Sticks and stones may break their bones

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February 3, 2011

Sticks and stones may break their bones


Our law enforcement officers, first responders one and all, put their lives on the line for us every day. They have to deal with dangerous situations that most of us would be very glad to avoid at all costs. What we fail to remember sometimes, is that the uniform does not change the fact that these people are first and foremost, human beings, just like the rest of us.  

 Is it not enough that they have to face danger without having to endure mindless abuse as well? Just imagine the kind of mentality that leads some people to hurl invectives at the police officers who serve and protect us, but perhaps those nitwits identify with the bad guys, and see law enforcement as the enemy. Now our first law enforcement guys and gals cannot even be sure it is safe to eat in a restaurant. Something is wrong with this picture. 


Let us know what you think. It’s your call. This memo below was sent today to all Sheriff’s employees:

Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2011 3:03 PM
To: Sheriff
Subject: E-mail for all Sheriff’s Employees

Please give special attention to the message below from Chief Brian Sands. 

It came to our attention that earlier today, one of our District 1 deputies, while on a lunch break at a McDonald’s restaurant in the Mesa area, was verbally harassed by a number of food handlers there. 

Workers saw the uniformed deputy, proceeded to verbally harass him in Spanish spewing hateful comments towards him and the Office and Sheriff as a whole.  The deputy refused to take the meal, fearing contamination.  Finally the deputy contacted the corporate office to brief them on what had occurred.

After a review of the facts with this deputy, and in light of the fact that we have conducted employer sanctions cases against a McDonald’s restaurant in the past which resulted in a strained relationship between the fast food chain and this Office, I am suggesting that all employees who wish to eat at a McDonald’s restaurant, do so with caution.

Chief Brian Sands





  1. Wow, people really still eat at McDonalds? Let this be another reason to add to what should already be a long list of reasons not to eat there …

  2. If these deputies had handled this situation with confidence and decorum, they could have had the opportunity to gain respect, if not from the mouthy employees, then at least from onlookers and other employees.

    Instead, they chose to blow this up and now it looks like a war against The World’s Toughest Sheriff’s office and Ronald McDonald. Ask yourselves, is this public declaration of war likely to reduce the likelihood of fastfood retribution or increase it?

    It does not instill confidence in me when I hear that MCSO deputies cannot deal with rude minimum wage fry cooks who sell Happy Meals.

    This should have been dealt with quietly and with confidence between the deputies and the owner of the establishment.

    Unfortunately, now we have a public memo used as a nuclear device against a fly swatter. It’s a clown war.

  3. John Doe, P.E. says:

    More MCSO theater. Any reasonable law enforcement officer could have handled this event with a modicum of decorum. I’m sure that Mesa PD officers have probably eaten in this same McDonald’s but you didn’t here of any troubles for those officers.

    Beating your chest and declaring you’re a MCSO LEO does nothing to impress me or my neighbors.

  4. TruthJustice says:

    Funny thing. The lawyers that represent the local McDonalds are the same lawyers that represent the Board of Supervisors. That should be ‘telling’ also.

  5. Alicia Gegner says:

    The Spanish speaking workers specifically targeted the Sheriff and his office. Nobody is known more for enforcing immigration laws (what a novel concept – law enforcement official s enforcing the law) than Sheriff Arpaio and his deputies. Is it possible that the workers are illegals? Do ya think?

    Is it also possible that the owners of McDonalds here in Arizona are in cahouts with political defenders of porous borders and weak immigration law enforcement? I suspect that this is a McThing. McDonalds, McCain…

    So I have a question that nobody seems to ask, and nobody has answered. If amnesty is granted to all illegals, employers will have to pay them lawful wages, who will be the next people to be exploited to work for coolie wages while depressing the pay level for all the rest of us? Will the employers fire their legal workforce and seek new illegals? I can picture a huge mess and a lot of social unrest in the making.

  6. Are you kidding?? Throwing McCain in and using a racial slur all in one post. #5

    You’ve joined the clown war, Alicia, but that’s nothing new…

  7. The MCSO made a meatloaf out of a meatball. I agree this should have been handled quietly. Deputies could simply pass the word among themselves to avoid McDonald’s except when conducting law enforcement activities.

    Although police as first responders deserve respect, they also have tremendous power over ordinary citizens which is sometimes abused either within the law due to abusive government policies or outside the law due to personal arrogance or abusiveness. When police are truly in the community to protect and serve, they get more respect. When the government gets too big and intrusive or police abuse their power, they get less respect.

    I think the illegal alien enforcement operations are justified, but I also think is shows bad judgment that police patronize establishments that are likely or past objects of their law enforcement activities.

    We can’t make people verbally abusing government officials a cause for action if we want to remain free people. In fact, there are probably many government officials who could benefit from some verbal harrassment!

  8. I like how the MCSO haters (probably employees of the Board of Supervisors) immediately jump in and post some ignorant comments blaming the Deputies instead of the rude McDonald’s employees. Nice try guys, we can see right through you.

  9. Alicia Gegner says:

    Travis, puleez! Illegal is not a racial slur. It is a state of being.

    Racial slurs include the N word, a word that rhyme with bike, a word pronounced the way Mc is said, a word that also describes a problem with armor that rymes with ink… These, Travis, are racial slurs.

    Regarding your clown comment, please note I have never used a pejorative toward you, and I won’t begin now, but I wish you had the same courtesy.

    McCain’s record stands on its own for all of us to see. As a public elected official, he is fair game for comment, and to the best of my knowledge, you have not yet been able to shut down my First Amendment rights, so comment I will.

    You chose to denigrate the deputy who merely left the restaurant without eating the meal, and then reported the incident to the corporate office. That sounds very responsible to me. Would you have acted differently had you been abused? Would you have eaten the food? Would you have failed to make a report? If not, we would have to question your performance as a sworn law enforcement officer.

    Travis, please make your points without reaching into the swill reservoir looking for things to sling at others. Just be polite and be logical. You seem to be intelligent enough to do that. Am I correct?

  10. “Coolie” is a racial slur, Alicia. Look it up.

    I have no objection to your opinion about this issue – and certainly, most of us here are against open borders – but when you use language like that, you allow the liberals to continue unfairly painting the rest of us as racist. I’m sure you’re not racist; you clearly just don’t understand the word you used, but it behooves all of us to make our points in a respectful way. That is the way to win the debate.

  11. Alicia,

    Speaking of perjorative: “McThing”, “Coolie”…

    “Clown War” is accruate if not decorous. You put yourself in it. I didn’t place you there.

    I stand by my statements.

  12. MaskedTruthman says:

    One thing for sure, Travis can’t spell pejorative or accurate.

  13. Rule No. One of Business:

    “The customer is always right.”

  14. #12 – I can. I didn’t. Glad you know what I meant.

  15. wanumba Says:
    February 4th, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Regle No.1 de commerce:
    “Le client a toujours raison.”

    Regla No. 1 del comercio:
    “El cliente siempre tiene razon.”

    Rule No. 1 of business:
    “The customer is always right.”

  16. Arizona Ranger says:

    Get over it folks. This deputy sheriff did exactly what he was instructed to do: report the incident to his superior officer. This is NOT a minor issue and needs to be dealt with appropriately. The ethnic background of the McDonald’s employee is irrelevant but his action and words are not. Obviously the errant employee has an anger management problem (gee, do you think he might just be an illegal?) with our police. You know, the guys that ARREST AND DEPORT the illegals. I would recommend that a quick E-Verify check be made on this loud mouthed, immature employee. I know the sheriff is a good, law abiding person….can the employee say the same?

  17. I usually don’t eat at McDonalds, but that is it. I won’t eat at McDonalds again.

  18. If the deputy feared contaminated food, he should have paid for the meal and then have had it inspected.

  19. The franchise owner is the one to focus on first.

    There are a thousand McDonalds restaurants out there that wouldn’t tolerate this for a second. They are owned by OTHER people who shouldn’t be punished for the apparently questionable hiring, staffing and comportment of the franchise.

    McDonalds as a corporation spends A LOT of its time and efforts trying to make and KEEP customers. They appreciate very much this sort of feedback. They will sever contracts if owners do not maintain the VERY clear McDonalds standards.

    The big question then is: WHO owns this particular McDonalds? That alone will probably answer a slew of OTHER questions pertaining to the history of this restaurant and the MCSO.

  20. Hey Travis:

    Who’s composing your talking points?


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