Tom Morrissey wins Arizona Republican Party Chairman

With 677 votes (676 votes required), Legislative District 20 Republican activst, Tom Morrissey has won the seat of Arizona Republican Party Chairman.

In the intial round of balloting, Morrissey managed to outpace Ron Carmichael by only 8 votes but that margin grew as Republican State Committeemen entered a second round of voting.

By the end of the second round, former Pinal County Chairman Marty Hermanson trailed in last place out of four candidates. His second-round loss cut him out of further balloting.

Conservative businessman and former gubernatorial candidate Robert Graham remained in third place in all three round of voting and was never able to close the gap.

Upon the announcement, Morrissey supporters cheered wildly as Carmichael supports began to leave the meeting. Ron Carmichael gave a brief concession speech in which he thanked supporters and called for unanimous acclimation in the election of Tom Morrissey.

Other candidate who won include Linda White as Secretary and Timothy Lee as Treasurer.

Morrisseys next challenge will be to raise money, hire staff and recruit volunteers to continue Republican success heading into 2012.

Congratulations to Tom Morrissey as the new Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.


  1. Distrcit Chairman says:

    I actually am a Principled Conservative which is why I couldn’t support Morrissey.

    The media is already on it…Tucson has a “Family Values” and “five marriages” story out just this morning.

    Just because one doesn’t support Morrissey doesn’t make one a RINO, just rational.

  2. Principled says:

    Who should have pulled out? After the first ballot Morrissey led Graham 641 to 88! And Graham stayed in for TWO more rounds.

    Most importantly Carmichael, Hermanson and Graham all pledged to stay involved and do all the good they can for the AZ GOP. Let’s “hold their feet to the fire” along with Morrissey.

  3. Living My Principles says:

    Graham had 142 votes after the first round. And 88 the second because the Morrissey/Haney crowd were spreading lies in the caucus rooms that 1) Graham was out and 2) he was a McCain/Kyl plant.

    All lies of course….Morrissey should have never ran. He isn’t qualified and serious baggage.

    I am glad Graham stayed in the entire time, I never had to violate my principles with a vote for Morrissey or Carmichael.

    Just wait, this story will keep escalating in the mainstream media….I see a “told you so” moment in the coming weeks.

  4. Steve #88
    I respect your opinion and appreciate your tone but would ask you to consider this: Do you really think there are people who are ‘pro abortion’? The people you refer to are pro-choice. No one wants to have an abortion. It is not a primary form of birth control. It is not something that should be encouraged. Legal abortion is a refuge for desperate women who once felt their only other alternative was suicide or being subjected to illegal back room abortion at the hands of an unqualified stranger.
    It is puzzling to me that the same people who don’t want to be required to have health care wish to limit the options of others. As for who gets to decide; my feeling is that any man who has ever had intimate relations with a woman he was not married to should have no opinion on this as you are the problem.

  5. Second ballot: Morrissey 641, Graham 88 and Graham stayed in as another conservative against the one establishment candidate, Carmichael for third ballot.It looked like Graham was living the Perot principle.

  6. Scott O'Connor says:

    The balloting process was prehistoric and a giant waste of our time (I was there over 5 hours before the first ballot was released – a model of efficiency). They should have dropped last place after the first ballot, and allowed those who were so dropped to make a concession speech and indicate who they wished their supporters to follow. That way, we could have heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, and not from a bizarre rumor mill containing mad rants like how Graham was a McCain plant.

    As a first timer, I was really disappointed with how the party runs these things.

  7. Steve Calabrese says:

    Deb D. :

    I don’t want to hijack this thread with an off-topic discussion so if you really want to know my views on this please send me a message to my Facebook account. I’m pretty easy to find.


  8. I was told there was some question about whether or not I withdrew during the third round of voting. I did. As the third round was announced it was clear to me that the race was essentially a two-man race and I asked Chairman Pullen if I could address the room and drop out. He checked with the people at the head table in charge of the rules and they determined that since the voting had actually commenced, no candidate would be allowed to speak, even if to release his delegates. So I asked volunteers to get to the various caucus rooms and spread the word. I don’t know that we got to everyone and judging by the fact that I got some votes in the third round it seems we didn’t, but the effort was made and the announcements were made. The message was simple: I was releasing my delegates and urging them to vote for the most conservative candidate remaining. I want to thank everyone who urged me to run, those who volunteered and helped, and everyone who honored me with their vote. Best of luck to Chairman Morrissey and our entire Party. I will certainly be seeing you all in the weeks and months ahead as I will continue to stay involved with our Party’s efforts.


    Robert Graham

  9. Do some of you understand that winning elections is a numbers game? The more people in our Party equals the more registered voters that turn out and elect Republican candidates. The close minded, selfish attitude of the “true conservatives” is going to effectively dismantle the Republican party and thus we will lose the power to protect our cherished freedoms.

    For so many to quote Ronald Reagan and espouse being real conservatives, how can you justify running the very people that are helping to elect Republicans out of the Party? What happened to Reagan’s “somebody who agrees with you 80% of the time is an 80% friend not a 20% enemy”?

    Your actions will ultimately hand elections over to the Democrats. Then where will we, as a Party and our Country, be? Oh, that’s right, down the toilet with the very freedoms we hold dear. Then it will be too late.

  10. Oberserve says:

    @Kyle 109.

    Actually, Kyle, running Dems who register as Republicans as Republicans and touting them is what causes Democrats to win and this nation to lose.

    Republicans ALWAYS WIN when they run AS REPUBLICANS.

    Republians lose when they run Democrats in Disguise (DID RINOs).

    So, it’s quite the opposite, your approach to elections is a PROVEN LOSER.

    The conservative approach is a PROVEN WINNER.

  11. Elmer Bringleson says:

    Kyle – you are so darn smart and right on track. We won’t ever truly be a majority party until we work together and stop the name calling. If I never hear the word RINO agIn it would be too soon You never wouldhave heard Ronald Reagan using that work. Of course he understood coalition politics and what it tKes to win. Most of the blabbering mouths on here are only concerns with power and intimidation.

  12. McCain doesn’t want unity, he wants obedience. You want unity, stop blackmailing the party and contribute. If Morrisey has weaknesses, pitch in and shore them up.

  13. Debbi Samson – I agree with many of your comments. I am a tea party leader in Scottsdale – tea party patriots of Scottsdale and I am also a Republican PC and State Committeemen, and I did not support Rob Haney’s re-election (probably one of the few tea party leaders not drinking the koolaid. I supported Bill Cheatam, and was supporting Ron Carmichael for State GOP Chairman. I have personally met Mr. Haney and was not impressed with him, but was so with Bill. I am concerned about the reputation the tea party may have among others within the Republican Party. I am a conservative, but do not share the same type of conservative views as many others that follow and support Rob Haney. I like to think of myself as a “reasonable” conservative, as you!

    DSW – You made earlier comments about being very angry at people who post false accusations on this blog and how this should not be done. I kind of had the same anger when YOUR annonymous bloggers wrote a blog that had explicit LIES about me! Maybe you should give those same marching orders to your crew of bloggers. Sucks doesn’t it! It really sucks when it happens to you. Your just made that it happened to a friend.

  14. So now I’m sure all the people who accused Mr. Haney about lying about Mr. Graham pulling out will be apologizing to him now that Mr. Graham as confirmed that he did indeed pull out. Thank you for being a gentleman, Mr. Graham. I think there are too many of McCain’s goons spreading a lot of lies on this blog.

  15. This is Madness says:

    If I didn’t know better, just the tone of most of the messages here make this sound like a DNC meeting after the 11/10 elections! I had no idea our local Republican party was in such a disarray!

    Is it? Is this the best Arizona has to offer from the people closest to the politics? If so, I’m VERY worried about the state of my party now. And I had been very optimistic with the grass roots efforts of the Tea Party Patriots in this country. It seemed like “we” (Republicans..Conservatives!) were heading in the right direction. Obviously not in Arizona.

    Congrats to Mr. Morrisey. I hope he does a good job (I have no idea who the man is). Mr. Graham – excellent comment, it sounds like you have promise (I have no idea who you are either, I just like what you wrote).

    To the rest of you: get it together! If you are the people driving our party, what I’m reading on this blog does not bode well. I’m no longer feeling the optimism….

  16. #99 – I heard what I heard. No lie. Most of it was a replay of the ridiculous statements on this blog about McCain and Kyl.

    About the Haney outbox. It’s not a lie to assume they email out lies and mean emails when I have recieved them myself.

    Anyone doubting that can just go to an MCRC meeting when someone is opposing something Haney is working toward. Just go and watch.

    As for #115 – You can still be optimistic about the Republican Party. We have the right principles and great elected leaders – even the ones I disagree with on some things have very redeeming values.

    It’s just that when they are working against other Republicans many of us are not going to be silent or cooperative. We will be fine – stay with us – thi

  17. debbi samson says:

    Mr. Haney still lied.

    Lied about Graham being a McCain Kyl plant.

    Lied about Sheriff Joe endorsement.

    Lied about Mr. Morrissey being a principled conservative.

    Lied Mr. Morrissey being qualified.

    So, no apology will be forth coming.

  18. Debbi, you are an irresponsible, evil puppet of the pro-abort, pro-McCain flack that helps our enemy just like Tokyo Rose.

    Graham stated he withdrew in spite of your assertion that he did not.

    Arpaio supported Morrissey, as did Bruce Ash – in spite of your assertions to the opposite.

    Mr Morrissey is qualified or he would not have been supported by leaders with over a quarter century experience in the Party.

    Liars always accuse others of lying to cover up their own problems and they NEVER apologize even when confronted with certified facts. This is typical modus operandi by the Democrats and RINOS.

    Which are you?

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