The Push for the DREAM Act

In this video, a US Navy Captain makes the argument for passage of the DREAM Act by the “lame duck” US Congress.

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  1. DREAM Act = Amnesty. Michelle Malkin has a great article on this sham. Sen Sessions has done his homework too. McCain is sitting on the fence as usual, so much for border security & enforcement first.

  2. Lee Iaccoca? This man had obviously not read how porous the conditions are for potential citizenship under the Dream Act. I might just be in favor of a provision for those who serve in our mi;litary with honor. But attending a college for 2 years??? Give me a break!

  3. Michelle Malkin? the one with foxnews?…yeah she is fair. Dream Act= Earned amnesty if you think about it. Amnesty would be if the bill was passed on 11/29/2010…illegals would be citizens on 11/29/2010. Instead of worrying about the great dream act you should worry about not losing your job because republicans DO NOT want to extend unemployment after it runs out and cut your parents Social Security…Go DREAM ACT (yes i was born here in New York City)

  4. Ben…last of the Great Thinkers…

  5. Thank You (sarcasm)…

  6. Joel Wischkaemper says:

    A friend I won’t ever know posted this as anonymous.
    Why are we giving so much to people, “who through no fault of their own” because of their parent’s action? We don’t do the same for our foster children, nor for children of divorced or single parent families. Stop it! It has no merit!

    The dream act merely requests that the applicant “certify” that they are of good moral character. No background check, etc., just have them certify. With the unprecedented amount of identity fraud that is going on, we know where this one is going.

    The dream act is said to provide a standing army for our military. Baloney!

    Check out the stats on your own. The US Army has EXCEEDED its quota for recruitment for a number of years!!!! They are turning away applicants! In these times of high unemployment, American citizens are joining our military in order to feed their families! Passing the dream act will just add another layer of people that will compete with our American citizens, as they will for jobs if there were legalized.

    Finally, we have given these “children (age 35) free breakfast/lunch, medical, social services, etc., they have repaid us by stomping and burning our flag, waving theirs at all times and being offended when we fly ours, calling us racist, always asking for more, more, and have never said thank you America!
    This dream act would allow for mass amnesty. It would give the dreamers the power to bring other relatives over as well. This is merely a ploy to get more Hispanic votes!!! Sadly, at the risk of losing Americans.
    They broke the law, and the law is actually accommodating them by NOT including an investigation of their back ground. The Captain was wrong.. we know nothing about their background at this point beyond the fact that they did use fake I.D., and may have used yours and mine.


  7. So how does it work when people who lied to get in, lied to stay in and then are suddenly trusted to raise their hands to swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States? They didn’t show any respect for it before, on what grounds does ANYONE have for believing these people will be willing to fight and die for the USA?
    Our desertion rates will go thru the roof. Rome tried sourcing out national defense to uncommitted foreigners, see where that got them.
    This is all about importing mercenary voters to keep the Democrats in power.

  8. If the DREAM act passes, it should be amended to prohibit its recipients from ever sponsoring their parents who were the ones who broke the law.

  9. Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN (Ret.) says:

    Dream Act – Excuse of Military Service.
    I watched the U-Tube vid. The Navy Captain is a Navy doc – who may or may not understand the problem with his idea.
    There are many “green card” immigrants legally serving in the military. None of them are allowed to do any job reguiring a security clearance, which greatly limits where the military places.
    Combat soldiers and Marines, along with other branches, not require anywhere from a Confidential to Secret clearance for even the most junior enlisted. Why? Many of our weapon systems have classified elements to them.
    Only U.S. Citizens can hold a Federal security clearance.
    The Dream Acters would be problematic to clear. A clearance requires we trace back the immediate family line. Many years ago I had a sailor in my unit that it took DoD investigators almost three years to adjudicate his clearance. He was born here. His parents and grandparents were Mexican citizens, with the parents immigranting legally but not becoming citizens (permanent green card status). We had to wait until a field check on the family was done, in Mexico, by the U.S. Counsel General. It took a LONG time.
    The complexities of this “Dream Act” have a nightmare attached to it. Simply saying “By gosh, they want to serve in combat” is by itself noble, but really, how many of them are qualified to serve at all? Right now, out of the available pool of 18-22 year olds (legal), military recruiting estimates are more than 60% are unfit for military service (they are too fat, too stupid to pass a test or have law enforcement or drug issues).
    Let me be clear – we have many green card U.S. residents who have served honorably and because of their service in time of war, they have (are) earning expedited U.S. Citizenship.
    I feel sad for these kids brought into the U.S. by their law breaking parents. There may be a solution, but I am tired of hearing the sales pitch about using them for military service. Here’s another reality – visit a military recruiter today and learn what I know:
    The military has been at 100% of recruiting goals for the last several years – yes, even the Army and National Guard. They are turning away folks who don’t score high enough on the entrance exam (which any 10th grader should be able to pass). If you are highly qualified, you probably will wait six months or more before going to boot camp -the pipeline is that full.
    Take the Mom, apple pie & serve in the military thing out of the Dream Act discussion.
    In the meantime, I am waiting for fulfillment of what Sheriff Babeau and Sen. McCain said in the TV commercials – build the dang fence. Close the gate first.

  10. Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN (Ret.) says:

    sorry for the typos in the above – I meant to say in line since “now require” (vice “not:) … many direct combat jobs now require some level of security clearance – the days of merely picking up the weapon have become high tech.

  11. Captain, as a Navy veteran, I would not sail with you.

    Jon is right: Build the dang fence, and keep the Guard on the Border.

  12. The answer to illegal parents with kids born on US soil is for them to take their kids with them back to their own countries.

    There is a false narrative being presented in the ‘debate” that somehow the state has to take over the role of parents, which is corrosive Leftis, dangerous bunk.

    Legal migrating families do it ALL the time, EVERY day there are families moving country to country with their kids. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans with their families overseas. There are millions of families from countries all over the world who also move country to country with work, diplomatic postings, schools. How ignorant is everyone about expatriate life? See what oil companies do? They post families five years in chilly, dark winters Scotland, then five years in tropical Lagos, Nigeria. Few people put Nigeria on their lists of “where I want to visit” much less “live there.” Mexico’s GNP per capita drawfs Nigeria’s, but an international cadre of employees are living there all the time.

    The AMerican education system is so full of unionized Left Democratic Party pansies and nurse-maids that the idea that it’s some horror that kids might have to go back and *gasp* enter into schools where they don’t speak the language speaks more about the condescending, stifling, low-achieving wet-nurse attitude of the Left than the reality of the challenges faced by kids moving here and there.

    Why should say, Mexican or Salvadoran families not be responsible for their own kids? Everyone ELSE is. And what’s the downside? Bi-lingual, with a US passport so when these kids turn 18, they bee-bop effortlessly between TWO countries. The other dirty secret is that Central and South American students are coming out of their schools better educated than their American counterparts.

    WE have a legal Hispanic girl exchange student who was the ONLY one in her high school class who was able to read out loud two verses of Shakespeare off of the book this week. She was shocked her American classmates couldn’t attack the written word in their own language. She’s the only one handing in her papers on time, and she was also shocked to discover the so-called teachers were coaching students through exams to raise their grades – in order to hide the fact the students after spending months in front of these teachers were not equipped to understand what they were supposed to do come exam-time. Hide the decline.

    The education complex has been pushing for Spanish to be AMerica’s second language, forcing out French, German in favor of Spanish. THey can’t find competent teachers, they buy boring computer programs and waste everyone’s time. In the same manner as the other academics like math, reading, science, the union-dominated worthless schools can’t even deliver a basic skill.

    But the poor babies of illegals won’t be able to waste their time not getting educated for twelve years if their parents opt to keep the family together and take their kids with them wherever they go.

    It is NOT a hardship or a loss to be pulled otu of the current US education disaster.

    There are SO many things wrong with every duplicitous word of the justification for any so-called DREAM Act.

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