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RINOs in DC Sellout Conservatives, the Founding Fathers and Constitution Once Again

House Republicans attempt to revive Real ID

Your driver’s license may no longer be valid for boarding an airplane or entering federal buildings as of May 11, 2011.

That’s the deadline that senior House Republicans are calling on the Obama administration to impose, saying states must be required to comply with so-called Real ID rules creating a standardized digital identity card that critics have likened to a national ID.

The political problem for the GOP committee chairmen is that the 2005 Real ID Act has proven to be anything but popular: legislatures of two dozen states have voted to reject its requirements, and in the Michigan and Pennsylvania legislatures one chamber has done so.

That didn’t stop the House Republicans from saying in a letter this week to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano that “any further extension of Real ID threatens the security of the United States.” Unless Homeland Security grants an extension, the law’s requirements take effect on May 11.

“If they don’t, people won’t be able to use their driver’s licenses to get on airplanes,” says Molly Ramsdell, who oversees state-federal affairs for the National Conference of State Legislatures. “They can use a military ID. They can use some other federal ID. But they won’t be able to use a driver’s license.” (See CNET’s FAQ.)

The situation represents a setback to Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.), who championed Real ID as a way to identify terrorists and criminals. But instead of what supporters hoped would be a seamless shift to a nationalized ID card, the requirements have created a confusing patchwork of state responses–with some legislatures forbidding their motor vehicle administration from participating–and could herald chaos at airports unrivaled by any other recent change to federal law.

Since its enactment, its backers have been aggressively defending Real ID, noting that many of the hijackers on September 11, 2001, were able to fraudulently obtain U.S. driver’s licenses. Because Real ID links state DMV databases, establishes a standard bar code that can be digitally scanned, and mandates that original documents such as birth certificates be verified, backers claim the benefits extend beyond antiterror and ID fraud cases. (Extending it to firearm and prescription drug sales has not been ruled out.)

Complicating the fact is that, during the Bush administration, Homeland Security was an unabashed champion of Real ID. But under the Obama administration, the department has been far less effusive in its support of the law, and Napolitano has been quoted as talking about repealing Real ID in hopes of replacing it with something that “accomplishes some of the same goals.”

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A couple of notes from MadArizonan:

1) “national ID” is not a card, it’s a datafile.  The card or chip or bar code or magnetic strip are just ways of expressing the data contained in the datafile.

2) Note that it will be used in the future for gun purchases and tracking.

3) Napolitano doesn’t want to implement the “Real ID” program, but another national id program

4) There are a hundred if not hundreds of national ID programs.  Real ID is just one.

5) Homeland Security owns the national ID database.

6) State license data exchanged with Homeland Security goes in the national ID datbase.

7) This is part of a wider international effort.  See “How the US Government Forged a Surveillance Society” on

8 ) There’s nothing in the constitution about authority for the federal government to track law-abiding American citizens.

Time for a TEAPARTY.  Kick the rest of the RINOs out!

Run Trent Run!

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Arizona’s brewing union battle

by Clint Bolick
Goldwater Institute

2011 may very well mark the year that many policymakers and citizens nationwide take action to curb the corrosive influence of unions. In the public sector, they create costs and inefficiencies, from inflated pension and health care costs to cumbersome work rules. In the private sector, they make companies uncompetitive and promote unemployment due to artificially high wages and benefits.
While President Obama has made union-building a top priority, Arizona has quite a different approach.
Already we enjoy a competitive advantage as a right-to work state, so that compulsory membership in a union is illegal. Last year Arizonans overwhelmingly adopted Save Our Secret Ballot, which prohibits union formation without secret-ballot elections by the affected workers.
This year, the Legislature is considering H.B. 2644, sponsored by new lawmaker Rep. Michelle Ugenti, which would prohibit local governments and state agencies from accepting federal funds if doing so requires preferences for union contractors. If adopted, the bill will keep contract costs low, and increase job opportunities—and send a message to Washington, D.C. that in Arizona, unions must compete on a level playing field without the hand of the federal government tipping the scale in their favor.
Senator Frank Antenori and Representative Judy Burges have introduced an amendment to the state constitution (which the Goldwater Institute helped draft) that would be placed on the 2012 ballot that would establish the right of workers not to have union dues taken out of their paychecks for political purposes. Unions are a juggernaut in American politics not because their members willingly support them, but rather because in most instances they have no choice. If Arizonans pass this measure, workers who belong to a union will finally have a say about whether or not their dues can be used to play politics.

Eliminating the government-conferred advantages that unions enjoy—advantages that too often turn into a taxpayer-supported gravy train—will strengthen Arizona’s economy in the long run.

Clint Bolick is director of the Goldwater Institute’s Scharf-Norton Center for Constitutional Litigation.

Learn More:

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URGENT! Contact Arizona House over Voter Fraud Bill!

By Brad Zinn

Fellow Patriots and Friends,

This will be THE most important email I will write so far this year. If you have ever heard me talk about vote fraud, and if you have ever come up to me and said, “Brad, what can I do to help?” then this is the time, this is the moment, and we may never have as good a chance to do something positive as we do right this minute.

I am asking, begging, and pleading with you to stop whatever you are doing and right this moment place a phonecall. It will determine whether we get vote fraud reform / election integrity bills through the Arizona State Legislature this year, and maybe for several years!

Let me explain. The Tea Party Vote Fraud Task Force, which I co-chair along with Jennifer Wright, has worked very hard to get a couple of reform bills introduced in this session. Rep. Jeff Dial has a bill that is going to move forward as an amendment. Rep. Carl Seel has a bill that needs to be placed as an amendment. (We are working on that!)

Sen. Don Shooter has gotten his bill out of the Senate and it is now moving over to the House side to be heard in Committee and voted on.

This is where YOU come in. Sen. Shooter’s bill is an excellent bill that we can support wholeheartedly. But in order to be sure that it will get voted on by the House, it must pass Committee. The decision as to what Committee will hear the bill falls into Speaker Kirk Adams’ hands. And that decision is critical. It can determine whether a bill moves forward or is left behind.

We have discovered that the Judiciary Committee (Chairman, Eddie Farnsworth) has been unwilling to schedule vote fraud bills. We do not understand why. Nonetheless, we cannot let that stop us!

Here is the plan: We need you to call – and I do mean CALL, Fax AND email Speaker Adams and firmly ask that he assign Sen. Shooter’s bill into the Government Committee to be heard. The Chairperson for Government Committee is Rep. Judy Burges. We stand a much better chance of getting the bill scheduled to be heard and passed in her committee than in Judiciary.

Here is how to contact Speaker Kirk Adams:

Phone 602-926-5495
Fax: 602-417-3019

We need you to burn up the phone lines NOW! Shut down the switchboard!! Speaker Adams is not impressed with the “Tea Party” so we need to muster MASSIVE support and let him know we are here, we are watching, we are engaged and we want this bill heard in the Government Committee where it will not be deep-sixed!

Here is an example of what to say when you call:

“Hello! This is <your name> and I am a member of the Tea Party Vote Fraud Task Force. I am calling to ask that Speaker Adams assign Sen. Shooter’s bill – Number SB-1412, to be heard in the Government Committee. We are aware that the House Judiciary Committee has refused to address the issue of Ballot Integrity, and this is unacceptable to us. As citizens we want our elections to be free, fair, open, honest, and accountable, and fraud threatens to steal our votes and keep our voices from being counted. Please tell the Speaker that I called and I will be watching to see that Sen. Shooter’s bill is heard by the Government Committee. Thank you!”

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a Precinct Committeeman, please add that to your conversation (above) as it carries greater weight with elected officials. If you are the Chairman of a District, or hold office in your District, make sure you mention that fact as well.

AFTER you make this quick, painless, easy phonecall, then you can write a letter and email it, and Fax it to the Speaker’s office. We need him to hear us LOUD and CLEAR – but politely!! We need to overwhelm him and his staff until he assigns this bill properly.

Next, pass this email along to your email buddies, and add your personal note to ask they do the same. Also post this information to your Facebook page and ask people to call, write, and Fax the Speaker. We MUST be heard!

Please do not let up! Keep calling, Faxing and emailing until you hear from me to stop. I am working with various parties on different levels and I will be in touch with them to monitor progress.

Finally, I want to ask a personal favor. Rep. Carl Seel has been of tremendous help to us on this issue. He deserves our thanks. While you are calling, and emailing, would you also phone Rep. Seel’s office (his Assistant is Tammy – a very nice person!) and express your thanks for all the work he has done on this issue? It would be of enormous benefit, and will encourage one of our conservative legislators to continue to help us out with causes we all care about. He needs to know we are out here, and we can muster many voices when we need to!

Rep. Carl Seel
Fax: 602-417-3006

That is the plan. This is the time. We MUST move NOW. Opportunity knocks and we cannot wait. If this does not happen in this session, we will have very little chance of it getting through the next session when we are in a Presidential election year. We believe we have the votes to get this to the Governor for her signature but we must act together and in MASSIVE strength.

I spent the weekend of the Tea Party Patriots Summit in Phoenix talking to the good folks from Harris County (Houston) Texas about their group the King Street Patriots, and their vote fraud organization, True The Vote .com

They are proposing 22 pieces of legislative action in Texas. They have someone to carry each and every one of their agenda items in the Legislature there. Arizona and Texas have been very good friends to each other as of late.

In the friendliest of ways, let’s show Texas that Arizona can continue to lead the way. Let’s get our bills across the finish line! Go to your phone RIGHT NOW and make a difference. Protests are great. Chanting is cathartic. But, this is where the rubber meets the road. We have an election coming up that will determine the future of this nation and whether we will survive to pass on Liberty to our heirs.

If the other side is allowed to game the elections system, steal or diminish or negate our votes, we will be plunged into a vortex we may never get out of in our lifetimes. Voter fraud cuts across all demographics. Americans want, deserve, and believe in government from the bottom up and not from the top down.

Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Republicans, and Independents – make your voices heard. Call Speaker Adams and convince him that where this bill is heard MATTERS! Sen. Shooter’s bill SB 1412 is a good step forward and the effects will make a difference. Ladies and Gentlemen, mount your steeds:


In Liberty,
Brad Zinn, Co-Chair
Jennifer Wright, Co-Chair
Tea Party Vote Fraud Task Force



Baja Arizona supporters are clueless Tucson narcissists

The recent proposal by some Tucson Democrats to secede from the rest of the state once again shows us how clueless most of them are.

Attempts to make a state called Baja Arizona have been around a long time; they have about as much real viability as running the Mexican Reconquista proposed in certain TUSD classes the other way and grabbing Rocky Point. Two things are different this time. First is the attention given it by many who whomp the legislature for wasting time on trivial issues. The second is the re-definition of “Baja Arizona.”

Current proponents now define it as only Pima County. The traditional definition is those current counties included all or in part in the Gadsden Purchase. Beyond Pima, that’s Yuma, La Paz, Pinal, Santa Cruz, Cochise, Graham and Greenlee. That would include close to two million people and with some stray pieces of Maricopa currently is represented by most of two Congressional districts with parts of two others.

On the surface this would make another blue state as the two larger Congressional districts both just elected Democrats, although by close margins, but add the other pieces and you’d tip at least one Republican.

More relevant are the state legislative districts. There are about nine of them, and for a long time they were dominated by Democrats. That domination ended in 2010. Six of the nine senators are Republican as are 11 of the 18 House members. That approximates the state totals of 21-9 and 40-20. The real Baja Arizona would be another GOP state.

And unlike the mushmouths and RINOs the southern GOP used to send to Phoenix, these Republicans are real conservatives generally allied with their northern brethren.

Tucson Democrats may claim they wish to escape from Phoenix “crazies” but what they really want to get away from is Saddlebrooke, Safford and Sierra Vista. I suspect that some Democrat supporting this may have run the numbers.

They want to put the secession option on the ballot in Pima County. OK, but first let’s allow the voters all the real options. One of those would be joining the rest of Southern Arizona in a genuine Baja state. Another would be opting out of a Tucsoncentric operation. Why should Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita and unincorporated Pima move to a new domination by Tucson crazies?

Democrats have a major problem. They are unable to deal with reality. They (and too many others) falsely assumed that the 2008 election was the new dawn. They lost big in 2010 and are still in denial. From Wisconsin to Arizona they are generally unable to accept it and are trying to change or even ignore the rules.

Whenever I see some batch of losers trying to “reform the process” by changing the rules (exemplified by the Morrison Institute attempts to destroy real representative government in Arizona because they don’t like our current representatives), I think back to all of those friendly little dealer’s choice poker games. There was often some twerp who’d been losing all night who decided the only shot he had was calling the bizarre like No Peaky and Anaconda because he lost his butt at the real ones like draw and stud.

Politics is a lot like poker. There’s always another hand sitting right on top of the deck and there are no “safe” constituencies long term or else we’d still have a few Whigs in office somewhere. The attitude Democrats have towards losing is petty and will hardly win back most of what they already lost with bad candidates and worse ideas. There only real hope is Republican incompetence, something that’s preserved a lot of lucky Democrats who shouldn’t let it go to their head.

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