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The Push for the DREAM Act

In this video, a US Navy Captain makes the argument for passage of the DREAM Act by the “lame duck” US Congress.

David Nolan, US Senate Candidate Passes Away

Some very sad news to bring to you from The Arizona Daily Star:

David Nolan, who helped found the Libertarian Party in his Denver home and watched it grow into a force with national influence, died unexpectedly Sunday. The Tucson resident was 66.

Nolan, whose friends described him as a “guiding light” of the Libertarian Party, opposed expansive government and had pledged to abolish personal income taxes if elected to office.

In 2006, Nolan unsuccessfully ran against Gabrielle Giffords for a seat in Arizona’s 8th Congressional District.

This year, he challenged John McCain for his Senate seat and racked up 63,000 votes – in a state with only 24,000 registered Libertarians.

“Dave was kind of a unique character,” said Jack Dean, a longtime friend and political ally of Nolan’s. “The Libertarian Party was literally founded in his living room in Denver.”

Dean said Nolan remained a constant force in the Libertarian Party as it grew.

“He was sort of a guiding light,” Dean said. “He was kind of our conscience. Dave was a presence at every national convention; everyone respected him. He kept reminding everybody what the goal was.”

Dean described Nolan as a “platform kind of person, keeping the party on track.”

Nolan also is the namesake for what is called the “Nolan Chart” – a graphic representation that shows where Libertarians stand in relation to liberals, conservatives and other political identities.

“He was a low-key and extremely reasonable radical,” Dean said. “And he could make Libertarian positions sound reasonable and logical to anyone.”

Among other things, Nolan supported immigration-law changes along the lines of a guest-worker program. Like other Libertarians, Nolan called for the legalization of drugs, saying that the illegal trade in drugs is what fuels cartels, and he opposed the war in Iraq.

This year, during a September debate with McCain and other Senate candidates, Nolan remained true to Libertarian ideals of personal freedom and less government. When candidates were asked about a border wall, he replied:

“Americans should always remember: Big walls are often used to keep people in as well as out. If America ever turns fascist, we don’t want to be in a big, giant prison.”

Nolan’s cause of death was unclear late Sunday, and no information was immediately available on memorial services.

He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth.

Brought to you by Janet Napolitano

Prediction: Cameras and other recording devices will soon be banned from TSA checkpoints.

From Outta Nowhere

I initially wasn’t going to post this video on Sonoran Alliance but after reviewing the video, I think it’s important for many Republicans to realize the “battle” taking place here in Arizona over the direction of the Republican party. This video clip shows an incident that occurred in Legislative District 19 on Thursday night. Earlier a vote had been taken and agreed to by the quorum present to close voting at 7:40 PM. Minutes prior to the time deadline, warnings were issued for everyone to get in line in order for their ballots to be accepted in the ballot box. The man seen here in the plaid jacket stood in front of the ballot box for an unreasonable amount of time as many people witnessed him attempt to conduct a stalling maneuver. Once the voting was announced to be closed, the following incident occurred.

Leadership of the meeting finally allowed him to vote at which point he placed a multitude of ballots into the box.

For the first time in four years, the room was packed with people who had never shown up at a district meeting. Many of the party faithful were wondering who or where these precinct committeeman came from not ever having attended a meeting for the district. One of the most diligent members of LD-19 who has overseen the attendance of precinct committeemen for over a decade, asked the questions everyone else wanted to know. Who are you? Where did you come from? And will you be coming to the future meetings? Many of the new people were not TEA Party members from either the Red Mountain TEA Party or East Valley TEA Party. Regarding the man in the plaid jacket, many TEA Party members claimed to have never seen the man in attendance at any TEA Party events.

Chris Christie at Goldwater!

This is fantastic!

(Thanks Marcus Huey!)

Grassroots & Tea Partiers Ponder Life After Pullen

Facing the potential loss of Randy Pullen as Arizona Republican State Party Chairman, conservative and tea party leaders have begun discussion over who should succeed the man who gave them a seat at the table over the last four years.  So far, only three names have come up as potential replacements and each is a devoted McCain follower – Marty Hermanson, Vernon Parker, and Phil Townsend.  Oddly, in spite of their common allegiance to Team McCain, each is being urged forward by a different faction within that group, but none of them have any ties to any part of the conservative/tea party alliance that kept Pullen in office.  Parker has strong ties to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a popular voice within both movements, but he is tightly tied to Nathan Sproul who remains anathema to the same groups.  As such, none of the three has any real support within the conservative grassroots and a conservative consensus candidate is being looked for.  Two names that have come up early and often are Don Goldwater and Senate President Russell Pearce.  Each has a statewide network of support, has conservative bona fides, and could garner the endorsement of most of the big names from the right-wing of the party.  What is clear from the early conversations is that a candidate will be agreed upon and rallied around early, so that the conservative vote is not split, and the Republican Party in Arizona will remain under conservative leadership.

The Ol’ Progressive Rears his Ugly Head – McCain Hacks Steal LD11 Seats

So-Called “Sound Advice” claims there was a ‘Sea Change’ in LD11 elections.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  This McCain hack is simply propagandizing the real story of what happened in the home District for Progressive Senator John McCain.  McCain’s faux conservatism is gone now that the election is over.  Instead, the Grant Woods/McCain wing of Democrats in Disguise worked a deceitful sleight of hand and stopped the election of solid Conservatives, like Randy Pullen and Rob Haney to the State GOP Convention. When “Sound Advice” (Lisa James?) wrote that Randy is viewed as untrustworthy and ineffective by the grassroots in the party, nothing could be further from the Truth!  He/She is simply trying to mislead everyone.   Spin is just another word for lying!

The real story of what happened was aptly explained at “Seeing Red AZ” article at the following link and pasted below: s-attempt-to-wrest-az-gop-control/

McCain forces attempt to wrest AZ GOP control

The Republican intra-party activities playing out in legislative district meetings around the state are anything but benign. Precinct committeemen, who were elected on the August primary election ballot, are now engaging in the important elections for their own district officers and state committeemen posts. They in turn, will elect state party officers.

The normally routine elections are fast turning into a referendum on McCain‘s influence. Last evening, in McCain’s home District 11, the long knives were out as the liberal wing of the Republican Party took out conservatives in a bloodbath that included keeping state Republican Chairman Randy Pullen from serving as a state committeeman. This means he is not able to run for reelection as the state chairman.

Pullen is currently Treasurer of the Republican National Committee.

This McCain power grab is stunningly inconsistent with the citizen activism witnessed in the retaking of congressional seats being reclaimed by conservatives in CD 1 and 5, as well as the exceedingly close races waged by GOP Platform-based newcomers against entrenched liberals Grijalva and Giffords. The Arizona state legislature is solidly in conservative hands.

The McIdeologues are beholden to the open-border business interests desirous of a continued flow of exploitable, low wage illegal workers. American citizens should come first, particularly in these difficult economic times, but when you’re married to an Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship heiress and have millions left from a failed presidential bid, fiscal policies take on a different hue.

We are watching another dose of top-down politics, pushed by the McCain/Kyl establishment.  It matters not that it has resulted in grand losses in the past. This is being foisted by an angry contingent who should ply their trade in alleys rather than in the inner circles of respectability.

 One bright note is the state committeeman slot won by Tom Husband.

A Tale of Two Headlines

Conflicting headlines today in two local new sources:

“Hispanic buying power hits $34B in Arizona.” This appears in the Phoenix Business Journal written by Lynn Ducey and details the influence of the Hispanic community in Arizona.

The second headline is from The Arizona Capitol Times: “Latinos face cultural, structural barriers in building wealth.” Written by Alyssa Newcomb, this article details the financial barriers and hardship of Latinos seeking to save and build wealth.

The first article touts how the Hispanic community is growing in influence among the business community:

“What this shows is that we not only matter, but we matter more every day,” said Hispanic Chamber Interim President and CEO, Gonzalo de la Melena.

The later article bemoans the difficulties Hispanics face in the financial services industry due to citizenship, culture and language barriers. Here’s a quote from that article:

According to a Filene Research Institute report by Barbara Robles, a former Arizona State University professor who is now a senior researcher for the Federal Reserve System, the gaps on a series of median financial indicators continues to widen as the population ages.

The sharp divide between the net worth of Latinos and the rest of the population creates a group that is poorly equipped to deal with emergencies or retirement. Robles’ report says that for every dollar of non-Hispanic white net worth, Latinos hold only 40 cents.

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Politics on the Rocks

Happy Birthday Charles Jensen

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Party Moves Forward – without Randy Pullen

Party Moves Forward

Sea Change in the Arizona Republican Party

A clean Sweep tosses out Old Guard as District 11 DID NOT re-elect Randy Pullen, the Arizona Republican Party Chairman as a state committeeman.  You MUST be a state committeeman in order to be elected as the party chairman.

Last night at the LD 11 statutory meeting where elected Precinct Committeemen elected their State Committeemen and their new district officers, they voted in new fresh voices to move their district forward.  Warren Whitney was elected as their District Chairman, Ron Carmichael as 1st Vice Chair, Danny Seiden as 2nd Vice Chair, Michelle Marini as Treasurer, Ginnie Schmitt as Correspondence Secretary, and Ashley Bunch as Recording Secretary.

Randy Pullen lost last night because he is viewed as untrustworthy and ineffective by the grassroots in the party.

Credit should go where credit is due.

While the Republican National Committee normally works through the state chairman and the state party in coordinated get-out-the-vote efforts, this year they chose to circumvent Randy and work with the Yuma County Republican Committee.

This is noteworthy given that Randy Pullen serves as the RNC’s Treasurer.  Hmmm, there must be some fascinating back story on this.

The Republican National Committee worked with the Yuma County Republican Central Committee raising funds and getting out the vote in several congressional and legislative races, notably Schweikert in CD 5, Paul Gosar in CD1, as well as keeping CD 3 republican by electing Ben Quayle.

Yuma County also participated in several republican legislative districts picking up seats in district’s 11, 23, 24, 25, 26, as well as playing in statewide races for Tom Horne for Attorney General, Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns for Corporation Commission, and Doug Ducey for State Treasurer.

Congratulations LD 11 and Yuma County Republican Committee for outstanding election victories this year.