Bruce Ash drops out of State GOP Chair race

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bruce Ash drops out of race for health reasons 
Conservatives need to find a replacement before this Saturday

Bruce Ash, the conservative candidate for chairman of the Arizona State Republican Party, has dropped out of the race for medical reasons. He does not believe he could put in the time necessary. He will remain as National Committeeman.

This leaves conservatives in a tight spot. Ron Carmichael, John McCain’s handpicked establishment candidate, will most likely win if conservatives cannot find a last-minute write-in candidate. The only other candidate in the race, Marty Hermanson, is part of the McCain-Kyl establishment and now that Ash has dropped out, will probably be instructed to drop out by the McCain-Kyl establishment.

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  1. How is Marty Hermanson part of the McCain-Kyl establishment?

    Did it happen when he stayed neutral in the McCain-Hayworth Senate primary?

    Maybe it happened when Kyl went out and recruited Carmichael to run against him.

    Check your facts and print a retraction.

  2. Get a grip!

  3. The Avenger says:

    Any suggestions?

    I have one,

    Jim Waring!!!

  4. This is like chosing between K-Mart and WalMart. I don’t think Waring would take the job – because he needs a job that pays money. Unfortunately, because the party head honcho job requires the chair pay for his/her travel and other stuff (because the party is broke), it requires someone who has the time and money.
    Let’s elect Sherrie Verdone and then we can have a real good time.

  5. I am very saddened by Bruce dropping out and by his health problems. Your characterization of a businessman, Marty Hermanson, seems “off” to me. A lawyer picked by the establishment or a business man: the choice for a bridge between 2 counties, Maricopa and Pima, seems clear. Or, do you disagree that a bridge is needed?

  6. Walt Stephenson says:

    A few of the most important ingredients you need to add is “a new direction, honesty, integrity, responsibility and the ability to raise a million dollars in a month plus another 7-10 million to pay attorney’s to fight redistricting. Then you need to help the National Republican Party raise 400 million to beat the Democrats in 2012.

    Grass roots will elect Republicans but at this level it is all about MONEY. To think otherwise is being naive.

  7. Hermanson said in his State Chairman candidacy announcement we need to reelect Jon Kyl. Obviously, Hermanson hasn’t heard the message of April 15, 2009.

  8. Donna Alu, LD 26 Chair says:

    OK….our first priority should be to pray for the health of RNC Chairman Bruce Ash.

    God Bless him for everything he has done for our party and our country.

    Then, whoever wins, I am behind 100%. We MUST come together as Republicans. We’ve had a hard week and have had fingers pointed in our direction for a crime we had absolutely no nothing to do with.

    Pray for Bruce and come together to fight for our country.

  9. Veritas Vincit says:

    Bruce our prayers are with you my dear friend.

    Marty is not ready for Prime Time and needs some infrastructure reinforcement of his vertical support system before he can step into the job.

    Thayer Vershoor or Dean Martin anyone?

  10. I say that it’s time to write in Randy Pullen.

  11. Randy did a heckuva job in the last 4 years. Republicans throughout the state have made huge gains. Keep him at the helm & that will continue.

  12. Heckuva job…?

    Bankrupt, staff of degenerates, candidates on their own.

    YEP…heckuva job all right.

  13. Marty is the clear choice. He turned a county that had been blue for 125 years to a RED county. Pinal Republican candidates won 23 of the 23 races in 2010! He provided equal help and support for tea party candidates and non-TP candidates. We have seen what supposed “experience” has done for the state party. It is bankrupt, candidates complained of the lack of support they received from the state party, and our congressional delegation wont speak with the state party. Its time we let a proven, grassroots leader take the lead! Marty Hermanson is that man!

  14. McKyl: “AZ GOP, You’re on your own.”
    Let’s keep it that way!

  15. To call Marty part of the McCain-Kyl establishment shows me that the author of this piece is either completely uninformed or is nothing but a talking head for Bruce Ash and the establish. Show us your facts or print a retraction!

    Unlike Bruce, Marty did not endorse McCain prior to the 2010 primaries! Marty gave Jim Deacon, McCain, and Hayworth EQUAL time at county party meetings, and never publicly or privately endorsed or supported any candiate until AFTER the primaries. That is exactly what a party chairman should do. So what exactly points to Marty being a McCain guy?

  16. Mike, Sheriff Paul Babeu’s endorsement for one thing. How’s that “danged fence” coming along?

  17. Hamilcarbarca says:

    I too hope Bruce Ash gets well. As for a write-in candidate, I will vote for Randy early and often!

  18. LD12 – an endorsement is weak support for such a broad statement as “a McCain guy”. If Paul is such a McCain guy you would think he would support Ron carmichael (McCain’s pick). Try again LD12

  19. Hamilcarbarca- if you are voting for Randy then you are part of the problem with the party. Enjoy two more years of ineffective leadership.

  20. No way can Randy run after Bruce Ash dropped out. If that happens, it will be just way too fishy. Almost like Bruce was simply a placeholder for Randy until they found a loophole to get Randy back in so he could run for Chairman.

  21. hotflashholly says:

    Please Run Randy….only you can save us..HA!

  22. Steve Calabrese says:

    Ron Carmichael has fought redistricting fights before.

    I could not care less about the ideology of who leads the state party as long as they are conservative.

    I care very much if the hard work of grass roots Republicans is nullified by a corrupt redistricting process. Ron knows how to fight that battle, and beating the Democrats in court will be the next great battle. From the perspective of the state party, nothing is as important as making sure that we as a party are not stripped of elected officials by a faulty redistricting process. The Democrats don’t care that we have greater numbers; if they can draw the lines they still win.

    I find it amusing to hear Ron described as “McCain’s handpicked man”, considering that McCain and Ron have never, to the best of my knowledge, worked together on anything ever before.

  23. Anyone that can’t see McCain is behind Carmichael is either a shill for McCain or hasn’t been paying attention.

    My solicitation from Cheatham was exactly like the one from Carmichael down to the envelopes.

    We were looking forward to handing the same humiliating defeat to Carmichael as we did to Cheatham. Too bad, the establishment boy will now work to ram more down our throats. At least Maricopa County is still a grassroots stronghold.

    At the State level, unity will once again mean do what McCain says.

  24. Lisa James must be having a stroke. After multiple attempts to destroy the party and had it over to her master, it’s just given to one of his other minions without a fight.


    On the basis of these two sites, I’m leaning Marty.

  26. anti-rino says:

    How do we know Bruce wasn’t secretly recruited to run as a fake grassroots candidate and drop out at the last minute, just to screw the real grassroots over? What is his reward? I told you all he’s a good for nothing good ole boy… here’s your proof.

  27. Hotflash, not sure how you could say that Lisa James was destroying our party. She is a top operative, and would be an excellent pick for party chairman. Please, but please, no Shirree Verdone. Can’t take any more of that sugary sweet venom that she espouses.

  28. Steve Calabrese says:


    I think you are being extremely unfair to Bruce Ash. I am not acquainted with him personally, but given the good things I have heard about him from the entire spectrum of Republicans I doubt he would go along with such a scheme.

  29. Hermansen shermansen says:

    Give me a break first off Marty could not ever raise enough money selling individual tickets to put together a freakin table to AZ GOP Pullen events when he was chair of his own County.
    He is a nice person but does not have the ability to raise funds and that is going to be much needed going forward.

    Just give peace a chance and vote for a person the delegation can support. Is it really that bitter of a pill to swallow? Do you want to be right or be happy? I hope Bruce comes out and endorses. We need to be working together call to action to everyone -
    Tea Party

  30. Geez, do some of you go back and read what you wrote? I have to agree with Gail, Get A Grip! How do you pull Lisa James into this one? She is a class act and many of you of this blog should take a lesson from her. We will find out the truth Saturday, if this was a well organized plan…. it won’t be hard to figure out if Randy Pullen is nominated from the floor.

  31. Oops I meant “on this blog”… I guess I should have gone back and read what I wrote before I posted. Hi pot I’m kettle.

  32. Conservative Republicans:

    Do not worry. There WILL be at least one great “true, party platform-supporting” conservative write-in candidate offered on the floor on Saturday.

    Conservative state committeemen, do not be fooled by the two current candidates.

    And, please, redouble your prayers for Bruce Ash.

    For Liberty,

    Cold Warrior

  33. Hermansen shermansen (#29), why can’t the delegation give peace a chance and support someone the grassroots state committeemen want? Why has that been such a bitter pill for THEM to swallow this past four years, and apparently, the next two as well? Why can’t they work with the party leadership that has been elected instead of trying to sabotage them?

  34. The only one doing any sabotaging is Juan McCain.

  35. Cold Warrior-

    I find it interesting that you speak as if someone that wants to support Marty Hermanson is not a “true” conservative republican. I would put my conservative credentials up against any conservative in the party.

    If you know Marty then you would not speak out the side of your head and make unintelligent remarks. Wake up and realize that you are not the arbitor of who is conservative and who is not.

    Go Marty!

  36. Okay back again this name calling settles nothing but to further divide all of us.
    First thing we all need to do is Pray for Bruce and his Family, and then find what I blieve is a Conservative Candidate that most of us can agree on if that’s possible.
    Please lets put the knives down and begin to do the work of a United Party and come togeher to get done what all of us want do and stop the name calling, we have Candidates to chose from and I believe we’ll be able to find one just stop all the name calling and personal attacks before we all snatch Defeat out of Victory for all of us. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  37. Ann Belden says:

    Van the man, you want to unite the party,
    then why endorse?

  38. Mike: I have noticed your responses supporting Marty. Would you please help the rest of us by answering a few questions. The constitutional conservatives biggest concern regarding Marty as State Chair is that (1)Marty will buckle once McCain/Kyl start pushing him as they get squishy on amnesty (comm reform..guest workers..let the poor kids become citizens, etc). (2) Just how beholden is Marty to the Senators and why did he publically state that he backs Kyl for re-election? (3) The CC expect Marty to ‘buckle” to the Senators and withdraw before the 1-22 meeting and swing his voters to Camichael. Does Marty promise 100% that he will stay in the race no matter the amount of pressure? (4) Will Marty be a ‘free man’ and listen to the grassroots or will he listen to Washington DC? THank you for your response.

  39. I guess endorsing someone takes your right to speak on a subject away from you and I blieve I said work together as uniting with the McCain side of this party I don’t believe is possible unless of course they change to conservatives.
    My hope is that all of us will Unite behind a Conservative Candidate and then go forward but as long as we continue to divide ourselves than we’ll be certain to let the other side win, maybe I should run and that would certainly give some even more to attack. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

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