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Bruce Ash on the Recent GOP Election

Here is the latest audio clip of National Committeeman, Bruce Ash, on the recent election for Arizona Republican Party Chairman.

Bruce Ash 012411

Guest Opinion: Sheriff Dupnik recall effort is confident

Reprinted from The Cholla Jumps (HT to James Kelly)

The effort to recall Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is gaining strength and the leaders of the effort have great confidence in its accomplishment. The executive director of Americans Against Immigration Amnesty, Dan Baltes has over 4,000 members locally in Pima County. He told me that over 200 volunteers are ready to hit the streets with the petitions to gather the necessary signatures to force a recall. “We have businesses in Tucson who have offered to have the petitions at their place of business for customers to sign and approximately 200 Pima County Registered Voters who have volunteered to gather signatures. We also have 200 signs being sent to Tucson to be used for the recall effort.”

January 28th, a protest is planned at the Pima County Sherriff Office Headquarters. Local TEA Party activists have organized the event.

I brought up a couple of issues that were discussed by a number of people this last Saturday at the Arizona GOP state convention.

Why not just put a war chest together to help the conservative candidate win in 2012?

“It’s important to do it now while the issues that brought Dupnik to national attention are still fresh. We believe the momentum is with us to do it now as opposed to waiting two years.”

Will you have the support of the GOP leadership?

“It doesn’t really matter, this crosses party lines. I have received hundreds of e-mails in support of the recall from Democrats and Independents alike. This will be grassroots will of all the people of Pima County and as the momentum builds I think we will see local party leaders supporting the effort.”

Will this be a sustained effort for the long haul or is it just a publicity stunt?

“We are in it for the long haul; I wouldn’t go out with a national appeal for support and then just abandon the whole thing. Ultimately it will be the signatures of the people of Pima County that bring it to fruition but they should be encouraged that so many people nationally will support them.”

Is there anyone waiting in the wings to run for the office presently?

“ Some people have shown interest but it will up to the people of Pima County.”

Mr. Baltes will be on Fox and Friends Monday morning discussing the recall effort. A Facebook page called Recall Sheriff Dupnik states its purpose as “Sheriff Dupnik has abused his position as the top law enforcement officer of Pima County, potentially endangering the case against the perpetrator of attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords, and the murder of (as of now) six people.”

An interesting side note: the State Senate in Phoenix may decide to hold hearings on the impeachment of Sheriff Dupnik. Senate staff is seeking names of credible sources to subpoena them to testify. (This is a strong possibility from an unimpeachable source in the Senate). The crux of the investigation will be on if the Sheriff follows his own rules of conduct and if he has purposely muddied any aspect of the overall investigation of the murders and assaults that took place in the Safeway parking lot on January 8th.

Pima County Sheriff’s Department Rules and Regulations:

Chapter 7, Section XXII, see pg. 62

“No member, while acting in an official capacity, shall make any oral or written statement to the media, which presents a personal opinion or point of view.”

(source: )

A correction to TCJ’s column is below from Dan Baltes,

“I will be in Tucson for a scheduled press conference at 2:00 January 28 to officially announce the kickoff of the recall . I do plan on dropping by the protest to introduce myself and give them petitions but we are not organizing the protest.”

“Sheriff Dupnik abandoned his oath, potentially compromised an ongoing investigation of a mass murder and disparaged the good people of Pima County. His actions warrant a forceful, immediate and a clear message to be sent to him and any other elected official that voters will not tolerate statements such as those made by the Sheriff. In this case a recall is both warranted and appropriate”.

“The recall effort itself is non partisan (AAIA is a non partisan rule of law organization) and as with anything, once the effort gains momentum, there will be those who will join in and support it”.

“We have heard from some imminently qualified people who are considering a possible run against Sheriff Dupnik should his recall be successful. Let’s not put the cart before the horse however. Our first order of business is a successful recall effort. There will be plenty of time for candidates to decide if they wish to run in and eventual recall election”.

Mr. “Smith” vs the elite

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

January 23, 2011

A single vote seals the deal

Tom Morrissey is elected Chairman of AZ GOP by wide margin

Jimmy Stewart could not have outdone the grassroots in Saturday’s Arizona GOP party election. In the famous 1939 movie, “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”, Stuart played the part of every man – one of us – a hard working, play by the rules guy who got elected to Congress and upset the establishment by being honest and outspoken in a plain, folksy style.
Just as in the film, our real life opposition candidates are part of the establishment elite, endorsed by the ruling class of Washington, and firmly rooted in the top-down structure favored by the purveyors of the big tent theory and tacit, open border ideology. They were eloquent and polished. Morrissey was direct and folksy, but his down to earth message resonated with the swelling ranks of increasingly sophisticated people, many from the strengthening Tea Party movement. They know the code words and voted accordingly.
Sometimes real life trumps fiction. When the original conservative candidate, Bruce Ash, had to step down for reasons of health, the Tea Party and grassroots were left with nobody to represent them. Tom Morrissey agreed to run, but had only 72 hours to put together a campaign and implement it.
Not only did Morrissey win, he took the first position with increasing margins during each successive ballot. The third time around, Morrissey won as he topped the minimum vote-threshold by a single vote. His nearest competitor trailed far behind, nowhere close to the minimum number of votes required to take the chairmanship. Were it not for that one vote, the state meeting would have been thrown into yet another round of voting, but that solitary vote saved the day.
There is a lesson in all this. We the people have to stay energized and engaged in the politics of our nation. There is nothing less to lose than liberty itself if we fail, and failure is not an option. We owe it to the Founding Fathers and all those who have fallen in battle fighting to preserve our freedom. Fight we must and fight we shall until our ship of state is once more upright with all sails unfurled, sailing at flank speed. The Tea Party has risen to the cause and will lead us forward into the bright sunshine of tomorrow. We thank you.
God bless America.
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Speaker Adams: Setting the Standard for Arizona Pension Reform

The vast majority of Arizonans don’t realize just how much of their tax money pays for the pensions of those who work for the government. Arizona has one of the most generous retirement systems in place. That’s why you will often see lawmakers retire from the legislature only to run for a judicial position like justice of the peace or a statewide office – both types paying more than the meager $24,000/year the legislature pays.

With the budget crisis continuing to loom over a return to economic prosperity, one Arizona lawmaker is taking a very personal and professional step in reforming the system of elected Arizona’s multi-faceted retirement system.

Meet Kirk Adams, Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Arizona Legislature. Speaker Adams has chosen to withdraw from this system and forgo receiving his pension. He believes that it’s time to send a message that those who work for the government need to sacrifice and set the example. Adams also believes that Arizona’s government pension system is sitting on a financial bubble and it’s only a matter of time before that bubble bursts.

We’ll let Fox 10 Phoenix show the interview that aired on Sunday:

GOP House Speaker Withdraws From Retirement Plan:

Off to the Races!


Romney Wins New Hampshire Republican Straw Poll


35% Mitt Romney

11% Ron Paul

8%  Tim Pawlenty

7%  Sarah Palin

5%  Michelle Bachman and Jim DeMint

Tom Morrissey wins Arizona Republican Party Chairman

With 677 votes (676 votes required), Legislative District 20 Republican activst, Tom Morrissey has won the seat of Arizona Republican Party Chairman.

In the intial round of balloting, Morrissey managed to outpace Ron Carmichael by only 8 votes but that margin grew as Republican State Committeemen entered a second round of voting.

By the end of the second round, former Pinal County Chairman Marty Hermanson trailed in last place out of four candidates. His second-round loss cut him out of further balloting.

Conservative businessman and former gubernatorial candidate Robert Graham remained in third place in all three round of voting and was never able to close the gap.

Upon the announcement, Morrissey supporters cheered wildly as Carmichael supports began to leave the meeting. Ron Carmichael gave a brief concession speech in which he thanked supporters and called for unanimous acclimation in the election of Tom Morrissey.

Other candidate who won include Linda White as Secretary and Timothy Lee as Treasurer.

Morrisseys next challenge will be to raise money, hire staff and recruit volunteers to continue Republican success heading into 2012.

Congratulations to Tom Morrissey as the new Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.

PRESS RELEASE: HB2424 Legislation Introduced to Reform Probate Court

Press Release


January 20, 2011

Arizona could become National leader with new laws

 January 19, 2011-Phoenix, ARIZONA – Following multiple reports of devastating abuses involving Arizona probate court,   Arizona State Representative David Smith (R – Carefree) sponsored legislation that would make Arizona the nation’s leader in judicial probate reform.  House Bill 2424 seeks to remedy rampant financial exploitation and abuses by Arizona’s probate court-ordered fiduciaries and others in the court system. The concerns over probate abuses have been widely documented in the media and in a report to the United States Senate submitted in September 2010.

When asked about his motivations, Representative Smith shared in an interview with the Arizona Republic’s Laurie Roberts: “I was concerned about the articles I read in the paper, some of the abuses that you point out.  In fact, I knew some of the people involved in one case.”

Sherry Lund, who is advocating for HB2424 said, “We are fighting for probate reform so no other Arizona family will suffer from the horrific abuses in the current system.  Such reform is overdue and new laws are the solution.”

HB2424 will become the national standard for probate reform.  The current draft includes:

  • Improving oversight of probate court system by establishing an advocacy panel appointed by the Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and President of the Senate. 
  • Allowing wards, or their families, to request a change of fiduciary annually.
  •  Protecting financial interests of persons in probate by “capping” certain fees while requiring the court to establish a fee schedule for others.
  •  Developing stronger fiduciary accountability by requiring a monthly accounting of expenditures.
  •  Ensuring the civil liberties and wishes of the ward are upheld and respected.
  •  Implementing stricter qualifications for probate judges.

 One of the key pieces of the new bill is the ability to replace the court appointed fiduciary annually. The case of Marie Long has been one of the most egregious stories of exploitation. When Mrs. Long was placed under the care of a court appointed fiduciary she had a $1.3 million estate, yet it was completely depleted within 4 years leaving her penniless and dependant on the state.    When asked about the provision to allow for a change of fiduciary, Jon Kitchel, attorney for Marie Long said if it includes trustess, “Unquestionably, she’d still have her money.”

Laura Knaperek, who is working on behalf of victims of probate abuse said on the bill being introduced, “At the end of the day, probate court is about families.  If abuses are occurring in the probate system, families are suffering.  This legislation is an important first step towards protecting families.  I’m very honored to work for HB 2424 with Representative Smith and the other co-sponsors.”

Potential GOP Outcomes from Chairman’s Election Results

Here are a few likely scenarios for what happens after tomorrow’s GOP leadership elections.  Sorry if you don’t like my predictions. I’m making these assessments based on the politics I’ve seen take place here in Arizona over the last 21 years…

Carmichael wins: Conservative precinct committeemen and activists will leave the “establishment GOP” and 1) Form a conservative faction of the GOP under the TEA Party or “Conservative Party” label much like what happened in the early 90’s when the Arizona Republican Assembly was formed. Conservative activists hunker down and start recruiting conservative PC’s for 2012. Or, 2) Conservatives resign positions as precinct committeemen and walk away from Republican Party participation leading to a decrease in PC’s. Ultimately: More factionalism and fighting.

Morrissey wins: All the “moderate” Republican businessmen who shun TEA Party people will pull their money out of the party and try to starve it into submission. Big donors who had been waiting to contribute to a new chairman who “avoids controversial positions” will not donate to the new leadership. Instead, they will reroute their money through a “auxiliary party” much like what we saw during the 2010 election cycle in which they ran money through Yuma County. The new leadership will struggle to make ends meet and may even suspend or shut down operations. (This happened in Pima County in the early 90’s) Ultimately: More factionalism and fighting.

Hermanson wins: TEA Party leaders believe they now have a seat at the table. Establishment leaders pressure the new leadership to adopt their “avoid controversy” approach to operating the GOP or donors will withhold funding. New leadership will have to balance both demands by conservative activists and major donors. Given Hermanson’s history, he will attempt to find compromise and end up taking shots from both sides.

Graham wins: New face, new start for everyone. Conservatives will likely accept and embrace Graham because he has strong conservative credentials. Major donors will be cautiously optimistic about Graham given his business acumen and success. Party will still have some fighting but new leadership will assuage differences through ability to raise money and generate atmosphere of inclusion for conservative TEA Party activists.

Poll Time! Arizona Republican Party Chairman’s Race!

Marty Hermanson sets the record straight

Marty Hermanson for Chairman

I don’t believe the Marty Hermanson is getting enough coverage here on Sonoran Alliance so I’m posting this video so the rumor about Marty Hermanson’s loyalties can be cleared up.

While I was on JD Hayworth’s campaign team, Marty made frequent visits to our office to make sure we were getting equitable treatment in Pinal County. He made sure that JD Hayworth was given top billing at a Maricopa TEA Party event. I am grateful that he treated our campaign with respect and fairness.

I happen to believe that Marty Hermanson will make an excellent State Chairman and I know that every candidate will be treated fairly under his watch. I also have his pledge to spend precious donor dollars with consultant vendors who offer the highest quality for the lowest bid.

Tomorrow when Republicans gather to elect the next Chairman, they should consider Marty Hermanson as their next Chairman.