Bruce Ash Suspends Campaign for Arizona GOP Chairman

Sonoran Alliance has confirmed that Mr. Ash does indeed have a serious health issue that requires his immediate attention. Please pray for the health and healing of  Mr. Ash.

Bruce Ash

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the suspension of my campaign for the AZGOP Chairman’s election effective immediately so that I may focus on pressing personal health issues which I face.

I wish the ultimate winner of the election great success and pledge my full support to our party in the upcoming election cycle. I plan to work alongside the AZGOP chairman as National Committeeman through December 2012 and will give our new chairman the same loyalty I have always given to you over the past three and one half years. Ultimately my own personal health concerns take precedence over my desire to serve as Chair because the Arizona Republican Party requires a full time chairman to help oversee the operations of the next two years.

In unity………

Bruce Ash

National Committeeman For Arizona

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