chief Executive Officer
    Arizona Hotel & Lodging Assoc Debbie Johnson, President/CEO
    Arizona Lodging & Resort Assoc Alan Klein, Board Chair, So.
    Arizona Republic John Zidich, CEO/Publisher
    Atrium Holding Company Ronald Brown, President
    Banner Health Peter Fine, President/CEO
    Blood Systems Daniel Connor, President/CEO
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of AZ Marty Laurel, Vice President
    Campus Research Corporation Donald Pitt, President
    Carondelet Foundation Janice Cox, Retired CEO
    Community Tire & Auto Repair Howard Fleischmann, Owner
    Cox Communications Stephen Rizley, Sr. Vice President/General Mgr.
    DMB Associates, Inc. Drew Brown, Managing Director
    DHR International David Bruno, Vice Chairman, Managing Director
    Denise Resnik & Associates Denise Resnik, President
    Ernst & Young Ronald Butler, Arizona Managing Partner
    Empire Southwest LLC Jeff Whiteman, President/CEO
    ExhibitOne Corporation Kevin Sandler, President/CEO
    Flagstaff Forty J.R. Murray, Chairman
    Gallagher & Kennedy P.A.Michael Kennedy, President
    Geddes and Company F. Michael Geddes, Chairman, President
    GenSpring Richard Dozer, Chairman, Family Offices
    Greater Phoenix Chamber Steven Wheeler, Chairman
    HR Choice Susan Williams, President/Founder
    Helios Foundation Vince Roig, Chairman/CEO
    Hensley Beverage Company Robert Delgado, President/CEO
    Holualoa Companies Michael Kasser, President
    Horizon Moving Systems, Inc. Bruce Dusenberry, President
    ILX Resorts, Inc. Nancy Stone, President
    Intel Corporation Shelly Esque, Vice President, Legal/Corp Affairs
    Jim Click Automotive Jim Click, Jr., President
    Kitchell Corporation William Schubert, Chairman
    Loews Ventana Canyon Brian Johnson, Managing Director
    Nestle-Purina, Flagstaff Bill Calloway, Plant Manager
    Off Madison Avenue David Anderson, President
    PetSmart Philip Francis, Executive Chairman, Chairman, GPL
    Quarles & Brady LLP Jon Pettibone, Managing Partner
    Research Corp for Science Adv.James Gentile, President/CEO
    SALC Bruce Beach, CEO, BeachFleischman PC, Chairman
    St. Joseph’s Hospital Linda Hunt, Area President, President/CEO
    Scottsdale Healthcare Thomas Sadvary, President/CEO
    Sunbelt Holdings John Graham, President
    Sundt Construction, Inc.J. Doug Pruitt, Chairman/CEO
    TMC Healthcare Michael Duran, Vice President, Chief Dev. Off
    Team BeachFleishman PC David Cohen, Executive Vice President
    The Chanen Corporation Herman Chanen, Chairman/CEO
    The Leona Group William Coats, Chief Executive Officer
    The Rodel Foundations Don Budinger, Chairman/Founding Director
    U.S. Airways Group W. Douglas Parker, Chairman, President/CEO
    Underwood Brothers, Inc.Robert Underwood, Chief Executive Officer
    University of Arizona Peter Likins, President Emeritus
    Vante Medical Technologies Roger Vogel, Chairman, President/CEO
    Vestar Development Company Lee Hanley, Chairman/CEO
    Viad Corporation Paul Dykstra, Chairman, President/CEO

  4. Fred.

    Your quote “Poll after poll showing strong support for getting rid of the mexicans.” is Racist and obscene. You give Republicans a bad name, and make it seem that we are anti- hispanic as opposed to anti-illegal immigration. You probably hate everyone that you think is better than you as well (i.e. that makes over $50k a year, and has a college degree, a house (not a trailer), and does not have a conferederate flag hanging in their yard.

    Latest census report shows that 1 in 6 in the United States are Hispanic. I think its time to unify, correct people like you who are racist and focus on how to fix our illegal immigration and border problems.

    • “Your quote “Poll after poll showing strong support for getting rid of the mexicans.” is Racist and obscene.”

      Yes, perhaps he could have worded it differently, but that hardly is grounds for your personal attack that followed. But you’re really slamming him for speaking the truth. Our problem is with Mexicans. You can candy coat it by calling them “illegals”, but 99 out of 100 are Mexicans. Have you forgotten all the protests on the streets of Phoenix and elsewhere where they were carrying Mexican flags?

      You could be accused of doing the same thing as Fred: ” Latest census report shows that 1 in 6 in the United States are Hispanic. I think its time to unify…” Just ask Salvador Reza, Steve Gallardo, or Filth Gordon.

      We will never “fix” illegal immigration nor the border problem. Never. The criminals in Washington will never do anything about it. The best thing we can do is make Arizona so unattractive and so unconfortable that illegals will leave or not come here to begin with. Step one is to work to remove the “miscreant 8″ from the Arizona Senate out of office. BTB, it isn’t necessary to capitalize the word racist, it is a noun.

  5. Zoo, you may be right that we will never fix it. I can tell you that McCain and Kyl were warned and talked to and urged to take action on this as far back as the mid 90s. For them to make excuses in 2011 is completely ludacris. There are probably memos :) from their staff members that outlined the growing problem and suggested some remedies from way back then. They were ignored.
    The contentious atmosphere in AZ is the direct result of their inaction. The business community also shares a great deal of the blame because they could have spoken on the issue long ago and helped come up with solutions so they would not have to fire a shot across the bow in 2011. Long ago we had real AZ business leaders that had the balls to take on issues and fix things and move forward – people like Barry Goldwater and the Phx 40. Those days are gone because now we have a bunch of corporate whimps that wait until the boat is way underwater before they goose Glenn Hamer to say something, and it is way too late.

  6. evelyn munn says:

    Deaar Rob…I attended the Fountain Hills Republican Club’s annual breakfast Saturday, March 26….I distributed the list of the turncoat Republicans and set copies on every table…Present were Senator Michelle Reagan and her parents….After the3 meeting I was royally chewed out by the club president….as a true RINO he thinks he can unify the party….I responded that these turncoats were to blame if the paarty was not unified and that unification under the liberal banner was no longer to be tolerated by the concons and Tea Party members….so there you have it. Once again, personalities over principles….God bless you, Tom and Senator Pearce…We stand with you in this battle….Respectfully, Evelyn Munn

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