Bruce Ash Endorsed by SA Writer for State GOP Chairman

With all due respect, former and current Tea Party neo-Republicans who haven’t been around much more than the past election cycle, please pay attention.  There was a Republican Party under Bob Fannin and the Executive Director was that dilettante who now works for the State Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  That was a Republican Party well suited to the political elite of Phoenix, a Republican Party that acted as gatekeepers to public office, and a Party who’s only “grassroots” could be found on the golf course.

That changed mid-decade with the 06 mid-term elections.   However, since his lackluster 08 Presidential run and his severe beating of a fellow Republican, Mr. McCain is feeling his oats and is trying his hand at restoring the Good Old Party to its former country club days.   But we cannot simply point the finger at one RINO without looking carefully at a very well oiled and teflon dipped seatmate, Senator Kyl.   Conservative?  Perhaps when it suits him.  Otherwise Kyl is the ultimate pragmatist politician, able to speak out of both sides without breaking a sweat.

Our new chairman will either maintain the proper balance between “top down” and “bottom up” party management, or they will simply return to the good old days which would please the Good Old Boys.  Never mind that the good old way will insure defeat come 2012.

Of the first two candidates, Mr. Carmichael was recruited by Mike Hellon and Shiree Verdone and they *are* Team McCain.  I’m equally sure that this decision was approved by Senator Kyl before it was announced.

Vernon Parker will run for anything. I often think he hates being mayor of that Phoenix suburb.  I suspect he misses the glamor of the Beltway and continues looking for excitement in all the wrong places.

Hermanson is simply not ready for prime time.  With absolutely no experience on the state executive committee he brings a shallowness to the state post that would likely not withstand the pressures from the delegation .  It is problematic as well,  that he seems to take credit for things he was only tangentially involved with.

My conclusion is that his own house in Pinal County is half baked and he should remain where he is and complete what he’s started before jumping from the Cactus League to the Majors.  If he finishes 2012 with a Gold Star and weathers redistricting than maybe he’ll be ready for Prime Time.

Which brings me to Bruce Ash who is not only a four-square conservative, but he’s able to play on the national stage and not make Arizona look like a bunch of Mayburries.  Bruce is also a unifier and is skilled at working with groups with divergent points of view.  And finally, he is a diplomat and statesman.

For the record then, Veritas will be voting for and encouraging everyone who really cares about the Arizona Republican Party to vote for Bruce Ash for Party Chairman.  Say what you will, Bruce is a class act.