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Arizona District Leaders Endorsing Ron Carmichael for Arizona Republican Party Chairman

Arizona Republican Party Chairman candidate Ron Carmichael today announced the endorsement of several former and current Legislative District Chairmen and Chairwomen of the Arizona Republican Party.  These local leaders have joined former and current State and County Chairmen in their support of Ron Carmichael as the next chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.
“The District GOP Chairmen and Chairwomen understand the importance of a strong grassroots organization when it comes to electing Republicans at the local level all the way up the ticket to President of the United States,” Carmichael said. “As a District leader myself,  I have assured all of them that I am committed to a vibrant grassroots effort in registering new Republicans as well as a well-funded Get-Out-The-Vote effort across the State.”
The list of current and former District Chairmen and Chairwomen supporting Ron Carmichael:

Donna Flanigan (Former Maricopa County Chairwoman)

Joe Abate (LD15)
Paul Brierley (LD21)
Jerry Brooks (LD21)
Judy Connell (LD12)
Wayne Gardner (LD19)
Tom Haney (LD11)
Rhonda King (LD12)
Mike Middleton (LD20)
Anthony Miller (LD20)
Jackie Miller (LD9)
Cheryl Pietkiewicz (LD7)
Donna Reagan (LD8)
Bernice Roberts (LD11)
Walt Stephenson (LD28)
Jim Ward (LD8)
Warren Whitney (LD11)

Arizona state government showing you the money

by Byron Schlomach, Ph.D.
Goldwater Institute

If you’re wondering how the state of Arizona is spending your money, you can now go online and find out. Thanks to a new law that required the state to build a transparency website, came online last week, and offers a treasure trove of information.

A quick search of the website shows that the state spent a total of $33.6 billion in fiscal year 2010. Over half of that, $17.7 billion, was categorized as welfare payments. The state paid $972 million in interest charges on state debt. In the first three months of this fiscal year, the state has spent $90 million on interest. You can also find out just how busy the Treasurer’s office was during 2010 turning over those daily warrant notes. They made transactions that totaled in the neighborhood of $94 billion to keep the state financially afloat. has taken Arizona from one of the least transparent states to, perhaps, one of the top 10. While the site is just a beginning and could use some refinements, it offers policymakers, legislators, and taxpayers important fiscal information, especially as the state looks for ways to rein in spending.

For years the Goldwater Institute has been calling for greater financial transparency and accountability at both the state and local levels. Thanks to, we will now be able to more closely monitor how governments throughout the state spend our money.

Dr. Byron Schlomach is director of the Goldwater Institute’s Center for Economic Prosperity.

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